Vikings vs. Rams Week 4 Highlights | NFL 2018

Vikings vs. Rams Week 4 Highlights | NFL 2018

The Minnesota Vikings take on the Los Angeles Rams during Week 4 of the 2018 NFL season.

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73 Responses

  1. Dennis Vu says:

    I drafted him – Jeff Fisher

  2. Muhammed Aly says:

    Since none of these teams have Sean Lee, the game is actually a tie

  3. Ball Life says:

    Rams just marched down the field against the Vikings every time excluding opening drive. 👀

  4. D M says:

    I miss Cooks
    -Tom Brady

  5. superligitguy says:

    A guy in my fantasy league benched Goff and Kupp.

  6. thereal_JOKER _ says:

    i just want everyone to hand me L’s for benching jared goff and stefon diggs

  7. Adrian Luna says:

    Great game, props to both teams. thanks rams 😉

  8. ridz216 says:

    Amazing performance by Goff 👍

  9. Mo Garcia says:

    I’ve been a Rams fan since 1967 suffered through many seasons, finally won SB 1999 in St.L., Pats stole 1 too, now win one in L.A.

  10. Sam Hens says:

    Vikings scored 31 and Rams still looked like they were in control all game

    • Question Mark? Clan says:

      Alex Slater their offense clearly kept up if they scored 31 points, it was their defense that didn’t show up.

    • Trevor Kinney says:

      +Alex Slater hard to score touchdowns and keep up when the refs say a guy is “down” taking away a touchdown, but let the rams get away with a clear false start on one of their touchdowns.

    • J. NamWEN. says:

      Alex Slater “touchdowns win games, not field goals”.. Adam Vinatieri disagrees on this HEAVY 😂😂

    • jerry cruz says:

      Sam Hens yea but they had no running game they relied solely on the air attack it worked no doubt but have to mix it up

  11. rustler2222 says:

    Rams like- You can score how much you want, we will score more than that!! Rams offense is sick..

  12. Uncle Creepy says:

    2:51 I thought Goff was going to jump up and chest bump a fellow player. You can’t chest bump a guy without pads that you outweigh by like 50 lbs lol.

  13. Juri Han says:

    26/33 465yrds 5tds, straight up madden game numbers lol

    • FloBama says:

      Juri Han Not this year’s Madden. They bumped up the passing defense a lot.

    • Bobby Marr says:

      Yep that’s the new look NFL, they’re trying to make it more “exciting” the same as madden where it’s just a series of big plays with high scores.

    • Cory Jones says:

      This whole seasons been a Madden sim on god, a second year QB with what one or two starts last year is throwing 6 tds a game

    • augie wright says:

      Cory Jones mahomes played at texas tech which is known in college for being an air raid program. He also has a pretty strong arm so I kind of expected him to perform like this just not this early.

    • Arcane Knight says:

      +augie wright its the new powder puff rules. Nfl has approved to apparently protect the players. #makefootballviolentagain

  14. Hussain14000 says:

    The fact that this team is coached by a guy who is younger than some players amaze me

  15. Christian Perry says:

    Cooks, Kipp and Woods are beginning to look like Bruce, Holt and Hakim 2.0

  16. Hillbillyspree says:

    The defense personnel of both teams were given the day off.

    • al karg says:

      Hillbillyspree ~~~~ Nah. Just exposed. Happens. Game film/computer studies each wk by NFL teams makes this so. Vikes “D” overrated by talking heads. Good, yes. Great, no. Rams OL gave Goff plenty of time. Kudos to them. Cousins was doing a lot of quick release, just to survive his weak OL & no running game. A big diff in this game….advantage Rams. Gurley as threat opened up the pass-action plays as Rams OL produced here too. No rest for Vikes next week. Eagles up & ready to diss ’em again….because of no running game. Sad. (for Vikes)

    • AmarNathan says:

      al karg  It is sad for us man. I mean this is the Vikings and its sad to see the lack of running right now; a team that had the great AP. As soon as we got a decent passing game, the running cease to exist? how? and the secondary sucks right now too even with all those pro bowlers – Zimmer better figure it out.

    • delray30 says:

      AmarNathan “Pro Bowlers”….. BS, it’s a glamour show for teams with good winning records….. Players with far better numbers on teams with bad records don’t even get mentioned….. No one wonders why the “Pro-Bowl” is one of the least watched games of the season.

    • delray30 says:

      AmarNathan The fact is, the Vikings had the 5th easiest schedule last year and that’s before Arron Rodgers went down…..  That’s why their defensive numbers got overblown…… and by overblown, I mean they were slightly above average on paper. Frankly, their defense isn’t that good.

  17. Carson Davis says:

    Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved

  18. Vikings426 says:

    Vikings defense was their biggest strength now it’s their Achilles heel

  19. SS37 3dOH says:

    Why even have a RB, or a defense for that matter. NFL is trash nowadays..

  20. A Retarded Orange Ape In The White House says:

    I’m surprised at how bad both of these defenses played.

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