Video shows police shooting unarmed Oklahoma man Terence Crutcher

Video shows police shooting unarmed Oklahoma man Terence Crutcher

Video released show police shooting unarmed Oklahoma man Terence Crutcher as he had his hands up.

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20 Responses

  1. Erika boom says:

    Wow. How was he a threat? This poor family.

  2. Dee W says:

    The choppers even said tase him. So even if they all lit his as up. He
    would be alive.

  3. Dee Block says:

    Where’s the videos of the cops?
    Don’t they wear chest cameras?

  4. Voodoo says:

    You’ve got 3-4 police officers within 10 feet of the suspect…we can’t
    hear them but cmon. 3-4 shots from all of them from a taser and the guy
    would have gone down. Hell, they could’ve tackled him before he got to his

    I’m usually on the side of the police in cases that are FACTUALLY
    justified…but so far this one is gut wrenching.

    Sadly, we will see more looting and burning of stores as BLM chants for
    dead cops. There is a way to go about protesting, but why destroy your own

  5. Edward Bernard says:

    Play video with no reading or audio.
    This was an execution. 3 men shot another man in the back dead, with his
    hands up.

    How the fuck can anyone misconstrue hands up as armed?
    Judge the video solely on what is presented to you, not solely on some
    crooked ass cops story alone. It’s a terrible shame people cannot think
    critically nowadays.

  6. Ch33no says:

    i wonder if she didn’t mean to shoot?

  7. Joel Elizondo says:

    I don’t understand is why they pull out guns like that’s their first
    thought when somebody does not follow, if that’s the case why are tasers
    given to em?

  8. Fnatixful says:

    what kind of protocol are those dumb fucks doing, he was on the ground by
    the taser , literally on the ground

  9. Quick Speedz says:

    16k views oh yea youtube lets blows this out so the raciests come out and
    riot… Dont show the cop videos that save lives or cops being shot down by
    raciests… Stupid media controling dumb sheep, wake up people… and
    yourube puts this on the got list…… This world is going to hell and the
    devil is having a blast.. Not for long.

  10. mosse matters says:


  11. lobomuerto11 says:

    why even release this video without knowing what happened? douchebags.

  12. Lou Is says:

    I’d really like to see the bumbling Republican idiots defend this one. A
    man standing 30ft from the police unarmed was shot. Despite being many
    other ways to deal with that situation. Now I can understand the fear and
    loathing in black commonties for police. Oppressing then since 1776

  13. PigIron BigIron says:

    Shitty camera angles. Can’t see shit other than he parked like a fucking

  14. Dom Jenkins says:

    White ppl: “Well blacks kill a lot of blacks”. “Blacks do more crime.” All
    you all do is make excuses to deflect from the the actual subject. If you
    were on a debate team you couldn’t just stray off the subject and act like
    you won. You can’t do it here either. Just stop! because everyone knows the
    real reason you wont talk about it is because you don’t want to feel any
    guilt. You ppl are so transparent.

  15. Ce ay says:

    Somehow, this won’t be registered as murder.

  16. Bigboiiiii says:

    HHAHAHA dude its like im watching real life south park

  17. HeavyLikesSandwich says:

    This could have been resolved by tasing him.

  18. estaban americano says:

    More good cops are going to die now. Thanks to these idiots

  19. Michael McClelland says:

    This is so fucked up on so many levels.


    So let me get this straight…
    He called for assistance because his car broke down….
    Then he gets shot….