Virginia Beach police chief describes ‘devastating’ mass shooting | USA TODAY

Virginia Beach police chief describes ‘devastating’ mass shooting | USA TODAY

Police say a longtime employee opened fire in a Virginia Beach municipal building and killed at least 12 people.

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61 Responses

  1. viggo Johnson says:

    Was anyone else’s notification just a bunch of letters?

  2. Florida First Responders says:

    Don’t release the name at all!!! Shooters don’t deserve attention.

    • Jake Shattuck says:

      The name leads to other relevant details. I know you only see fame and glory from it but without releasing names we’d never have been able to verify every mass school shooter was a registered Democrat or the underage child of two registered Democrats, let alone the similarities of the antidepressants they’re all prescribed. Democrats are the party calling for disarming citizens so it shouldn’t be ignored when people perform grotesque actions that push this party narrative.

    • David Crandall says:

      DeWayne Craddock

    • CankerousBooch Arís says:

      +FormerUsPresident BarackObama It was a government employee. Of course he wasn’t white.

    • Carla Yoongi says:

      He was black and was a utilities engineer also served on the national guard he was 40 yrs old he was killed by police before he could commit more killings.

    • Oscar Trent01 says:

      +FormerUsPresident BarackObama NOPE it was another affirmative action Jackson government employee … Like your ho Mammy likes to have CONJUGAL visits in prison WITH .

  3. Jimmy German says:

    *Never show his face name and age*

    • quietman356 123455 says:

      +tracy Smith Say hello to …..DeWayne.

    • quietman356 123455 says:

      +StanThaBeatMan _ Welcome to Chicago. Introducing DeWayne. …

    • quietman356 123455 says:

      +TJ Stacks Ten shot in Trenton outside a bar. Last year 30 shot at an art festival in same area. Not exactly in ” European ” neighborhoods.

    • quietman356 123455 says:

      +EZ DoesIT Brother DeWayne doing what comes naturally….shooting unarmed people. When confronted by police DeWayne fell fast.

    • Robert Vongartzen says:

      I like to know was ethnic background nationality white Hispanic black etc. Are they hiding something????

  4. Chad Finneman says:

    I liked this chiefs press conference, he didn’t ramble on and on thanking other levels of law enforcement.

    • Jim Aubrey says:

      Great entertainment get the popcorn. Death to USA you have it coming

    • old dave says:

      I like him because he’s only a bird colonel , not a four star Patton general like most chiefs

    • ALAN SAWYER says:

      Lets face it a sad fact of life in America, they get a lot of practice !!

    • Chad Finneman says:

      +DonateToMe GetAnHourWithAlex this is not about white, black, etc,,, this is about the amount of thank yous given at press conferences following mass shootings

    • Chad Finneman says:

      +Cameron J This is what I’m talking about most of these press conferences following a mass shooting the chief starts thanking every level of law enforcement even those who weren’t even there.

  5. Yung Bullet says:

    Damn im a good 90 min away from where this took place smh my heart and prayers go out to all the families suffering through this tragedy ?

    • Amina Abdullah says:

      I used to live in Norfolk ?,my son lives in Virginia Beach he might be working with the fire department today right there in Virginia Beach ?

    • ya boi cletus says:

      This stuff happens everyday

    • elijah moore says:

      I’m closer. Everyone knows not to go to Virginia beach because it’s ghetto. I wouldn’t be caught going anywhere near there without packing.

    • john Murray says:

      yawl are lucky. I was working at the Lowes in Manassas when the beltway shooter was active. The pet store he shot from was a little way across the street. They used to make me go first before they let the ladies go. That was an awkward feeling.

    • El Mostrito says:

      +Yung Bullet Yes, we will stay safe. Lived here for over 20 years and never knew of anything close to that happening.. With a US population of over 327 Million, I guess it’s easy to confuse a city with an entire country. If you live in the internet, that is.

  6. Sandra Crosby Guerrero says:

    My deepest Sympathies how sad..God please help All involved the families the poor police involved my heart hurts for all…

    • Articuno says:

      Some Guy people pray for the dead to go to heaven and for the loved ones involved, as well as those who experienced the event and have to live with it the rest of their lives. Telling God for no more mass shootings won’t make it so. We were given free will as humans. That means anything can happen, good and bad things, and we have to control it as best as we can. God watches over every single one of us. Our lives will end someday on Earth, but will go on in the afterlife.God did not create evil; the humans did, and we have to take responsibility for it.

    • Some Guy says:

      +Articuno well if God creates us in his on likeness than why do people do evil shit. God created man and man created evil, yet it all stems from God. Kinda pops a hole in your theory, yet it’s quite simple. God doesn’t exist.

      I’ll make you a bet, let’s argue this point and I’ll stop the moment God shows up. (Sarcasm)

    • Some Guy says:

      +Articuno oh and another thing. If it’s all “Gods will” like its says in the bible, then why pray in the first place? Why are you praying so the deceased can go to heaven, that’s gods choice not yours. You really think God considers your prayer before sending a man to heaven or hell?? Foolish.

    • Gomen01 says:

      “God please help”? Those that were killed are probably begging for mercy in hell. They have already been judged and if they didn’t repent there sins, they are most likely in hell now. That’s according to the Bible. Stop with this “pray for them nonsense”.

    • Some Guy says:

      +Gomen01 exactly.
      Its not being mean either, it’s the truth

  7. Average says:

    who also didnt even know this happened

    • John .T says:


    • spbustarhymes says:

      John .T
      Wow that’s racism and dumbness combined at its finest. I’m sorry for all you Americans who can read this comment here, to have people like him under you. People like this guy are the reason why so many people see the US as the most fucked up country in the world. But there is hope! There is always hope!
      May god help you John.

    • List Maker says:

      +Mars Trip more than 90% gun homicides take place with illegal guns

    • KD eZ says:

      spbustarhymes it’s a fact actually blacks commit a lot of murder even tho they have low numbers

    • spbustarhymes says:

      KD eZ
      Explain me why. Is it like with the nazis what they said about the Jews, that they are different because of their blood? Or what’s the reason? Tell me 🙂

  8. Aik Aristawati says:

    xinnalillahi wa’innaillaihi roji’un . deep condolence for the families affected by this tragedy

  9. ShirleyFor Tablet says:

    My deepest sympathy and condolence to all the family’s,thinking of you all at this very sad time bless you , Shirley h Darlington england

  10. I'm too tired to have a name says:

    Condolences to the families who lost loved ones. ? ?

    • Volta Kubrick says:

      condolences? we need gun control!

    • David Crandall says:

      This will be life-changing for so many people.

    • I'm too tired to have a name says:

      +Volta Kubrick While we do need more gun regulations and increased mental health awareness and assistance, for me, this wasn’t the time or the place to bring that up. My heart wanted to show compassion to the families. You have your voice and I have mine, neither one is wrong.

  11. _ _ says:

    The sad reality about all of this, it will soon be forgotten until it happens again

    • flyback 2me says:

      Pissing off patriots is like poking a bear with a stick. HARDWORKING patriots that fooking work for a living. We don’t have time to get emotional and march like babies who didn’t get sprinkles on our icecream cones. You liberals haven’t SEEN us pissed off, but keep poking us… We don’t TALK. Keep thinking you can disarm us. Keep abusing children. Keep murdering babies, and get a fooking job. Ya BUMS. Because I promise you… If a civil war breaks out you will be wiped out in days. Our military can’t stand yas (not like we care), our law enforcement can’t stand yas, and we’re getting sick & tired of you bums trying to destroy the West. OUR nations. If yas hate white people so much, kill yourselves.

    • FoulPet says:

      Get a tattoo to remind others. Start a back piece and start it will every shooting that has happened since youve been born. Do not leave out shootings in other countries. Start arm Tat sleeves about all rape victims and leg tats about hate crimes. Save the chest for WW3.

    • G0Y ROGUE says:

      _ _ you’re right. We must never forget the African American mass murders. And why are they always raping and murdering elderly white women?

    • kamenrideromega1 says:

      +flyback 2me watch me throw a temper tantrum, waaaaaaaaaa

    • Caily says:

      +flyback 2me This all happened *because* of guns.

  12. ReLL ReXX says:

    One of my favorite cities. So many memories. Now this ?

  13. Ian Stradian says:

    Sad day, sad and horrible day.
    Bless the families affected by this tragedy.

  14. Trooops Trooops says:

    Yes, why not. Let’s release the name so people can Google said killer to get motivated.

  15. Biracial_ Beauty says:

    This was workplace violence. The shooter wasn’t looking for recognition. Doubt if he would’ve cared whether his name is ever spoken.

  16. Cedrick The Creator says:

    Apparently it’s not a surprise
    RIP to the innocent souls

  17. 49Falcon says:

    Let’s see, is there a pattern here….?? Disgruntled government employee. Probably being seen by a mental health professional.
    Prescribed drugs to treat depression and anxiety.

  18. Doziér Dynasty says:

    All prayers going out to those families!!! ??

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