Video Game Watchers Are Mad at Jimmy Kimmel

Video Game Watchers Are Mad at Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy responds to the people who got mad at him after he joked about YouTube Gaming, a new YouTube platform on which people can watch other people play video games.

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Video Game Watchers Are Mad at Jimmy Kimmel

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20 Responses

  1. Paleface1995 says:

    jimmy usually you are cool. why are you being such a tool?

  2. Wyatt Pitt says:

    I agree with Jimmy here. Watching someone play a video game is stupid when
    it isn’t competitions or tournaments. The only good thing about watching
    someone play a game is if you’re eager to see if the game is worth playing,
    like a review.

    Anyone getting upset over his last video really need to rethink their

  3. JChi says:

    Hey Jimmy Come over my house and we could make fun of these fucking dorks

  4. henulihk says:

    (Most) americans are so dumb…

  5. henulihk says:

    americans are so dumb…

  6. henulihk says:

    americans are so stupid

  7. Eckzein says:

    I do love the ignorant gaming community. There are other, nicer gaming
    communities fyi.

  8. Conor Gaffney says:

    why watch you talk when i can talk myself

  9. Foster Vaughn says:

    Really? You stupid faggot! I hate that you hate on people who play video
    games. Get a life fuckboy!

  10. JesterFace05 says:

    You don’t get people watching other people play videogames because its a
    community that likes the hosts personality, jokes about glitches in the
    game, tips and tricks and much more. You could say the same thing about any
    program on tv. Why watch your show when I could out doing something else.
    You must have something people gravitate to just like Twitch streamers do.

  11. Ali Monfaradi says:

    I truly am sorry to see this, some people just have no lives, and defending
    useless nonsense makes them feel like they have a purpose.
    But to attack your family, to make a mockery out of cancer and AIDS, I
    guess some people are just downright sick.
    You were not missing anything Jimmy, I am as shocked as you are. Watching
    others play games is weird, and though I have done it in the past(rarely),
    I would be stupid to pretend that it isn’t kinda funny.
    I am a fan of yours, and you took those 60000 thumbs down like a man, and I
    hope this doesn’t discourage you from doing what you do best: Making us

  12. CODslayer55 says:

    You suck nerd

  13. Emperor Ehryn says:

    “Like watching people play fantasy football.” Lmao. Jimmy’s right though.
    But the thing is, most of the people raging against him are like 12. A
    bunch of children who get forced onto the internet so their parents don’t
    have to parent. It’s fucking pathetic.

  14. Monly says:

    Hope you get anally raped with a knife and then some slip some lemon juice
    on that wounded asshole.

  15. John Doe says:

    Some people can’t afford a lot of games. Some people have illnesses to go
    outside and play games,. Some people like me want to see if the game is
    good and go out and buy it. Some just get stuck and to see if there are any
    cheats they could use. Stop hating on videos games.

  16. 8BitNation says:

    Jimmy as a gamer myself i used find lets plays stupid, why would i want to
    watch other people play video games but once i watched a lets play, those
    words went right back into my mouth. It’s more about the person himself
    than the game itself. The reason why people like watching lets play is for
    the reaction and the comedy aspect to it or the fear aspect depend what it
    can be.

    Sometimes you just want to see a bit of the story and gameplay of that game
    and whether the person who’s watching wants to actually buy the game,
    before you make fun of something try atleast watching a lets play and
    please get rid of that stubble your on a talk show.

  17. Brandon Schmidt says:

    Well, as we all know, a person’s opinion, especially when used as comedy,
    is a magical bond that keeps people from enjoying whatever it is that the
    opinion pertains to. Obviously, if people don’t wish death or any number of
    potentially fatal diseases on Jimmy for making jokes (you know, like late
    night comedians do) than the entire video game industry, nay the concept of
    joy will cease to exist entirely. Thank you all for taking the mature route
    and absolutely NOT acting like children.

  18. perillivolcomha says:

    This is the same dude who cried when cecil the lion died. fucking pussy

  19. NoXiousBLD says:

    It doesn’t surprise me that the opinionated video got thumbed down like
    crazy. Gaming fanboys are the most sensitive vile human beings out there.
    Some of you idiots actually think playing a video game makes you an
    athlete. Seriously. Go outside and play like Jimmy suggested.

  20. Gilbert Ruiz says:

    my nigga fluffyboy