Virginia vs. Auburn: Final Four extended game highlights

Virginia vs. Auburn: Final Four extended game highlights

Virginia knocks off Auburn and is heading to the first National Championship in program history! Watch the extended highlights here.

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85 Responses

  1. anandguruji83 says:


  2. Frosted Ice Pharoah says:

    I thought no game could be more miraculous than Virginia-Purdue. I was wrong.

  3. ToxiicRush Gaming says:

    One word to describe this game, Wild.

  4. Kenneth Teng says:

    Hate to see Auburn lose like that

  5. Yo Banga says:

    Everybody talking about the double dribble. If Auburn doesn’t foul they win???

  6. Loyal Philly fan says:

    They didn’t want to show the missed double dribble though ?.

    • ALD 50 says:

      Loyal Philly fan Virginia made it to the final four how ignorant and delusional do you have to be to call them trash

    • ALD 50 says:

      slrecordings brining up the past is what any sore loser would use to criticize

    • derrick harris says:

      As Jay Williams pointed out, the Virginia player had his jersey grabbed right before the double dribble. So it was 2 missed calls that evened out. Still a great game.

    • Keneo Fugotti says:

      +AbbeyRoadkill1 It was a blatant missed call of an obvious rule violation. Double dribble is one of the easiest calls to make for an official who btw was standing right there. That call cost them the game. You can’t just say they should have lost because they shot a bad %. Officials miss calls all the time and sometimes it’s in their judgement if it was a foul or not, or traveling or whatever. This call was so obvious!! What about the last foul of the game? That could have even been a judgement call for the official. Even though i thought it was a foul i’m sure there are many people that say no foul because he barely touched him after he shot the ball and it had no affect on his shot. But to me.. Still a foul. There is no judgement call on a double dribble.. It’s right there in your face.. We are talking about a no call that if properly called would have stopped the clock with 2.5 sec left. Auburn ball , up by 2 points. Virginia could have still pulled it off but very very unlikely.

  7. Jimmy Bonez says:

    Auburn and Alabama both had bad endings. Yikes

  8. ToxiicRush Gaming says:

    Please someone check on Charles Barkley.

  9. The Jolly Weeb says:

    I knew Virginia would win this game, but Auburn really deserved this

  10. rafban says:

    not a fan but why would you foul on desperation 3…lame move dude

    • Tua The Goat Tagovailoa says:

      graham wyatt that wasn’t a 50/50 call that was 100% a foul now on the double dribble Jerome got fouled before he had a chance to pick it up which wasn’t called also so if the right call was made it would’ve been a foul on Brice Brown

    • theloverswineverytime says:

      Yuuuup. THEE lamest.

    • theloverswineverytime says:

      Tua The Goat Tagovailoa …Nah, the shot was going up exactly how it went up. The Aub defender should’ve to ran at him with a hand up, not jump in the air toward the shooter. Cant put yourself in a spot for that to be called in the first place.

    • theloverswineverytime says:

      graham wyatt …That was a foul homie.

    • number1git says:

      graham wyatt Jerome got fouled before he double dribbled. Refs didn’t call it. And what video are you watching? Guy jumped straight up the defender ran into his body before he released it which altered the shot. It’s a foul all day every day

  11. Christina Garner says:

    About as good a defensive game as you will see in todays game, both teams played well

    • Unbias Cowboy Fan says:

      Christina Garner Texas tech plays better D then both in my opinion.. Virginia and Texas tech will be a defensive battle

  12. Stevo Pusser says:

    Why is the critical last 5 seconds missing?

  13. Nick of the North says:

    Why did these highlights not show the most important part of the game?

    • Jon Rice says:

      miguel auburn benefited from a no-call on a foul immediately before the double dribble so I would call it even.

    • Doron Bond says:

      Nick of the North I missed the game what play was it?

    • John-boy says:

      All these comments echo what I thought, how does he get three free throws by being fouled in the back court? I thought Auburn had it locked up leading by four with ten seconds left. So often that one missed free throw decides the game, Guy from Virginia had ice water in his veins to make all three.

    • Localsh!thead says:

      Nick of the North because they know auburn got hosed.

  14. Kyle says:

    Definition of survive and advance

  15. Tj Mckenzie says:

    Virginia is 2-0 in this tournament in games they trailed with less than one second left.

  16. Matthew Jay Evans says:

    Charles Barkley is probably at some bar in Minneapolis drinking maybe 50,000 beers and crying in all of them…Ouch. #notlit

  17. 91 REAL says:

    Charlottesville is so lit right now lol go #UVA .. I love my city ?

    • kicks says:

      I wish I could be back home to help celebrate. I just cheered myself hoarse in my living room here in Utah, wanted to go out and party but nobody here cares about UVA lol

    • Austin Littke says:

      I’m off work tomorrow. Should I come down to party? Can I party with u? What’s going on in Cville?

  18. Dillon Alex says:

    Virginia went from being upset in the first round last year to a 16 seed to now having a chance to win the NCAA chip. Wow what a comeback.

  19. Oyniii YT says:

    to think that Auburn blew out a 4 point lead with only 10secs remaining breaks my heart, feel sorry for the team, too many wrong decisions in the end.

  20. YeahThatsRight says:

    Auburn player to Coach: How can we lose the game sir?
    Coach : Foul a 3 point shooter
    Player : Ok I will do that

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