Viola Davis wins her Emmy award (9/20/15)

Viola Davis wins her Emmy award (9/20/15)

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19 Responses

  1. ZnZsmom says:

    Wasn’t able to watch the Emmy’s so Thanks for posting this. Going to wipe
    my tears (of joy) now!!!

  2. fly girl says:

    It took her alot of courage to get up there and speak the truth

  3. Apsina APS says:

    I’ve been watching her role in HGM. She really deserved it.

  4. eric brunson says:

    Truth is beautiful and enlightening

  5. Genesis ** says:

    used to watch her on Law and Order way way back in the day. she should have
    got a Oscar for Help. but this is justly deserved.

  6. Kareen Carrasquillo says:

    God is always on time, the time is Now.

  7. diivaXOXO says:

    This was her moment and she had to make it about black women… sigh

    I’m black btw, Ethiopian so to speak

    • hawaiianzion says:

      your not black if you have to say I’m black in order to make a comment like

    • Steve Harvey says:

      +diivaXOXO LOL this is a troll

    • Bear Manley says:

      STFU!!! This is the FIRST time a black woman has WON this award…..
      EVER!!!!! And if you dare say it’s because no black woman was talented
      enough previously then you’re out of your fucking mind. Black women RARELY
      have the lead role on major TV networks. So how the fuck are black women
      supposed to win the award when they don’t get to even compete???? Let alone
      how the networks treat black women like they can’t be cast in roles that
      call for a sexy attractive woman. Especially dark skinned ones. For her to
      go up there and not use her platform to speak on this would have been a

    • [Ephemeral_Nostalgia] says:

      +910primadonna Preach to her honey, lol.

    • 910primadonna says:

      You do realize this is the FIRST time a black woman has won that award
      right??? This moment was VERY big! & yessss she is pointing the fact that
      she was given an opportunity. Her speech was very appropriate & heartfelt.
      Doors can be opened for others now. No one stress if you are black, this
      isn’t about you. Only someone with knowledge on the history of this country
      would get it. Like you said, you’re Ethiopian so what you are saying don’t
      mean jack. Run along gal 🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃😒😒😂😂

  8. Purple Rain says:

    Congratulation! Such a proud moment, I love her so much

  9. TripleJack says:

    I’m so glad she won! Beautiful speech.

  10. Andre Ribeiro says:

    Well deserved. WE LOVE YOU! People do not understand how hard it is for
    people of color in movies, TV and the stage. 

  11. xafsam says:

    Such a beautiful speech from such a beautiful woman. Well deserved.

  12. Mona Hillside says:


  13. mafijaspravi says:

    why are the blacks always complaining and crying like bitches