Viral Video UK: Gangster crab!

Viral Video UK: Gangster crab!

Viral Video UK: Gangster crab!

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In this episode of Viral Video UK: Gangster crab!
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20 Responses

  1. Carter Sanderson says:

    The mire lucks have started to rise!

  2. Sam Axe says:

    Get me a car with enough gas to get to the beach and nobody gets hurt…

  3. Markeith Striver says:

    facebook had it first

  4. NEUROshott says:

    Lol “back away from me dollar!”

  5. Joshua Silva says:

    thug life

  6. Pedro Sobrinho says:

    Gaúcho, tenho certeza, kkk

  7. Cameron Leppard says:

    the crab is like don’t fuck with me I got a knife back the fuck up

  8. Saber says:

    He’ll come back to haunt you one day.

  9. John Staples says:

    That’s Michael Myers pet….!

  10. Tonald Drump says:

    Crabs have evolved to use knives

  11. Mike Hawk says:

    Mr. Krabs ain’t playin no more

  12. WIMsical says:


  13. Trill Texas says:

    Mr.Krab want him money.????

  14. Gingy bread says:

    Atlantis really steped up there military, is this the end to the human race
    as we know it?

  15. Dylan Vázquez says:

    look out heshes gona shank U

  16. Now go! Let the legend come back to life! says:

    He’s from the shores BEACH!

    ….I’ll let myself out now

  17. TEAM BLADE says:

    thug life

  18. Ganon's Nose says:


  19. xmy254 says:

    Can you feel it now Mr.Krabs?

  20. JustLouIt says:

    It would have been funnier if it had your wallet in the other claw