Vigil held for Junior following arrest of 11th suspect in teen`s death

Vigil held for Junior following arrest of 11th suspect in teen`s death

Danilo Payamps Pacheco, 21, of the Bronx, surrendered to officers at the 48th Precinct, accompanied by his lawyer. He faces charges of murder, manslaughter, gang assault and criminal possession of a weapon, police said.

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111 Responses

  1. I B's DinDu says:

    *(It was a lying female, who took down this gang. But let me guess..? Because she’s a female, an a lying female at that, she’s going to get a pass.? She got a 15 year boy murdered, by lying. An took down a gang by lying….)* 🤣👍 *(Unbelievable)* 🤣👍

  2. I B's DinDu says:

    *(So-called community is out rage at the murder of this young man. Buuuuuut the female who caused alllll of this is getting a pass, excuses, an protection.? Really..?)* 🤣👍 *(A 15 year old boy lost his life. A store owner lost his business, an a gang was taken down. All behind a lying female. Who’s now getting excuses, a pass, an protection for lying an causing all this. But have you also noticed, how the news media won’t even expose the FEMALE who started an caused alllll this 🐂💩…?)* 🤔..?

    • Carlos Garcia says:

      I B’s DinDu I don’t feel like it’s the girls fault everyone’s responsible for our own actions the girl didn’t send those animals to kill him

    • I B's DinDu says:

      Carlos Garcia *(With every action, there’s a reaction. Had she not have lied, non of this would not have happened.)*

    • Mia R. says:

      K R she’s 15 that’s why they cant mention her.. She’s a minor but they should charge her as an adult since she wanna do grown up shit she should be doing grownup time. Fuck her her time will come trust me people are just waiting for these cops and her to let they guard down. Trust me that girl ain’t never gonna be safe.

    • liljb126 says:

      you should learn your facts before condemning an innocent girl, a minor at that who has NOTHING to do with his death. Are people really this dumb? The video was over two years old, the guy filming is friends with the suspects and no one was after the guy who was actually having intercourse with the girl? cmon! I knew from common sense BEFORE officials announced it had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE VIDEO!!!!

    • liljb126 says:

      Karmas a bitch you should learn your facts before condemning an innocent girl, a minor at that who has NOTHING to do with his death. Are people really this dumb? The video was over two years old, the guy filming is friends with the suspects and no one was after the guy who was actually having intercourse with the girl? cmon! I knew from common sense BEFORE officials announced it had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE VIDEO!!!!

  3. marie rodriguez says:

    That attorney needs to shut up saying oh he’s not guilty. Let that be your kid and than see what you’ll say then. RIP Junior 🙏❤️

  4. Ivan Lara says:

    Lawyers defending criminals go to hell

  5. John Blessed says:

    All those men that were involved in Junior’s murder are monsters. This was one of the worst crimes I have ever seen in my entire life. I hope they all get life in prison. No one deserves to die that way. God will judge us all one day.

    • Jay Bell says:

      nopoliticking1 so because of their language, they are animals? You sound so stupid and white…SHUT THE FUCK UP.

    • Hayden Robertson says:

      John Blessed goofy i live in Australia stabbing and machete attacks are common😂 I’ve seen 5 people stabbed and hit with blades

    • AJ Martinez says:

      John Blessed Ever heard of emmet till? The situation seems very similar.

    • Edwin Reynoso says:

      Exactly …

    • electric feel says:

      it’s mind blowing that more than 5 people were involved. they really ordered a hit on a innocent child. after incarceration deport all these illegal immigrant back to their piece of shit country. this has always been done to Southeast Asian gang bangers too. if you’re going to deport Asian criminals back to their country don’t hesitate to deport these illegal fuckers back to Dominican Republic.

  6. Tamz Williams says:

    I wish they would just stop showing Juniors last night at that bodega but show his pictures n videos of him happy and smiling.. #JusticeForJunior

    • Stacy Ann East says:

      Tamz Williams I agree with you. It’s sad to see it poor baby. Sleep in heaven junior

    • JosephineC says:

      @Tamz Williams Every single footage of Junior breaks my heart. The night of his killing, or his beautiful smile, those pure eyes.. he was still a child. RIP Junior, we will get justice for you.

    • coldasiceprincezz says:

      Tamz Williams thank you cause I can’t even watch it and don’t want to have it flashed up on the screen.

    • R Rabbit says:

      SG Reid : Agreed.

      No more Autumn Pasquale’s. No more Juniors.

      In this case. We’re fortunate there is such Graphic and Heartbreaking footage. Multiple levels of checking reality in this one.

      (Those that want it taken down without considering the necessity of acknowledging a horrific reality? They give me a good feeling though. I think it reflects a level of decency that is good to witness in people. Although I don’t agree with them.)

    • Katrina says:

      Tamz Williams …this is extremely 💔to see, but let the
      ruthless cowards come out from the cracks and crevices
      Of the gutter to face what they did to that beautiful soul…in 1963
      Medgar Evers mom had an open casket viewing for the world to see
      How a gang of cowards had beaten, executed, then dumped his body
      In the water…and this was also because a woman lied on him.
      God bless Junior and Medgar😇

  7. Galante says:

    You want justice??? Street justice is,clearly in order. How to get back at these pussies in protective custody? Make them feel the same pain, by retaliation on the only ones they love, their family. Hunt them like animals, like they did this kid. All i see is vigils, bike clubs ridin out for him.. how about an eye for an eye.

    • DD123 says:

      You sound like the same kind of person who would say, “if somebody made a sex tape with my little sister I would kill them.” This happened because people think like you.

    • F. Marshall says:

      Now you talking my language. I agree Go after every one of their family members.

    • Kavy ase says:

      josie bm stop using that dead boy to make money shame on you

    • Kavy ase says:

      If these guys were in Africa,esp the girl,she’d be long gone mob justice here ain’t no joke

    • Jake killvril says:

      Smh ppl talking bout revenge and Practicing black magick, n you folk wonder why we are cursed .

      Don’t return evil with evil -Romans 12:17
      Just would b empowering the same damn being that these child killers did when they took that innocent kids life . God has a special place for those who shed innocent blood . These ppl are all set .
      Asking the devil for help when it was the devil that had these killers do it to the innocent kid is ironic to say the least .

      Vengeance belongs to God . – Vengeance is mine says the LORD . I will repay ” -Romans 12:19 so unless you trying to call God a liar then this is what it is .
      Nothing you or I can do is going to be better than the eternal punishment He has ready for them . If you want to partake in thier punishment as well then go ahead and get your revenge .

  8. Donna Parker says:

    Is that damn lawyer serious they got his punkass on video smdh

    • shiestjoo says:

      Donna Parker that guys mother just gave him a blowjob for legal fees. He’s just doing his job. Lay off

    • Chris Ja says:

      shiestjoo lmfao

    • Jacob Frye says:

      Dude lawyers do anything for money, on my life and everything I love I will NEVERRRRR defend you in court if you’re a criminal. This world is so fucking disgusting.

    • LUX says:

      Jacob Frye then you’d be a very broke and shit lawyer.

    • Jacob Frye says:

      LUX cool I’ll find another career, like right I’m a security supervisor that gets paid 19 an hour and I am satisfied at the moment with it. Fuck any lawyer that defend these type of people and I will say it to their faces.

  9. abee m says:

    I’m glad that everyone is still coming together for Junior. It seems like the community is starting to get their neighborhood back. Sadly they lost an angel 👼🏻 in order for this to happen 😔 May your spirit live on 4ever 🕊Junior 👼🏻🕊May u not die in vain🙏🏼💐

  10. SBALBUENA says:

    Yeah everyone is innocent now.. everyone’s at the wrong place wrong time!!

    • Benisha McFerrin says:

      The five that were doing the stabbing are not innocent

    • Townie 7177 says:

      SBALBUENA thats the first guy arrested defence.he said he thiught they were going to a party and they moved him out of rikers cuz c.o.’s were threatening him

    • Townie 7177 says:

      erica7991 12?its only 11

    • Google User says:

      He better be glad he turned himself in. Once other gangs 🇵🇷 Saw his face on video surveillance, he knew there’s no escaping that shit, he’s gonna buy himself some time. Where’s gang gang now? I say they are all guilty bc they were all together when they were chasing him down. Innocent? Bitch where? Group a kids takes one into the woods n the guilty is only the one who pulled the trigger? No. Not in the government courts/law not in the eyes of your enemies. He’s gonna do time too, motherfucker ain’t going no where but the prison system 😂😂🇵🇷🖕🏼

    • Brendon O says:

      Migo in The cut Shoot your shot kid.

  11. Letitia Hepburn says:

    I see the11th suspect tried to change his appearance a little bit….maybe he should have used that machete on himself…😡

  12. Rosanna Genao says:

    No, he is guilty! That’s why he brought himself to justice! Therefore he is not entitle to anything, specially bond to be out there like he didn’t do anything!!!! And his mom say his innocent?!! All of their Mam’s and daddas ( if they had any) should he brought to justice cause you are not going to tell me that all these delinquents/ gansters lived with them and they didn’t know about what they were doing under their roof!! If they didn’t, that’s still negligence from the parents for not be involved with their kids or checking on them.. but all these nasty human waste are adults and there is not much the law can do for the fucktards parents!! I say burn them in jail, all!!! I want then to have the rape in jail and beat down before they burn and die in jail!!!

  13. METALMAN4Wii says:

    Hang Them All!

  14. nikqualuv09 says:

    Who snatched his edges? I hope that wasn’t suppose to be a fade. 😂😭

  15. leroy jenkins says:

    Hang em high for all to see on the Bronx streets where Junior died.

    • L L says:

      Hayden Robertson rest in PISs?…how about kill yo MOMs and bury her in SHIT.. u BORED, no LIfE ,Miserable ,ATTention Seekin BUM ASS BItCH, your hoe ASS moms and your retarded pops, n your dirty ASS sis n bro should get KILLeD a tragic DEATH and have their body mutilated found in piss ..with missing heads and a burnt torso that was soaked in gasoline and set on FIRE..U a miserable BITCH SEEKING ATTENTION

    • L L says:


    • Jay Coleman says:

      L L *reasons

    • Nigerian Blood says:

      they are kinda latino

    • electric feel says:

      why is the neighborhood mad at the gang when the neighborhood should have helped Junior in the first place. no one helped Junior. Bodega owner didn’t try helping. people outside recording and not calling the cops. and now that are pissed off at the gang. any form of help would have saved Junior life that day.

  16. A.B says:

    Ever since I saw what happened to Junior I’ve thought about him everyday, it’s so strange because I don’t even know him but the amount of sadness I feel is unbearable. I wish they would stop showing the video clips of his last moments because it has honestly traumatized me for life & I know I can’t be the only one.

    • 2 D says:

      Ah poor baby.
      Bet you are a fucking thot too.

    • abee m says:

      I feel the same way😞 I’m from the West coast but I grew up in Chicago. I went to a HS that had drive by shootings almost everyday. I witnessed someone get shot 5ft away from me. We had a house party for a school club & a gang bum rushed our basement & shot 2 people ( not in a gang). Back then it seemed like it was normal way of living. Until I moved & realized it wasn’t. No one should ever go through this. What happened to Junior was so brutal. I feel for his family & friends. My cousin (not in a gang) was also murdered(different city) just cuz he was at a park & 3 gang members were supposed to meet a rival but they never showed up so they tried to rob my cousin but his gf recognized them. So they shot both of them.. 😔

    • memree randall says:

      I feel the same way as you

    • Shanice Sweetsmile says:

      Same. Seeing him look so scared while they’re tryna drag him out has played in my mind everyday. No one deserves that especially not a kid that was just minding his business and didn’t know why he was being slaughtered like dogs.

    • OpinionatedEbony Chick says:

      A.B I haven’t even watched the video (my spirit can’t handle that ) but I’m traumatized after hearing what they did to baby boy. I’ll never forget this case, this will stay with me forever. I wish I could’ve been there to pray over him and comfort him, I can’t imagine the shock he was going through! My God😯😢

  17. Lun Hing says:

    Lol that haircut is atrocious

  18. GrandSupremeNews says:

    If he turns himself in that means he’s guilty… how did this guy become an attorney?

    • Koss Moss says:

      jessica hernandez OMG you don’t have a brain and take some damn spelling lessons woman. Gollie, spelling like a 12yo kid.
      He is simply implying the obvious. Shit, Google it if need be.
      Use logic not emotions.

    • Rock4mvp says:

      Ummm I was accused of doing something I didn’t do. I turned myself in and it got thrown out. That statement made no sense.. In this case they all knew violence was about to happen so yes they are all guilty.

    • Itachi Uchiha says:

      GrandSupremeNews he doing his job fam

    • Gissel RBLX says:

      Exactly and why would he have a defense if he turned himself in and surrendered 😂😂 these people.. but we need justice for junior

    • Wes Correa says:

      GrandSupremeNews – No. Sometimes individuals that are suspected of a crime but are innocent, turn themselves in and let the process clear them of any crime. And I’m not talking about this particular case, but I didn’t want others to be confused by your statement. Finally, even if the person is guilty and turn himself/herself in, usually that’s taken into consideration when time for sentencing…

  19. Stormiie says:

    All these people at his memorial, but no one could help him when he needed it the most. Smh

  20. Mia Sanchez says:

    You dont get rewarded for participating in a crime!

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