Virtual Reality Pictionary with Brie Larson and Marlon Wayans

Virtual Reality Pictionary with Brie Larson and Marlon Wayans

Brie Larson and Jimmy team up and face off against Marlon Wayans and The Roots’ Tariq Trotter in a virtual reality version of Pictionary.

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Virtual Reality Pictionary with Brie Larson and Marlon Wayans

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20 Responses

  1. Anasjah 777 says:

    First hi

  2. Harman Tiwana says:


  3. Anasjah 777 says:

    Love you

  4. Shplingo says:

    that guy is not going back on the tonight show

  5. ZombieZifiction says:

    brie larson has amazing posture

  6. Fokadox says:

    marlon wayans is so annoying

  7. J C says:

    Why did I click this? Im going back to Conan

  8. Ghostwriter says:

    Good lord. How gorgeous is the future mother of my children?

  9. Pokemontas says:

    Marlon I gotta be real loud and animated to be funny Wayans

  10. Karim Karimous says:

    Why people say Marlon is annoying? I found him hilarious

  11. RJKT says:

    @2:47 lol

  12. Nikola Bijeliti says:

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  13. Vinck Nade says:

    I’m all for outgoing personalities but damn Marlon shut the hell up and play the game

  14. The softest part of a woman's breast is? says:

    Marlon was funny to me! *You have 62 roots and you gave me the dumbest one* , lol.

  15. Charlie Pekin says:

    Brie has that amazing superhero posture. She’s gonna make a fantastic Captain Marvel.

  16. 123456789million says:

    he was not annoying. it’s refreshing to see someone with high energy. most guests have low energy and are boring.

  17. Don Pietro says:

    “Last time I checked you were black too” bruh😂😂

  18. 81kasen01 says:

    Only white people would complain about marlon being “annoying” fuckin lame ass crackers

  19. 81kasen01 says:

    If it was will smith y’all would be dickriding him but since he’s not famous enough ..


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