Vintage Vibrating Exercise Belt | RETURN IT OR BURN IT

Vintage Vibrating Exercise Belt | RETURN IT OR BURN IT

Does this retro fat burning machine really aid in weight loss or will it just leave us all shook up? We test it out! GMM #1320.2
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52 Responses

  1. Elijah Thomas says:

    1 like for Rhett
    1 comment for Link

  2. NatPicking says:

    “Now it’s making my booty itch!” -Rhett 2018

  3. jeff mcclure says:

    Right there on the booty knot.

  4. Amanda Fessler says:

    You should put it on your forehead… 😂

  5. TheWeenieIsLoose says:

    I love watching two grown men getting butt massaged by an ancient machine

  6. Louisa Lewis says:

    That’s one way to get your booty to shake like an salt shaker. No okay I’ll sit over here quietly maybe.😅😅😅

  7. Peyton Johns says:

    We’re 2 buddy’s vibrating toghether😂

  8. Veridian says:

    _Elastigirl’s training secrets have been exposed_

    • Margo’srebornsandthings 06 says:

      Veridian hahaahahhahaahahahahahahahahahhahahahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahah.

  9. Veridian says:

    That’s one big vibrator you got there

  10. Simon James says:

    The look on their faces when they were getting their booties massaged! Lol

  11. Trevor Tucker says:

    Yeah, that’s dated. 😂

  12. emiilyshe says:

    Burning the strap at the end gave me some serious Ten Feet Tall vibes. Are Mike and Alex going to continue making that show?

  13. SixRaven Eight says:

    It was making you happy, should have kept it.
    Still, “can you leave?” cracked me up.

  14. Science with Katie says:

    “HEy! Keep it appropriate!” haha! This whole bit with the full grey tracksuits reminded me of Grease!

  15. Joshua M says:

    Rhett likes the way it works his booty knot.

  16. Master Gamataifu says:

    Link’s face when he was getting his forehead massaged was the best part. XD

  17. EclecticNostalgia says:

    Both the guys have normal bmi! Grats? Lol

  18. Tyffanee Lavely says:

    should have kept it as a massager! Also when Link thought Rhett was going to put it on his crotch and said “Keep it appropriate” was hilarious. Rhett’s butt massaging face was also really funny lol. The whole thing was great!

  19. Vulkanite says:

    “He-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-y brother!” That was great lol

  20. Black Poisontears says:

    *just two buddies vibrating together*

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