Videobomb Scares Reporter News Blooper

Videobomb Scares Reporter News Blooper

Man scares reporter news blooper.

This video was featured on Best News Bloopers July 2015 WATCH NOW:

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20 Responses

  1. chaosinorderrr says:

    Watch at 0.25 speed lol

  2. Zimen Griffin says:

    +Jason94 She didn’t know he was black until looking, you’re the racist.

  3. james falco says:

    give her some slack its her first time seeing a blackman that close up

  4. Johnny Stob says:

    when she got scared she didnt know he was black unitl after, his race had
    nothing to do with it you bastards

  5. CrYe SparKies says:

    her kids are black..

  6. Kay Lou says:

    Props to her having a sense of humour about it.

  7. Johanna Zevenbergen says:

    She thought she was either gonna get robbed or raped

  8. videoschmo says:

    0:12 “You scared the shi… Oh wait i’m on live tv, better not finish that”

  9. Josh Thakbal says:

    Lmao people who use the word ratchet is ratchet. So that makes you a
    hypocrite and a racist.

  10. amatuer_edits says:

    she’s racist, she was only scared cause she had an unexpected visited from
    a black man lurking over her shoulder

  11. Cheb Almotahphil says:

    على بالها جني كذا اخترعت من الخال

  12. aaaaaaaaaaaa808 says:

    Professional video bomber.

  13. devourerofwatermelon says:

    So now we can think about if the cards were different – what if she was
    black and him white? Don’t blame me this happens on every video.

  14. Mr Genuine says:

    For some reason he reminds me of Dave Chappelle.

  15. jacasforever says:

    a black man!

  16. V4der says:

    She got scared cause it was a black guy hahaha jk!!!

  17. MrGoodcents says:

    Black face got her

  18. sgall says:

    We’re working here man!

  19. Domino Pianomusic says:

    So funny !

  20. Daniel “Elijah” Maximoff says:

    Gale Weathers!