Volcano Eruption Near Tonga Seen From Space

Volcano Eruption Near Tonga Seen From Space

An undersea volcano erupted in spectacular fashion near the Pacific nation of Tonga on Saturday, sending large waves crashing across the shore.
A tsunami advisory was in effect for Hawaii and the U.S. Pacific coast.

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30 Responses

  1. CHEEKY WILLIE says:

    the shockwave though

  2. Billy Vance says:

    It was said that the eruption was heard over 1300 km away in New Zealand 😳 in comparison, people in Africa heard the Kratakoa eruption over twice the distance in the 1880s. Though that was already a volcanic island above water when it exploded. I’d be interested in seeing which one was bigger, as this Tonga eruption was underwater.

  3. Latanya M. says:

    I couldn’t help but wonder how the mushroom clouds of today’s nukes would compare to this 😳🤯 😬

    • josephsheranda says:

      Only one was ever built on this scale: the 50 megaton tsar Bomba. Modern day nukes are considered “tactical” yield, which is limited to 1.2 megatons or less. Still enough to level a city, but not even close to a volcanic eruption.

    • logan Raines says:

      No nuke compares to this volcano eruption. It’s a Force of Nature. Water, Fire, Earth, And Wind all Combined into the ultimate weapon.

    • SMA. Paul Raudenbush Jr says:

      Mushroom clouds as a result of an atomic blast release 50 per cent energy as blast, 35 per cent as heat and 15 per cent as nuclear radiation. Then after the initial blast there is persistent radioactivity, or one that continues to be present even after the blast. Fallout looks scary to me.. Seems like something to consider. But if you wanted to compare, Find out how much fission fuel is being used and do the math. one kilogram of nuclear fission fuel can release energy 20,000,000 times more than one kilogram of TNT . I think in Hiroshima WW2 there was 50 kilograms….

  4. 0heck says:

    Look at the shockwave coming off that thing. Wow.

  5. CheyLikesPie says:

    imagine just chilling on a cruise ship and then the water blows up beneath you

  6. Rob D says:

    That was one hell of a shock wave.

  7. Robin Dale says:

    Wow that is huge. I had no idea it was THAT big. That is like 1/10th or 1/12th the size of *Australia* !

  8. Elijah Ramirez says:

    Shockwave was incredibly powerful and keep in mind it was a underwater volcano😳

  9. Dorsey Harris says:

    Never mind The hurricane sitting right next to a volcanic eruption that was insane

  10. MegaUnderflow says:

    I’m Tongan. Was kinda freaked out to hear about this, but it looks like the impact wasn’t as devastating as it could have been. All my family who still live there have been posting about it on social media, and I haven’t heard about any deaths. Thank goodness 🙏

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