Video Shows Moment Shots Are Fired At Jacksonville Shooting | MSNBC

Video Shows Moment Shots Are Fired At Jacksonville Shooting | MSNBC

Video of a live stream shared online where individuals are playing the Madden NFL video game shows the moments the tournament is interrupted by a series of shots and screaming. Law enforcement officials told local NBC News affiliate First Coast News that four people are dead and 11 are injured.
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Video Shows Moment Shots Are Fired At Jacksonville Shooting | MSNBC

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98 Responses

  1. K Saun says:

    This will definitely make number one in the next Top Ten Gamer Rages video

  2. DaBaYzFyNesT says:

    “the craziest people come from the Bronx and ALL of Florida” – Charlamagne the god

  3. Dont Copyright me me says:

    What is everything bad happening in Florida?🤦

    • tenshi7angel says:

      Maybe it’s the water.

    • A Florida Son says:

      THE SHOOTER WAS FROM MARYLAND. And you should learn your geography. Not all of the places that shootings have occurred are in Florida. For instance, *NEW MEXICO IS NOT IN FLORIDA.* Keep your crazy cousins out of our state, and that will reduce our problems by 90% _at least._ People are dead. Look up empathy, and see if you have any. Stop blaming Florida for out-of-staters coming in and wreaking havoc. Your question is one big fallacy, making it null and void. I have to deal with these idiots from out of state, learn who to blame, because we were just fine a couple of decades ago, now we have over *ONE THOUSAND* people moving here *EVERY DAY!* No apology needed, but next time. think of the families of the dead, and then do some research *_before_* you say anything else so stupid.

    • Lone Wolf says:

      If’n you had ever spent some time there, then you wouldn’t be asking this question. They’re demented dehydrated sun-stroked bug-ridden fundamentalist nut-bars – collectively nuttier than a squirrel turd. Florida is the planet’s open-air psychiatric prison franchise.

    • Tomax says:

      Lots of fragile white racists in Florida

  4. Cooking For BAE says:

    Remember back in the day when murder/shootings were shocking? Now it is so common, that we’re almost desensitized to it. We write our “rest in paradise” on their wall, and continue on with our next activity. This is so sad. How do we even begin to fix this problem?

    • james mack says:

      marina actually ,statisticlly shootings have gone up in the last 5 years. its all about love. we have to learn how to really love ourselves and teach that to our children

    • doebino1 says:

      Remember back in the day when we didn’t have phones to deliver news in seconds so you didn’t know literally everything going on so it seems like this happens more than it really does? I do.

    • stevebrownrocks says:

      Cooking For BAE easy. Get rid of democrats & their fake “news” propaganda mills, & their blatant constant attempts to abolish the 2nd amendment to our constitution. Instead of hating America & our citizens, show some support for your great President & support him as he restores America to prominence & wealth. Support him as he regains the respect America had from the rest of the world that the Muslim infiltrator Obama & his NWO henchmen worked so hard to destroy. Don’t allow yourself to be brainwashed by left-wing anti-American seditionists. Stand up for your country, not for illegal immigrants bent on our destruction.

    • stevebrownrocks says:

      Amac82 great post! 👏🏼😎

    • stevebrownrocks says:

      Alexander Stephens yeah, are you wearing a Muslim outfit yet? If not you soon will be, when England’s overrun w/ Muslim scum. Pip pip, hope you enjoy it old boy!

  5. Jason Sanderson says:

    so long as these shootings keep happening I will keep buying guns and ammo. I will keep my shooting skills sharp, and I will carry my gun everyday. I would suggest everyone else does too. don’t forget… someone shot the shooter.

    • Jason Sanderson says:

      Giovanni you keep the paranoia. I carry my gun cause people are unpredictable. better to have it and not need it.

    • YXNNI says:

      But if we all have guns, every single person on this billon populated planet, that would literally cause more hysteria. We have to find a legit way to confiscate guns and keep it out of people’s hands. At least the army guns. Mf’s shouldn’t own an Ak-47 or rocket launcher. We have to get rid of these biggger weapons as a start to rebuilding our society

    • Karo French says:

      +m77yice killem Yeah like that guy in Minnesota who told the cop he had a concealed weapon and still got shot?. Cops are trigger hapoy too and theatre supposed to be trained.

    • Karo French says:

      +Joe Mamma You must be joking

  6. Rogue Knight1661 says:

    Wasn’t that a gun free zone!? Oh… I forgot, banning guns doesn’t work…

    • compulsiverambler says:

      Guns are not “totally banned” in the UK, you simply have to prove that you deserve a licence like you have to prove that you deserve a driving licence. Are the same Americans against licensing requirements for cars too? As a result, accidental shootings by noobs, pranksters, irresponsible people or the small children of irresponsible people, are unheard of, and the vast majority of deliberate shootings don’t hurt innocent people as it’s just gang members helpfully taking each other out of the gene pool and unarmed criminals pretending to have real loaded guns when the police arrive. Excluding Northern Ireland (where there are still fewer gun injuries than the US despite continuing sectarian violence and US-shipped weapons left over from what was essentially a civil war), It’s EXCEPTIONALLY rare for non-criminals to get injured or killed by guns here.

    • Aisha Abdikarim says:

      you want anarchy admit it!!

    • Pygmy Norton says:

      Rogue Knight1661 – Why would a gun free zone work when we hand out guns like candy at Halloween. If you want it to work, we need to remove the threat. While we will never get every one, with the majority without, we will be safer. Banning guns will never stop gun violence but it will greatly reduce them and that’s worth it.

    • Mush Shrap says:

      “it would have helped”

      How so? How would the responsible people carrying guns KNOW who the offending shooter was in the heat of the moment amidst all of the confusion? I know you guys love your guns, but this just doesn’t seem plausible.

  7. Master Yoda says:

    Controller disconnected. That guy was out and taking his controller with him.

  8. Kens Korner says:

    It’s alright guys, it was a gun-free zone.

    • G Kaiser says:

      It was FLORIDA

    • John Do says:

      It clearly wasnt.

    • Bacons Strip says:

      firebug It’s true and also why they have far higher IQs than white people, between 15 and 20 points higher. That is a HUGE disparity. It means if I’m a Jewish grocery store owner and you’re an average white one, I’ll put you out of business 99 times out of 100 on an even playing field.

      It’s pretty obvious when you think about it why such a superior and yet small group of people has been persecuted throughout history.

    • MayTricks says:

      Superior enough to almost get wiped out by one white guy.

    • Nathaniel Meadows says:

      Semitic is not a race its a culture…

      relating to or denoting a family of languages that includes Hebrew, Arabic, and Aramaic and certain ancient languages such as Phoenician and Akkadian, constituting the main subgroup of the Afro-Asiatic family.
      relating to the peoples who speak the Semitic languages, especially Hebrew and Arabic.

  9. Brian Pino says:

    Let me guess it was a white man who was ” mentally” unstable , grew up in a bad home , and was bullied

  10. xXALLMIGHTYSoSa _ says:

    Man.. Rip, they was juss trynna enjoy they tournament.. Wtf is wrong with us in this world b

  11. Johnny Gang says:

    OMG I can’t believe we lost some people of our gaming family okg show mercy to that guy

  12. dujfraz says:

    1:09 You can see the dude in the red hoodie just about to get shot.

    *Edit* They edited that part of the video.

  13. Brandon Reck says:

    Let’s see here how this comment section is doing:

    45% – edgy Internet users making jokes about why it could have happened
    30% – people blaming any sort of political party or administration for the incident
    25% – sending prayers and saying how awful this is

  14. Admiral Holdo says:

    So sad to think these guys were just having fun playing their favorite game with friends with thousands of fans watching, only to be horrified by the sound of bullets and hysteria. Super sad. RIP to the dead, and I pray for the injured.

    • GaomonAndLucario says:

      But guess what? Not everyone is going to have the ability to, or the guts to carry. Not to mention a fact that you are a target for the shooter. If you are out of the way or incapacitated, then they’re allowed to continue. Also, where were the carriers in ANY attack of this nature? Tell me, a carrier in a library, supermarket, restaurant etc… Where were they when those attacks occurred? Oh yeah, forgot they had a gun, too far away to do anything or got caught in the attack in its initial moments. They aren’t afraid of carriers. Why do you think people shoot up places even if there was security there? What good does a gun do if there are loopholes for security or even carriers? Let’s face it. Carriers aren’t the solution. They are only adding more guns and just add to the risk someone maybe murdering them to gain a gun to then slaughter people with. Anything may have a loophole, but how small the hole makes it much more complicated to pull off, which makes anyone who’s trying to exploit them discouraged as it’s too complicated to pull off. We need stricter gun laws, banning them violates our constitution and adding guns only makes this possibility like today more likely.

    • Admiral Holdo says:

      A Frustrated Gamer I’m not trying to start debates here, my views on it varies from your’s when it comes to carrying but that’s ok. I respect your opinion. My only advice is don’t be afraid to go anywhere. Live your life and go outside and have fun. Life sucks if we just sit inside afraid of what could happen. It’s a scary time in our country recently. Everyone is getting at everyone’s necks it seems. Just go out and enjoy life, yes be aware of your surroundings and always have a plan. But don’t cower at home. When sandy hook happened a few years ago, I didn’t want to go to school. Yes I was in high school but I was afraid of the “if”. But you gotta fight through it, because if we cower in fear and are afraid to go anywhere, the bad guys won.

    • PHILL SHIVELY says:


    • A-DA-MU says:

      +A Frustrated Gamer How does one determine who’s “sane” (compos mentis) versus those who may be arbitrarily declared “insane” (non compos mentis?)

  15. Jigglypuff says:


  16. Nick S says:

    Keep the gunshots.
    Bleep the cursing.

    • Drew Taylor says:

      Drew Carey: Welcome to “Madden ‘18?” the show where everything’s bleeped and the lives don’t matter.

    • Krista Shinn says:

      I know. I felt that it was insensitive for them to even air that because there were people still waiting on word from their loved ones and there may have been people who weren’t even notified that it happened yet. I felt like the last thing those people needed to hear was possibly audio of their loved ones being murdered. I live in Jacksonville and yes the crime has gotten really bad here but this is just insane. I never thought something like this could happen here but I suppose that nobody in any other Town feels that way when it happens to them. So far they’re saying two victims and the shooter that killed himself.

    • Michael George says:

      Ban the nipple
      Show the murder

    • Garrett Dodds says:

      It’s an interesting observation. Our society censors speech because of some puritan idea that words are harmful, all the while you are free to hear the violence of innocent humans being murdered because it is free speech. The insane intersection of the 1st and 2nd Amendments in a country obsessed with entertainment and violence.

  17. LIL UZI VERT says:

    Rip to the victims and prayers to the families 💞🙏

  18. Nicholas R.M. says:

    Democrats : We need to ban guns
    Republicans : We need more guns
    Rest of the world : You need to change your mentality!

  19. M Krieg says:

    I am a gamer. At an event such as this…all the comps would have their cameras on …live streaming on Twitch and other MMO platforms…The police will have tons of footage. Second message: WARNING: Parents… check your kids!! They may have witnessed this horrific act on the streaming platform! They will need you now. They will need to talk about and process what they witnessed. Please be mindful of their mental health. <3

  20. Silly Skeleton says:

    For a video about a mass shooting, there sure is a lot of snarking and joking going on in the comments. Perhaps a little more respect for the victims and their loved ones would be better served here.

    • Sarah Hutchison says:

      +Lucas Carroll I agree. For example, one of my daughters is 14, and she has used humor to get through a tough situation of her own.
      But when 90% of these comments are jokes, some cruel, especially so soon after the shooting, it’s a little disheartening!

    • Sarah Hutchison says:

      +Giampietro Melotti not what I said, at all.

    • Lucas Carroll says:

      +Sarah Hutchison I can see that, and some of them probably are cruel. Still comparing people making jokes to mass shooters is a bit wild and disheartening.

    • Jeremy Riley says:

      Silly Skeleton  I agree.  I know people use humor to get through horrors of such incidents, but sadly, we live in a time when every time a shooting like this happens, people come onto videos like this to either make insensitive jokes or to start an argument about how guns should be banned (when it will not be as helpful as gun free zones).  Besides, Trueboy, the guy in the red hoodie in the video, is one of the two people killed in this horrific incident.

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