Voting: Now Is The Time!

Voting: Now Is The Time!

Hamilton’s Javier Muñoz joins Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert for a timely reminder of the importance of casting your vote.

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20 Responses

  1. Erick Chicas says:

    the funniest thing is that the US is screwed either way haha

  2. pkariiiiiiiii says:

    Did Jon say ‘Mr Stephen Cold-Bear’? :-)

  3. iNuchalHead says:

    Jon Stewart could have a career in TV if he wanted. Another one.

  4. KingOfMadCows says:

    It’s good to see Jon doing so well after being on the run for 20 years for
    stealing a loaf of bread.

  5. Wyllomy Greene says:

    Carson’s true successor – Colbert :)

  6. Adhi N says:

    Im a simple guy, i see stewart on thumbnail, i press like

  7. sean holt says:

    The rest of the world says thank God hopefully this is the last we hear of

  8. Amal KHALIFA says:

    I said before I wish every country in the world had a Stephen Colbert.
    But what I didn’t say is that every country in the world deserve to have a
    Jon Stewart. The man opened my eyes on a lot of things I didn’t know before.

    Good Luck USA.

  9. Malcolm Tyler says:

    Jon, go visit the Daily Show studio and slap Trevor Noah in the face

  10. Dlwatso15 says:

    Now is the day to finally shut Trump up.

    This has gone on long enough.

  11. savcob says:

    Stewart/Colbert 2020
    “Make America fun again”

  12. Lorna Ginette Harrison says:

    We (the rest of the world) are watching – PLEASE knock Trumpty Drumpfty off
    his wall!

  13. James Harrington says:

    Jon Stewart’s condition for coming in the show is he gets to spit in
    Stevens face live.

  14. Drew Myself says:

    This is the problem with our politics at the moment, yes we should be
    scared of a Trump/Pence presidency cause they’re pushing for social and
    economic regression while lying that they’ll fix corruption. But at the
    same time, we shouldn’t be happy with a Clinton presidency. When Trump
    calls her corrupt, that is one of the few times he’s being factually
    accurate. And overall the Democratic party has begun shifting to the right
    (because they have no reason to be accountable when the Republicans promote
    fascists like Trump, or theocrats like Ted Cruz) and is no longer a party
    for liberal and progressive ideologies. The only party that really does
    anymore is the Green and DNC tries to smear them as radicals (and
    uninformed people buy it) but they aren’t. If you like what Colbert,
    Stewart, and Oliver have said on issues, the Green Party embodies those
    policies way better than the Democrats currently. So after this election,
    there needs to be immediate pressure from the left to advocate for
    ideologies not just party loyalty and either try to bring the democrats
    back to the left or a push to finally end the 2 party system (seeing as how
    majority of America hates it but will still feed it). And this pressure
    needs to be kept up and constant over the years if you actually want good

  15. Horio Rodriguez says:

    Brilliant! Thank you lovely people. We need all the hope we can get. MY

  16. msms47 says:

    if only john oilver was in it too

  17. ashley eubanks says:

    Such a powerful statement, history has its eyes on you.

  18. WarriorsFlame says:

    im wouldnt be surprised if trump got assassinated

  19. Poeticdivides says:

    I think she was a plant.

  20. Ross Parlette says:

    Homage to the Village People at the end?