“Villanova Piccolo Girl” Sits In With The Roots

“Villanova Piccolo Girl” Sits In With The Roots

Roxanne Chalifoux, the crying Villanova piccolo player, sits in with the Roots and chats with Jimmy.

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“Villanova Piccolo Girl” Sits In With The Roots

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20 Responses

  1. KristineYSL says:

    What a good sport. Good for her!

  2. Slugga Jonny says:

    The Roots are like… “fucking white privilege”

  3. The Borderline Life says:

    To me it looked like for the seconds before he finished the sentence of ”
    because taylor heard you love her so much…” that she thought that she was
    about to walk on stage and meet her. i could tell she was disappointed by
    the tickets. Anyone else?

  4. Regina George says:

    AWW TAYLOR HOW NICE OF U.But wheres my fucking free tickets.

  5. Insane Pigmask says:

    NC State fan here, glad Jimmy did that for her. Loved how cool she was with
    all the attention.

  6. kevin coots says:

    The popular section of youtube is garbage now.
    You know what I want to watch?
    Two Jennifer Lopez videos. WTF?

  7. madisoned says:

    Jimmy: Her team suffered a heartbreaking loss..
    Audience: Woo hoo

    Too funny!

  8. TheCountryBumpkin7 says:

    I’m pretty sure the basket included chocolate covered peanuts and hand

  9. jmains says:

    Jimmy, you sir are a class act. Bravo.

  10. Jale Eva says:

    Her excitement when Taylor mentioned lol so sweet

  11. Devon Osteguin says:

    Jimmy Fallon is honestly the coolest.

  12. Sharon Zurcher says:

    Wonder how I can get on the show and get some swag from Jimmy? 

  13. xmassan20906 says:

    White girl’s off.

  14. billyofdoon says:

    How does it feel to have people laugh at your sadness?

  15. GIGnome . says:

    Only two tickets Taylor?! Wtf? 

  16. Terry Lee says:

    You have to like Jimmy Fallon’s response to a heartbreaking loss. Nice to
    hear the Villanova fight song on The Tonight Show. Nice work by the piccolo
    player (and tuba player).

  17. sandgaijin says:

    I remember one particular college football game where my team lost in the
    final moments and I just wanted to stand there and sulk, but I sucked it up
    and found the energy to play that fight song as much as I didn’t want to.
    It probably would have looked super pathetic if a camera caught me brooding
    as I played my saxophone.

  18. David O says:

    she’s a good sport!

  19. Dabket3araB says:

    I am betting my 2 precious testicules that she is a virgin.

  20. Rasik Aryal says:

    Classy move, jimmy.