Violent George Floyd protests at CNN Center unfold live on TV

Violent George Floyd protests at CNN Center unfold live on TV

CNN’s Nick Valencia reports live from inside the CNN Center in Atlanta where demonstrations over the killing of George Floyd have turned violent.

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69 Responses

  1. 100k subscriber challenge in 1 year says:

    They should make a movie out of this called “2020, the worst year ever”

  2. Danny Devito says:

    Damn now all of a sudden it’s a “violent protest”

  3. anthony m says:

    The largest audience CNN has had in years

  4. George Held says:

    When you realize they weren’t joking when they said “you’ll get the bullet too”

  5. tfalk83 says:

    Finally CNN has some real news to report.

  6. Jeiel Bless says:

    Social Distancing has left the chat.

  7. Kobe Hersel says:

    “One of the noble parts of society” 24 hour news is about as useless as those rocks

    • howtofixbrand says:

      The right to a free press is the right to be informed, maybe i don’t like cnn either but the press is one of the most important parts of a free society

  8. Jonathan Kardonski says:

    RIP George Floyd. I hope we come back better out the other end. All people should be respected!!!

  9. I Petrik says:

    All of a sudden CNN cares about the cops

  10. Graham T says:

    this hit just a little bit different for CNN 😂😂

    • David L says:

      These violent thugs are useless, ratchet, ghetto, and the only purpose in their sad pathetic life is to create mayhem, commit crimes, and flout the law.

      With that being said, Trump is the biggest idiot this world has ever seen, but for the first time, even I agree with him that something must be done about these thugs. Hard working Americans should not have to put up with this. Respect to all the peaceful protestors trying to bring justice for Floyd. The 4 officers must be charged with murder and brought to justice.

  11. A Pessimist says:

    The protesters: *attack CNN*
    Trump: “well… Maybe these protesters are… They’re great people really, no really really they are…”

  12. Radek Tracz says:

    “Journalists who just want to tell the truth” LOL…..

    • Kabhi Sri says:

      “One of the more noble pursuits in society” spat my coffee out there lmao

    • Ariel Romero says:

      I loled

    • howtofixbrand says:

      You are both truly slow in the head, without a free press you wouldn’t know any of this happened, you wouldn’t know that man died. Just because you don’t agree with one news outlet does not mean that we don’t need them

  13. Rob Stone says:

    Now you call them violent, only when the chaos gets too close to home huh

  14. SupremeKid 451 says:

    it feels covid 19 is gone and theres just riots

    • Ryan Dowd says:

      David L retweet

    • Milli Macro says:

      Gym still closed tho

    • Smile, Eilish says:

      As it should be Bruh. I’m not black but I grieve with them. I’m not black but I’ll fight beside them. it’s not fair what officers have been doing, but it’s also not going to help to fight hate with hate and racism with racism. Again, I’m not black so I’m not gonna sit here and tell people how to fight for their rights. I just hope everyone will stay safe. Trump gave the national guard the go ahead to shoot protestors, Bruh

    • Theo JustTheo says:

      The riots will spread COVID-19

    • T k says:

      It’s time to attack on USA- Xing ping 😂😂

  15. jmua04 says:

    CNN is a total loser organization with talentless hacks. This is hilarious.

  16. Lion Son says:

    Me: 2020 is going to be that year
    2020: boy do you want more problem ?

  17. Travis Johnson II says:

    Protesters : attack CNN
    CNN: Wait that’s *illegal*

  18. DNP says:

    America is going down. Like completely.

  19. Luke Cullen says:

    CNN only talks bad about stuff like this when it’s happening at there location lol

  20. Programmer says:

    CNN Reporter: **Buildings burning behind him** “This is a peaceful protest”
    CNN Building: **Gets attacked**
    CNN Reporter: “The protests have turned violent”

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