Virgin Galactic’s First Fully Crewed Spaceflight #Unity22

Virgin Galactic’s First Fully Crewed Spaceflight #Unity22

Virgin Galactic’s first fully crewed spaceflight with two pilots and four mission specialists including Sir Richard Branson.

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46 Responses

  1. The B1M says:

    Amazing. Don’t ever let anyone tell you something is impossible, because it’s not.

  2. Wham Baam Teslacam says:

    Congratulations!! Wham Baam you-went-to-space-man!

    • TotinosPizzaRollz says:

      @mizo mint Or maybe NASA and the military are just smarter than internet trolls?

    • יהושוע Joshua מתתיהו Matthew says:

      you are lost at sea

    • TIB1973 says:

      @Camicus – There is no official American space boundry, the US specifically stated they weren’t going to due to change in technologies. Richard went up really high but I don’t consider it space nor do I consider it worth the money. He really should have orbited a few times since its his money, his plane and his dream. This is something most of us will have an opportunity to do in our lifetime and THIS was not space, it was an amusement ride.

    • Chris Seburn says:

      Wong was bam sweet 1976

    • Moonwalking Matthew says:

      Pleasure seeing you here

  3. FarscapeIII says:

    “Looking down to our beautiful beautiful Earth” Richard Branson.

  4. begins 2009 says:

    Great achievement, thanks to design by Burt Rutan at Scaled Composites who started it long ago.

  5. Elon Musk Zone says:


  6. Boris Bobbington says:

    I love the silence, with the odd banging on the metal walls. Similar to being alone on a boat in the middle of the ocean with just the sound of waves smacking the hull.

  7. Jsmal jx says:

    Branson showering in the morning singing “I’m a rocket man”

  8. SILVER SPADES says:

    Human Beings are incredible

    • Anonymous Rando says:

      @hondacbx1979 I dunno If you’re near the Center-Left or a Right-Winger. Joe Bye Then is pathetic for not doing executive orders overriding Congress. He could be similar to JFK making NASA better or do Medicare For All a health system funded by taxes. He’s a pathetic Capitalist, he doesn’t even believe in a mixed economy. He’s supported executive orders in the past to screw people over, lol

    • DEV TYAGI says:

      And horrible too

    • Lucienne Taylor says:

      Expansion!!!That’s where we are going everyone! Be looking ahead to a brave new future! It’s going to blow your mind in a wonderful way. So be happy, spread joy and alwzys expansion!

    • Johnny Bea says:

      Always wrong and constantly lying, that’s what they are.

    • horace bennett says:

      Yeah—no we got some shitty mfs too

  9. Scott Johnson says:

    Looks like the interior could use a few strategically placed handles.

  10. Scenic Fights says:

    I can’t wait until I can afford to go to Space, probably never 🙁 Happy for Richard. I know he worked hard for this.

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