Video Shows Harrison Ford Wrongly Fly Over Plane

Video Shows Harrison Ford Wrongly Fly Over Plane

Newly released video shows a plane piloted by Harrison Ford mistakenly flying low over an airliner that was taxiing at an airport in Orange County, California last week. Ford’s small plane crossed over a taxiing American Airlines 737. (Feb. 22)

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20 Responses

  1. septube26 says:

    dude needs his pilot license taken???

  2. Row Deo says:

    Too old to fly at age 74 hes selfish

  3. Russian President Trump says:

    Harrison Ford is a Clear And Present Danger to our airports. He needs to have his pilot license revoked.

  4. JustPeople says:

    His sphincter must have tightened up at 12 parsecs!

  5. Anne M says:

    Why does this nut still have his license?? I mean how many accidents does he have to get in to prove he shouldnt have gotten it in the first place. Im assuming were just waiting for him to kill somebody

  6. JOHNNY FUTS says:

    Chewy in back seat

  7. Stikibits says:

    There’s so much wrong there. Both the approach to a taxiway and not initiating a go-around when he noticed the jet, for starters.
    A normal person would have had their licence suspended or cancelled.
    Ford only has his because he’s rich and famous.
    The fella is a danger to society.

  8. DANNO says:

    We don’t have the air traffic control recording. Don’t judge too quickly everyone.

  9. Larry Davids says:

    ” We can still out maneuver them!” Good ol Han Solo

  10. SermanRoy says:

    I’m a pilot and given that he landed with every legal procedure and permission from the ATC, I don’t see any mistake or bad thing here. The small plane is landing (that is number one priority and everybody else must hold position) and the airliner is normally awaiting steel in the taxiway to take its position. Everything looks absolutely normal.
    Probably, the whole thing is triggered because he was Harrison Ford; because I, the uknown, have done this hundreds of times and nobody wrote anything.
    So, you guys stop reproducing any fake thing you’ve read somewhere. As for his age you must know this: there’s no age limit in flying. As long as a person can pass the very strict medical tests succesfully, he can fly no matter how old he is.

  11. Virgil Grissom says:

    Old senile fool, take his license before he kills someone!

  12. Eats free samples at Costco & leaves nothing for u says:

    This would’ve never happened if Disney didn’t kill him in the Force awakens movie.

  13. TheodoreMauros says:

    I have a bad feeling about this.

  14. Anthony Taylor says:

    who cares, I’d be more worried if a Muslim did this

  15. superlegendary ultralite says:

    Harrison ford plays out acts of terrorism

  16. Lord Mordekaiser says:

    Yo he once made the kessel run in 12 parsecs, leave him alone you know nothing foolios.

  17. thehnl says:

    Hans don’t need to be flying Solo

  18. Zizi Mugen says:

    w00t, what was that? 80′ of clearance under an 8′ tall aircraft?

  19. Lance Love says:

    There she’s a clone army…

  20. SoSucculent says:

    Quite ironic considering Han Solo claims to be “The best pilot in the galaxy.”

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