Villain Pub – Zombie Night

Villain Pub – Zombie Night

Villain Pub Episode 4
It’s zombie night at the Villain Pub, and not everyone agrees collective villains count as real villains.

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20 Responses

  1. ThaChicken says:

    To follow the theme of hollywood though, don’t you think that since this
    has had so many episodes already, you need to start considering reboots and
    crossovers, alternate timelines etc. Well, I would actually like to see a
    superhero cafe/villain pub crossover. Have both groups, villains and
    superheros in the same place at the same time.

  2. Lord Brick says:

    Thank you for keeping the Jared Leto Joker!

  3. Tom Bridges says:

    Great work guys!

  4. DoctorDonutStudios says:

    Could you please do how day of the doctor should have ended. Also great

  5. Lunictd says:

    Why do you throw poor R from “Warm Bodies” out? He’s a nice guy!

  6. Mutimedia&Fiction Physics says:

    The funny thing is that Joker is basically the Batman of the villain pub.
    No powers, no magic, and he still sits next to a Dark Lord and a Galactic

  7. Reif Walker says:

    Good to see you’ve finally sprinkled in a little Battlestar Galactica.

  8. Aleksandar Jovanovic says:


  9. Orien Bardwell says:

    best part
    The handicaped zombie.
    LOVE IT!

  10. That's AWESOME says:

    I want Darth Vader!!!

  11. MrNesscity says:

    Voldemort doesn’t like Zombies? He was pretty much dead himself until some
    hocuspocus got him back his body. and his followers were pretty mindless
    too…. soo… yeah :D

  12. vita stolnik says:

    where’s loki?? i love this episode, but lets face it. everything’s better
    when loki’s in it

  13. maxcardun says:

    I recognize the Borg and the Cybermen but not the third ones.

  14. Catherine Boudreaux says:

    The Borg!! That made this episode for me xD

  15. ShadowSamuel says:

    Wait for Star Wars 7 and we see Kylo Ren aruing with Vader and other SW
    villains in this pub.

  16. Salvador Santoyo says:

    have you guys decided to do video games.

  17. Kirby Cantos says:

    awesome the cybermen

  18. Bombed Videos says:

    All I know is the cyber man (yes I’m a whovian) and the battle star

  19. mrbrockpeters says:

    Is it just me or does Joker sound Little Nicky?

  20. Kai Sarni says:



    -everyone else

    Oh yeah, and