Voters For Trump Ad – SNL

Voters For Trump Ad – SNL

Americans (Taran Killam, Vanessa Bayer, Bobby Moynihan, Aidy Bryant, Beck Bennett, Kyle Mooney) offer insight into why they’ll be voting for Donald Trump.

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20 Responses

  1. tornpaper says:

    Beating the “Trump is racist” dead horse reaches new heights.

  2. sergio Jr pena says:

    It’s crazy the things regular people will do out of fear and ignorance.
    Trump feeds on people’s nightmares to get support. Everything that he says
    is ignorant and arrogant. Can’t believe U.S. Citizens want this Self
    Consumed Moron To represent them in the eyes of the World. This is insane,
    lets put a racist person in power so he can be the leader into the future.
    This is regression. We are going in reverse here…

  3. treejoe4 says:

    Socialism is cancer, and has been responsible for the deaths of tens of

  4. KayToBe says:

    Like =Donald Trump becomes president
    Comment = Hillary Clinton becomes president

  5. Ruben Lopez says:

    Trump is my Hero

  6. pixeloid says:

    These voters seem far too intelligent and reasonable to be Drumpf

  7. Piyong Pinto says:

    Go Trump Make America Great again

  8. Erlangshen king says:

    xtian inbred rapists support drumpf

  9. Tes Ste says:

    – since when is love own country racism
    – and murder own ambassador is not crime
    so what
    I example have nothing against Iran
    – I should be say I love them
    – and if we from of here goes there but with 100 000
    – and and want have ours religion
    – do you think there they will be said welcome
    should be that racism
    I want build one church in Saudi Arabia
    – o, no
    you want build one church in Saudi Arabia
    – o, no
    anyone nation with more as 2% mixed with others
    – has fucked own selves
    – with warranty
    do you know
    – one bosnian in Holland
    – never thinking as one Hollander
    – take theirs citizenship also remain not thinking as them
    o here is easy
    – my entire family
    – have dutch citizenship
    – but they remain thinking as they
    – not a terrorist but friendly
    – but but they feel nothing for this country
    and and
    because they are now mixed with anything and all
    – they do not have anyone idea more what they love as country
    we missing the croats and Jews
    – and we are truly one UN as family
    – I goes you helping when is war
    – after war
    – you must back
    – because we have enough such peoples
    – what is there wrong with that
    but I know why you do that
    – donald trump has said
    – no
    – I goes not to the Jerusalem
    – and the Khazars who think they are Jews
    – are angry on them
    – and because they own all media in united states
    – is worldwide campaign to discredit donald trump
    – so simply as that
    but trust me
    – there is nothing wrong to love own nation first

  10. clycoo5276 says:


  11. DirePyre says:

    oy vey! you don’t want this racist bigot as your leader do you goy- i mean,

  12. Tomo OS says:

    This video just shows how Americans are stupid and that Shitary is going to

  13. Chris V says:

    Thank you SNL

  14. Igor Nefedov says:

    I love the video, it’s really funny.
    But…I’m for Trump!
    That’s a lie that he is a racist.


  15. Stormtrooper says:

    Things like this video will make Donald Trump president, attacking even
    accusing those who vote for him of being racist just shows how little
    democracy there is in this world, who cares for who people vote that’s
    their right…….what if someone made a video back in the day calling
    obama voters predominantly black and immigrant would that be alright ? I
    get its supposed to be a joke but still are the opponents programs so weak
    that they cant beat him ?
    Trump will get votes because the public is fed up with all the political
    correctness that is going on lately

  16. osufand says:

    This is a disgrace establishment elites told the snl creative team to make
    a slam piece on trump because he threatens the crony capatalists, but
    people don’t realize they are being socially engineered. Also the white
    supremacist support of trump is fake government workers to paint a picture
    of who trump is. Trump is not racist. There are many black and Hispanic
    people for trump. I thought this was so distasteful I will never watch snl
    or nbc ever again. They are apart of the elites who socially engineer
    people and this is one way they do it by making a skit like this. I’m all
    for being funny but this was purely political and a disgrace. I think nbc
    and snl will regret painting all trump supporters as racist.

  17. Reid Whitley says:


  18. CJayin TV says:

    Greatest thing SNL has done in a while

  19. COMMENTxKRITER says:

    There is sooooo much hate for Trump it only makes me want to vote for him
    even more. Keep it up media.

  20. MrVisuljak says:

    Haha I just love it when economically illiterate Bernie supporters try to
    educate me about socialism. I was born during the bloody break-up of
    communist Yugoslavia and besides war and nationalism caused by destroyed
    economy (thanks, socialism!), I remember how chaotic this system was and
    even though 25 years already passed by, we still feel the consequences.
    Socialism really does work – that’s why people create boats out of fucking
    trash to flee to the try capitalist country. Trump supporters are stupid
    racists and Bernie supporters know absolutely nothing about economy and
    that’s why his voters are mostly young. America is going throught hard
    troubles because you are forced to choose between Clinton (a shameless
    liar), Trump (a dumb racist with ridiculous ideas) or Sanders (a socialists
    who believes the state and government should spend taxpayer’s money). I
    really feel sorry for you.