Video: Search for 2 missing girls over after authorities found 7 bodies on property near Henryetta

Video: Search for 2 missing girls over after authorities found 7 bodies on property near Henryetta

The search for two missing girls is over after seven bodies were found on a property near Henryetta.

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40 Responses

  1. TheREALdal says:

    Why was he even released if he caught new charges while still incarcerated!!?? This is a failure of the system.

  2. V. A. says:

    You cannot let these types out of prison. In all honesty the death penalty needs to be used for people like this because you cannot rehabilitate them.

  3. popetones says:

    How could his conditions of his release allow him to be around children? That seems like a small town. Why would the cops let him near kids and not make it well known not to let your kids near him. That’s seriously terrible stuff.

    • Chris E. says:

      ​@Gregory Benway contraband phone. And it is so easy to get anything you want in prison.

    • S. Rose says:

      There’s a remake of Nancy Drew books at the dollar tree right now that encourages coed sleep overs and some other weird borderline sexual and definitely grooming for sexual stuff. We live in a fallen world where are children are being indoctrinated absolutely everywhere they go from the library to their phone to school to even the books you bring into the home thinking they are safe.

    • Aspen Hill says:

      ​most everything available is available in prison, for a price.

    • Aspen Hill says:

      ​@Red Shed Safeguard your children is the Top Job of parents. Fail at that, nothing else matters. Better an unhappy teen or ‘tween than dead. Be judgy. It’s called Careful..

  4. Remss says:

    A quick thank you to my parents that were VERY protective of me growing up. I wasn’t allowed to go to a sleep over or even visit a friend unless my mom met all the adults of the home and felt the home and people were safe enough for me to go plus she had constant contact with me and the parents. I was always upset and embarrassed because my other friends parents didn’t give af where they went and who they were with. Hell I even wished I could swap parents with them sometimes. Now that I’m an adult I am just so thankful that my parents were “overprotective” but really just doing exactly what every parent should do. Nowadays It’s my friends who wish they had my parents growing up…

    • TinaRN says:

      I’m so glad I found your comment! You described my childhood to a T. This is also how I raised my daughter. She’s 28, now, and as bad as the world was then, it’s much, much worse now. 😢

    • Maryori Morales Flores says:

      I’m the same way with my girl, it’s a must do, can’t trust people.

  5. Allison Oconnor says:

    As someone who has been the victim of a violent crime. I can tell you these kind of people do not stop. And no one in the Justice Department truly even cares😭💔🙅🙏🙏🙏

    • Documentaries by category says:

      Instead, prison is full of people who were caught smoking weed. Priorities are out of whack.

    • B Fields says:

      Prison overcrowding

    • Noeli C says:

      I agree my abuser got out early for good behavior no supervision and prey on innocent children’s got away with it because he keeps moving and just try to take the life of another person who he had like a hostage and was abusing her kids and he got approved to parole and will be out to do it again and each time he refuse to get finger print they will do just that let him get his way 😒

    • Q L says:

      Yes. It should be a death penalty

    • CEN TEX says:

      Oh, they can be stopped. Lots of things can be stopped. If the law is lawless, one must themselves look outside of the law.

  6. Don't start none won't be none. says:

    I was never allowed to go to sleep overs growing up. Now as an adult I understand why. Rest in heaven baby girls yall didn’t deserve this.

  7. Ava says:

    Rapists and child molestors should never be released from prison. There is no rehabilitating them. They are predators and are always dangers to society. Increase the sentences!

  8. Al B 🗽 says:

    Compulsive sexual predators don’t change.

    Imagine how many lives would be saved if the punishment for a pattern of such crimes was life in prison or something as permanent but more cost effective.

  9. Mud Puppy says:

    A sleepover?! At a convicted rapists house?! Parents, YOU HAVE TO be parents, YOU HAVE TO protect your children, YOU HAVE TO know everything about where they are, what they are doing and who they are with!!!! THAT’s what being a parent IS!! 😢

    • MR_hitstick.42 says:

      THANK YOU! I was looking for this comment. How does a parent let their kid sleep at someone’s house they have never met. Or at least done a little research on. I’d never let my daughters stay at a friend’s house with out knowing that family. Sad sad story. But them parents failed those girls IMO

    • Mighty Mystery says:

      ​@gjh The biggest problem is people think a wife is a buffer or a stabilizer. She might have been charmed, intimidated, or codependent. Ask a psychologist about what the research divulges about the majority of rapists’ wives or concubines.

    • China doll says:

      @Fatonya L mitchell apparently you don’t comprehend very well. But it’s okay 👍🏽

    • Shania Van der Halen says:

      ​@Vicky smith you’re trying to be superior by bashing victims. Don’t do that.

  10. Jessa Chirdon says:

    It was so tough to stop my daughter from going to sleep over. She was extremely stubborn and would cause a fit. I was blessed her friends and their family were great. Also if these people are not convicted then how does public know they are abusers. It’s tragic.

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