Video military operation of the Peshmerga and US troops in Hawija

Video military operation of the Peshmerga and US troops in Hawija

US soldiers and ‪‎Peshmerga‬ forces have freed 70 hostages in the ‪‎Kurdish‬ region of North ‪‎Iraq‬.. The ‪Pentagon‬ says they were being held by ‪‎Daesh‬ in a village near the city of ‪Hawija‬. A spokesman says at least 20 Daesh(isis) militants were killed in the raid. One US soldier also died. It was the first American combat death since the US’ withdrawal from Iraq in 2011.

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20 Responses

  1. melia19990 says:

    Job well done lads ?

  2. Royal Ulysse says:

    thank you US, thank u Iraq.

  3. save pablo says:

    what are those things

  4. Ehsan Butt says:

    US raided city council office or prison? People are fresh & being searched
    as now being arrested. Their dresses, look full covered- & not dirty weeks
    old , compared to Abu Ghraib, seems they were office workers. Video report
    highlights a closed metal door with hanging lock as an evidence that it was
    prison. The building interior with Sofas, display banners. May be ISIS can
    run prisons better than Switzerland?

  5. Skills XD says:

    peace nicee work

  6. Brenda Cameron says:

    I would honestly like to see the whole video. It is sad we lost one of our
    own. He gave his life for all those who got saved. Of course these
    prisoners going to be searched before being led out. It is for safety. For
    those ISIS members we captured. I hope they get tortured. They don’t
    deserve any sympathy for the crimes.

  7. Vincenzo Folliero says:

    Mi spiace tanto per la morte Dell soldato americano :'(

  8. RViscara says:

    Reminds me of the circus clown act where the clowns keep coming out of he
    tiny car…. Commence the circus music.

  9. Lucky Goldstar Music says:

    long live Kuridstan!!

  10. Rob Smith says:

    my congratulations to the brave u.s delta forces and the honorable and
    brave kurdish allies,victory to kurdistan and the freedom u.s service men
    protect daily,i as a canadian express my profound sorry for the sgt.killed
    in the line of duty,may his soul rest in the arms of our lord.thank you so
    much for showing the world the price of freedom and may god protect you
    all,so very well done and professional,your countries must be extremely
    proud of your actions that day…..

  11. Je Moeder says:

    Congrats guys. Those inbred retarded ISIS are a bunch of drug addicts and
    childrapists and murderers. No mercy for animals.

  12. Babak bavan says:

    Pishmarga are heros?

  13. John M says:

    Rest easy, warrior.

  14. N Holt says:

    This is fake. Obama isn’t doing anything to fight ISIS!

  15. CascadianLiberty2012 says:

    I’d like to see the middle east become a big sheet of green glass.

  16. Spencer Pond says:

    go pro is going to put this on there channel lol “Go Pro , Be a Hero”

    please don’t take this offensively

  17. Erik Widmann says:

    why is there a loop repeated like 4 times? to make it look worse? come on

  18. ManTT ortuno says:

    Lol the soldiers were tapping their dicks

  19. ef28 says:

    Bravo CAG! Doing us proud.

  20. absolutelypaige says:

    damn touching they dicks and shit wtf lmao