Virginia vs. Texas Tech: 2019 National Championship extended highlights

Virginia vs. Texas Tech: 2019 National Championship extended highlights

Virginia wins the 2019 National Championship! Watch the Cavaliers take home the title in 12 minutes.

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75 Responses

  1. GGboss man says:

    so the way to win the NCAA tournament is to lose when your a 1 seed to a 16 seed and then come back the next year and win it all, taking notes right now

    • Ke Keofis says:

      Don’t come at my state like that they won it fair!

    • Michael does fun stuff says:

      totally worth of losing to 16 seed to win title next year.

    • paul herring says:

      +Isiah Arellano–1-If Zion was overrated it wasn’t his fault in any way.
      2-Next time you find a 6’7″ forward that weighs 285,has a 45″ vertical leap,can lead any fast break, dunks with his head above the rim, is as agile as a ballerina and can outrun most college guards I’ll wait for you to call him overrated also.
      3-If there’s anything that’s overrated here it’s undoubtedly your mouth.

  2. Stephen Stumpf says:

    Probably one of the best title games in recent memory. Overtime, two teams fighting for their first title, what more could you ask for. Feel bad for Texas Tech but they had a fantastic season and should be back next year.

    • Stephen Stumpf says:

      +Derrick Carter Perhaps. But people will also complain about bad/missed calls with the current situation. In the end though, nothing will be perfect.

    • kinch raby says:

      +Barry D. The jersey pull foul that caused the double dribble wasn’t called either. Refs were light on the whistles all tourney.

    • paul herring says:

      +Barry D.–In that case you need to put an ** by the name of practically every BB national champion in the last god knows how many years since I’m certain you can find a blown call in every one of those games and say that’s the reason so and so won if the game was close when the blown call happened.Such things are, sadly, part of every big time collegiate and pro sport we have.So until the games are officiated by robots from IBM get used to the fact that humans aren’t perfect.

  3. justin holmes says:

    Wahoo frickin wa. National Champions!

  4. Tony Rosales says:

    There was so many clutch shots in this game by both squads, this was one of my favorite title games in years!!

  5. Jon Davis says:

    I love UVA style of play and this group

    • Jon Davis says:

      Like it’s not that the offenses are bad they are very good Os. They just look shutdown cuz of the great defenses. Virginia offense would cook 90% of the nation. Even if the score is 38-35 I know it’s the 2 best teams competing and most other teams woulda had 80 points dripped on their head. That’s why it’s never boring cuz I know the best playing each other

    • Jon Davis says:

      Like 50-45 game between average teams now that’s boring that’s a horrible game

    • Aaron Cena says:

      Jon Davis well no one else does

    • C C says:

      +Chris Tyler if you think last night’s game was boring then find another sport.

    • Jon Davis says:

      Aaron Cena
      Yea they do my comment got many likes lol

  6. Trailblazin 33rd says:

    What a tournament! No real favorites in the end but they sure gave a show? Texas Tech had the toughest road, 2 #1’s and 2 #2’s since the sweet 16.

    • Carter Rickman says:

      Yea true, but Virginia earned a 1 seed so of course they wouldn’t play all of those teams?‍♂️

    • GodmindNY NYC says:

      It wasn’t a great tournament, just a great tittle game. Although……I did have Virginia beating Gonzaga in the title game, it would have been nice to see some of the more prominent teams go up against each other.

    • Lamont Cooper says:

      +GodmindNY NYC How was this not a great tournament? There were so many great competitive games throughout the entire tourney. Best tournament I’ve seen in a very long time. The prominent teams are the ones who make it through the fire in the NCAA tournament, the teams who were supposed to play each other played each other. Coming from (weirdly enough) a home-bred UVA fan and a long time Gonzaga supporter.

    • GodmindNY NYC says:

      +Lamont Cooper it was a good tourney, it just didn’t go my way. I really needed Gonzaga and Virginia in the national championship game.

  7. MICOLE WHYTE #Oneplus6T says:

    Congratulations to Virginia. And congratulations to Texas tech for your awesome season. I just looked at Virginia’s recruiting class over the last 5 years and they haven’t recruited a single 5 star player manly 4 and 3 star players maybe programs like Duke, North Carolina Kentucky and my Kansas Jayhawks can take note. One and dones don’t get you to the national Championship games. it’s upperclassmen and I can’t wait until next year where high schoolers can go straight to the NBA. That way the players that really want to go to college can go to college and experience college basketball.

    • Ryan Nelson says:

      Totally wrong. I’m so tired of hearing that one and dones cannot win a title! It’s such an old person’s way of looking at it. Taking one championship team and applying their success to every other year is such a terrible way of looking at it. Every year is different. There is no one way to win. Each championship team has their own strengths and weaknesses and in the end, most of them are just plain lucky that year. Saying that one and dones cannot win a title is so ignorant to previous teams with great talent.

    • Thomas Mershon says:

      You’re wrong, what gets you to the national championship game is refs blowing a missed double dribble call against Auburn. Virginia didn’t even belong in this game

    • Ryan Nelson says:

      +Thomas Mershon yeah, luck. Nearly every championship team has at least one moment where you could say, they should’ve lost there. Either from a lucky shot, blown call, whatever.

    • Thomas Mershon says:

      The missed call there was especially egregious.. It’s not a “maybe Auburn would have won if” moment. If the refs made the right call the game was over right there.

    • GodmindNY NYC says:

      Can take note? Why? Cuz they won their first title in years? 9/10 if you stay past your freshman and sophomore years, and if you happened to recruit a DECENT bunch of guys, then you’ll be in contention. It’ll take a great team with a bunch of all Americans to beat you. Teams that win are either a decent bunch of guys that stays, or a stacked freshman squad.

  8. Michael Pak says:

    I can’t even. I am in awe. I will write something more substantial a bit later…

  9. Ainsley E Schultz says:

    Priceless ❤️ and I love you forever and ever Amen, grandfather Turchan.

  10. Mike Lee says:

    What a turn around! So proud of Virginia coming from a Kentucky fan

  11. Chaise Samargis says:

    I think Mooney was fantastic in this tournament especially tonight when they needed clutch shots he came through

    • josh hampton says:

      +Carter Rickman Yeah I feel like he settled for the three when he should’ve went for the layup or an outlet pass to Moretti who was wide open with 4 seconds left, Moretti has been deadly from 3 all season (45-46% I think). I can’t blame him for that though, we all see ourselves hitting that game winner on a big stage, but like you said that might’ve cost them the game.

    • Carter Rickman says:

      +MalciasX agree

    • Linda Maxwell says:

      ? *WAN3T ME? LO7OK, I MASTB**ATE NAK3ED,снеск6 снann2el* ?

    • Miranda Chambers says:

      ? *WAN9T ME? LO7OK, I MASTB**ATE NAK5ED,снеск0 снann5el* ?

  12. V4AR says:

    Ahhhh how lovely, Big Blueless final four. No Kentucky, no Kansas, No North Carolina, No Villanova, No Gonzaga, and Most of all ” SAY IT WITH ME” !!!NO DUKE!!!! THIS IS WHAT NCAA BASKETBALL NEEDS NEW BLOODS AND I AM SATISFIED!

    • Di Vepets says:

      Michael, that’s one of the dumbest reasons I’ve heard this month. Also, Lexington may not be a large city, but it’s certainly not “the middle of nowhere”. Lexington also has Baseball.

      People hate on these teams because they turned out to be the better programs, it’s nice to see a non-elite program win once or twice but we see them constantly. It’s not like the NBA. Take a look at the last time Kansas or Kentucky won, it’s been a while.

    • Di Vepets says:

      Diego, I don’t know what you mean by entitled fan base. Their fans want to see their team win, like any other fan. No one ever says “let them win because we are [insert team].”

    • Craig Carson says:

      um no..the Blue Blood club is closed to new membership..its either you are a blue blood or you arent..the Blue Blood programs are ones with at least 50+ years of continued excellence….

  13. Kyoto Supreme says:

    Fantastic they should put UMBC as there first opponent next year……

  14. Quintin Middleton says:

    WOW what an amazing game to watch, everyone played so well.

  15. Andrew Lee says:

    Hunter hit that clutch 3 tho. If not tech woulda won

    • dismalrealm says:

      Refs lost it for tech

    • Alex Lim says:

      No Zion to block Hunter’s shot—–the basketball Gods favored Va. by putting MIch. State in the Duke bracket. Duke got complacent!!!

    • GodmindNY NYC says:

      +Joven Consignado that was a great decision. I don’t know if it took guts to make that pass, or if he was scared to go up for the layup because dude was right there. I’m pretty sure he would have either gotten fouled, or have gotten his shot blocked.

    • J024 says:

      Oh well.

  16. John Ardaniel says:

    This two team can win world championship…great teams

  17. melo #15 says:

    How to be a good Basketballteam nowdays
    Take like 200 3s a game

    • sshza11 says:

      +Di VepetsHave you seen Golden State? I guess winning championships using the 3 doesn’t work, huh? Simple math.

    • Bishop Shakur says:

      Or post up on a mismatch

    • Vuk Jolovic says:

      +1301407gl not for houston rockets hahaha

    • Ides94 says:

      +Di Vepets 3 being more than 2 is a huge mathematical difference. Say two teams both shot the ball 100 times. Team A shoots only 2s and Team B shoots only 3s. If Team A is really good at scoring at shot 60% then they would score 120pts. Team B would only need to shoot 40% to match them in pts. That is a full 20% difference. For reference, the best 2pt shooting team was Gonzaga with 61% and the best 3pt shooting team was Lehigh with 42%. Also The National Champs Virginia we’re 7th in 3pt shooting this year with 39.5%. No you can’t win only shooting 3s but by all accounts the 3 has more reward and less punishment than the 2. So the best strategy is to incorporate more 3s into your game plan.

  18. xyreyes says:

    It’s a 3 point game these days. NBA or NCAA

    • Kang Kim says:

      The 3 pointers have a boundaries that players can practice over and over from. Midrange has infinite variables. Basketball as whole found a more efficient way to score once the old guard retired and forward thinkers entered coaching and management.

    • Andy Bailey says:

      *Free throw game

    • GodmindNY NYC says:

      It’s ridiculous!! Even though Zion is a big man whose box office, I doubt he’s the best player in the draft, but he’ll be the number one overall pick. I dunt think he’s in the top 3 honestly.

    • Sarlat6 says:

      Kang Kim And yet games don’t seem to be any higher scoring. Looking back at finals in the 1960s and 70s they were consistently in the 80s and 90s PPG for the winners. In the final game the guards scored most of the points. I think back then forwards and centers scored more points than they do now for a better balance.

    • GodmindNY NYC says:

      +Sarlat6 nah that’s not true. There’s less scoring in the playoffs and finals, but WAY higher than it was back in the day. I play DFS and I study EVERY statistic in the book.

  19. Darren Palmer says:

    cheers UVA all the way from Australia. Blue ridge school class 1993.

  20. SK Sponge says:

    Cavaliers finally won a championship without lebron

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