Volatile Owner Tears into Customer Over Microwaved Lamb | Kitchen Nightmares

Volatile Owner Tears into Customer Over Microwaved Lamb | Kitchen Nightmares

This is absolutely astonishing.
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103 Responses

  1. ∞Music∞ says:

    0 views 3 likes. amazing

  2. ∞Music∞ says:

    ive never been this early what do i do ahhhhhh

  3. Ellis Farrow says:

    Nino wouldn’t have done that

  4. Ellis Farrow says:

    Nino jokes incoming …

  5. Seahawksneedaoline rip says:

    Nino would have cooked that lamb perfectly.

  6. Mr. Heavy says:

    Oh look, stale nino memes

  7. Ellis Farrow says:

    “I wanted to kill her, but I didn’t.”
    Well …

  8. The ROBLOX Defenders says:

    Sammy has anger issues

  9. Joanna Wee says:

    Where’s the LAMB sauce!!

  10. Erik Perez says:

    “I wanted to kill her, but I didn’t.”

    Well damn, somebody deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

  11. Sir Cringe says:

    Ramsey the type of guy to hook up with your girlfriend and offer to make you dinner after you get home and find them sleeping together.

  12. Kara O'Connor says:

    So he microwaved the lamb, then got angry at the implication that it was microwaved? Okay then…

  13. 619Datninja says:

    Tells chef to put it in microwave.
    Tells customer it wasn’t put in microwave.
    And it’s all recorded.

  14. CAG2 says:

    Owner: “Do you work for a microwave company?”
    Me: *_Does it matter?_*

  15. Chef Rafi's Awesome World says:

    Omg. Gordon let them do that. he should beat that rude owner/waiter with the ear pencil!!

  16. Dangerous Mermaid says:

    *Puts it in the microwave*

    “It feels like someone put it in the microwave…”

    “How DARE YOU”

  17. John Walker says:

    “I kept my composure. I wanted to kill her and I didn’t.”

    Great composure, man.

    • DarthFurie says:

      John Walker right? He was insanely rude and over the top. What composure?

    • hyper tron says:

      John Walker lol

    • MrSkinnyWhale says:

      tbf that’s hilarious, I’ll have to remember that one

    • shafta99 says:

      worked at a small sandwich shop with an owner like that phony tony we called, him. he would tell me to tell customers the meatballs were homemade when they were frozen and came out of a bag, i refused to lie and told him he was phony right to his face, he puffed his chest out , i just said lets step out back tony and talk about it. he was scared too. phony like this guy punch him in the gut and he’d crumble like a sack of potatoes.

  18. Cronus600Gaia says:

    Did he really expect microwaved food to be well-received by the poor customers?

  19. My name a Jeff says:

    He at least has a good girlfriend

  20. FunForSameer says:

    “Customer is *always* right” is utter bs

    Edit: For all those who are triggered, try working as an employee instead of being the customer and you’ll change your mind. Of course you should accommodate customers who aren’t satisfied, but some customers have sticks shoved so far up their ass, they’ll get upset if you’ll tell them have a nice day.

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