Villanova vs. North Carolina: Kris Jenkins shot wins national title

Villanova vs. North Carolina: Kris Jenkins shot wins national title

Kris Jenkins sinks a game-winning three-point buzzer beater to lead Villanova over North Carolina in the 2016 National Championship game and give the Wildcats their second national title.

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20 Responses

  1. myfathersprincess says:

    By the way Nova fans your team has won 10 games since January the Sixers
    has won 9 games all year! I’d say ya’ll are the perennial power when it
    come to basketball in Philly.

  2. The 2k Savage says:

    What tech heck is this I thought it was march madness

  3. Malibu Greg says:

    Congrats to Charlie Villanueva winning his first title!

  4. Cyrus Jonason says:

    Simply incredible! I thought it was going to OT with the previous shot by
    UNC but this guy Kris Jenkins is a hero and will go down in college
    Basketball history, so glad I Could witness that, probably the greatest
    moment in NCAA Tournament history

  5. PictureMeNatural says:

    I can replay this all day.

  6. Vince Carter says:

    Why are people saying Villanova “deserves” a championship. They earned it
    nobody deserves anything without earning it

  7. Zach Martinez says:

    he definitely got laid that night

  8. Danizmo ISAMC says:

    Ha know, this shot was amazing but I think the shot before it was better,
    because he was off balanced when he shot it

  9. Julie Russell says:

    As a U of Kentucky fan, I can tell you that most of us were rooting for
    Villanova. That shot is so reminiscent of Harrison’s clutch shots last
    year. Congrats Villanova! A well deserved championship win!

  10. Brian says:

    Jim Nantz still going through puberty

  11. Alexis Caban says:

    Im from Philly and we went Bazzerk

  12. webking185 says:

    Home town kid in PA….Ryan Arcidiacono…….both parents went to
    Villanova, bleeded Villanova since berth and ends a story book career for
    the ages….how could you not be prouder as a parent seeing this….he
    played all 4 years……..makes me tear just to hope my kids can be like
    him one day.

  13. Melvin Carter says:

    the nba playoffs should be one game that’d be more exciting or maybe 3 game

  14. Karsten Zimmermann says:

    I’m not even a Villanova fan and I almost started crying when I saw it live

  15. gigaman95 says:

    this kid is going places

  16. Make America Great Again says:

    Dear Villanova, THANK YOU. Sincerely ALL DUKE FANS

  17. Sentinel - Destiny Montages says:

    Guess who’s getting drafted?

  18. PONTONRULZ says:

    I don’t know why but seeing the heartbreak, despair, and anguish on the
    faces of all the North Carolina was really funny to me when I saw this on
    tv last night.

    I’m just the worst aren’t I? ?

  19. Kizone Kaprow says:

    Put North Carolina on suicide watch.

  20. Makai Brown says:

    i know unc hates onions…