Vikings Fans Kick Own FG To Show Blair Walsh How Easy It Was

Vikings Fans Kick Own FG To Show Blair Walsh How Easy It Was

Laces out or not, Blair Walsh missed a pretty damn close field goal today. 27 yards. 27 yards was all the ball had to travel between two massive uprights, but instead the Vikings season is over.

With Vikings fans still trying to wrap their head around how an NFL kicker could possibly miss such a kick, a group of teens decided to take to the snow and show Blair himself just how easy it was. Keyword snow, with shoes on. Take notes Blair.

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20 Responses

  1. eBay Garcia says:

    You gay

  2. 55giantsfan22 says:

    let’s see this guy do it in a NFL game then try to talk shit

  3. Jack Stark says:

    It’s pretty easy to make a field goal when you don’t have millions of
    people watching you. He had so much pressure on his back because you and I
    both know that game decided who gets to ply in the divisional round in the
    playoffs. Walsh is already getting harassed by thousands of people and this
    doesn’t help at all. How about you put on some pads in -6 degrees and kick
    3 field goals which one was from 47 yards and then try and kick one for a
    game winner when everyone’s watching.

  4. Dominic Hunter says:

    lol salty much

  5. Darnell Duncan says:


  6. Irand Ericta says:

    Cmon bro he was under pressure and it was cold af. It’s like shooting the
    game winning free throws. Give the guy a break

  7. zeldafan1002 says:

    Wow, it’s 2016 and people are still recording vertically?

  8. FunkyBoy71 says:

    It’s easy to record horizontally.

  9. leokid000 says:

    Vikings has no chance of winning in the next round of the playoffs. The
    only reason why the game was such a low scoring game of because of the
    weather and Seattle didn’t have a running back. If lynch or Rawls was
    active this game would have been over in the first half.

  10. samtheman2144 says:

    it’s 2016 and there is still vertical videos

  11. cjua2803 says:

    what a dumb bastard. Get a life nerd acting like he could even play in the
    NFL with all the pressures. Fans like this are a blight to sports teams

  12. Christian Diaz says:

    He finally got the field goal after 20 takes.

  13. haden thern says:

    Why don’t you get mad at Adrian Peterson for fumbling. Blair Walsh scored
    all your points. Vikings continue the postseason choke tradition.

  14. Grayson Myers says:

    Turn the laces in. Have millions of people watching you. Carry the weight
    of the team on your back the whole game. And have the pressure of the win
    on you. Then make a video, pussy

  15. Hadley Pleasanton says:

    Looks like a real-life *Buffalo 66* scenario in the making. ?

  16. braxton sbraggia says:

    How many times did it take tho I’m a Vikings fan to

  17. Nate Emond says:

    people defnding him are pathetic. He blew the biggest kick of his life from
    inside extra point distance because he got scared of the laces probably.
    Give him a ribbon for participation you fags

  18. nomorecakes says:

    And…. blocked by the 6″7 240 linemen with a 3 foot verticle. Good try,
    you almost made it look like you had a clue as to how to kick a proper
    field goal.

  19. Jame Heinz says:

    Great video! I think this is just hilarious!!

  20. Caden Jones says:

    The only difference between the two is that Walsh had the pressure of a
    million eyes upon him. Not that that means anything….kappa