[Video Oficial] Valiente y aventurero, erupcion Volcan Calbuco

[Video Oficial] Valiente y aventurero, erupcion Volcan Calbuco

Este es el video que logre captar en el momento exacto en el que se produce la erupción del Volcán Calbuco en la reserva nacional Llanquihue.

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20 Responses

  1. CareerCast.com says:

    Hiker films Chilean volcano the moment it begins to erupt –

  2. de N5XTC says:

    WOW is right! did he make it out of there ok? guess so, we have the video.
    hot ash cloud will come quickly. amazing video!

  3. George Virginia says:

    *One second You’re watching calm streams in a forest and the then a
    Volcanic eruption occurs and You’re running for Your life*

    42 second video from Chile

  4. Ellie Guest says:

    coming to yellowstone soon ?

  5. George Virginia says:

    +Ellie Guest I hope not, but there’s a good possibility, no one knows the
    time or place?

  6. tertulianeo says:

    la wea fome culiao porque no lo monetizas xD

  7. Federico Lanas Palacios says:

    yo creo que este es un videazo, un acierto genial.

  8. Clint Udy says:

    This right here.

    Gorgeous scenery.

    Plus a volcano.

    Via +Jesus Christ

  9. Wise Snake says:

    Lmao! *”Whoa”*

  10. Alfredo Ortega Trillo says:

    Who is this guy able to wake up volcanoes!

  11. Primo Terium says:


  12. Erik Vera says:

    Gran registro compadre, acabo de leer tu experiencia en LUN, sin duda una
    experiencia que nunca olvidaras. Saludos.

  13. Wise Snake says:

    Waterfalls and volcanoes!

    Also, I love the guy's reaction. 
    Via +Clint Udy 

  14. Moontanman says:

    That was awesome, I would have made like a horse turd and hit the trail too!

  15. steve Rowlands says:

    Run like fuck!!!!!!!

  16. Thorsen Vreeland says:


    Hiker captures moment the Calbuco stratovolcano erupts.

  17. Esaul Martinez says:

    estupido hubieras seguido grabando o que te mojaste los pantalones?? hahaha

  18. bla bang gonzalez says:


  19. Justin Lynn says:

    Beautiful place