VLOG SQUAD TRIVIA GAME SHOW!! (Feat. Zane, Scotty, Todd)

VLOG SQUAD TRIVIA GAME SHOW!! (Feat. Zane, Scotty, Todd)

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Friends in the video:

Toddy Smith – Twitter/Instagram; @todderic_

Scott Sire – Twitter/Snapchat; @imnotscottysire Instagram; @VanillaDingDong

Zane Hijazi – Instagram; @zane

Mariah Amato – Instagram; @mariahamato

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43 Responses

  1. Sas says:

    I have the feeling Matt would kick ass in that game.

  2. Hamud_Nor says:

    We need one with Heath, Carly, Erin, and Liza (or Kristen).
    Mariah is so good at asking and coming up with questions, we need her in that spot xD

  3. Kathia Santos says:

    Every Hamilton fan screamed when they asked who was on the ten dollar bill

  4. Amber Swithin says:

    David surprised Liza with his own Tesla ??

  5. lazyguyperiod says:

    bruh I don’t remember who was the first one I watched everyone single vlog and am lost smh

  6. chloe fordham says:

    I NEED ANSWERS this is legit a mandela effect

    • Rachel Dennis says:

      chloe fordham 1. David surprises Liza with his own Tesla
      2. Alex John Mike
      3. Jonah
      4. Erin
      5. Helped with Jason’s Mom
      6. His dad
      7. Reggie (John’s brother)
      8. Natalie
      9. Alex Ernst
      10. Dylan (random guy)

      The three cars were the first time he showed a flash back to seat geek helping him with tickets instead of showing the past cars he’s purchased

    • Marlene R. says:

      +Rachel Dennis you forgot dima and he surprised Heath first telling him they’re getting him the Tesla then he showed it to Liza.

    • chloe fordham says:

      +Rachel Dennis the whole time I knew it was Alex in my head but it just felt wrong for some reason, so weird!! thank you

    • Amy Jo Schroeder says:

      Ilya bought Dimas car, David was just there to vlog it!

    • Callum Walters says:

      What about his dad

  7. WowQuinton says:

    I thought Jeff was the jail convict but why does Scotty look like he fits that role better now ?

  8. nima abrishamkar says:

    I asked the question about which person David gave a car to first since I didn’t know the answer at all to and I’m surprised that even his closest friends don’t even know it too.

    Edit: After looking into it I’m going to say the first time David surprised anyone with a car was with those 3 Mercedes.

  9. Sandra Hernandez says:

    The fact that no one knows who David bought the first car too us funny ? even David doesn’t even know ?

  10. kookoo says:

    the thing about david surprising people with cars is tripping me out omg for some reason, i felt like he had gifted at least 3-5 cars before his big 420 vlog but apparently that’s wrong hdkdhdkh idek anymore!!

  11. Jasmine Womack says:

    Zane is really out here flexing on us with his weight loss

  12. Jasmine Womack says:

    When the question was ” What is Honey?” I thought they were talking about Shane Dawson’s dog

  13. Jackie Chonta says:

    I cracked the mystery ??‍♀️. He surprised Liza with his Tesla 2 years ago HOWEVER, that video started his series of buying cars for others. The 3 Mercedes he gave to his friends was the first time he ACTUALLY gave his friends cars.

  14. Philys Og says:

    We gotta ask Seat Geek for the car question.

  15. Charlie Sheen says:

    This might sound bad, but heaths’ house seem like the best place to get drunk..it’s just a vibe

  16. Diana Elena says:

    Can you guys please make this Vlog Squad Trivia a thing!!

  17. Irelyn Vale says:

    Okay so I just looked for over an hour thru the vlogs to find out who got the first car and it really was the 3 mercedes… it prob seems like they werent first bc he did other big surprises before them

    vlog #183 surprising everyone with his tesla
    #198 World Series tickets
    #310 $10000 to Chiqui
    #326 Vegas Mayweather fight tickets
    #420 3 Mercedes to Chicago friends
    #440 Jonah Car
    #446 Erin Car
    #473 Dad Car
    #514 Reggie Car
    #518 Natalie Car
    #541 Alex Car
    #547 Random Kid Car

  18. Joshua says:

    Mariah asking that Honey question making sure the bills gettin’ paid cause Heath’s ass gonna forget

  19. olivia rose says:

    Who else has been waiting for this type of video ever since he got that set up?¿lol

  20. Katie says:

    you know you’re rich when you forget how many people you’ve bought cars for

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