Voting On Tuesday – How Is This Still A Thing?: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Voting On Tuesday – How Is This Still A Thing?: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Tuesday voting is highly inconvenient, so why do we still do it?

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20 Responses

  1. brainflash1 says:

    If the Forth of July is a national holiday, then election day should be.

  2. Sir Clasher says:

    Two things are certain in this election.

    -We’re screwed
    -We’re doomed

  3. massivepileup says:

    For comparison, in Germany it’s always on a Sunday and must not fall into
    any school holidays.

  4. Fabian H. says:

    Maybe it is because to get less of the low-middle class that has a job to
    vote? so the votes of the rich counts more %?

  5. Kai Sea says:

    Make it a national holiday you fools. I really don’t get why it isn’t.

  6. BMWAddict says:

    Speaking of voting, how the hell is the electoral college still a thing?

  7. LegendaryKing says:

    Fucking USA following shit from 1800s, the system needs a big time update!

  8. Flare UAEball says:

    instead of election day make an election week where Americans can vote for
    a week

  9. Mandee S. (Beautyaddixion) says:

    It’s like a 3rd world country. Very sad. Very wrong.

  10. John says:

    Make it a national holiday, but only for people who actually turn up to
    vote. In other words, if you cast your ballet then you don’t have to go to
    work that day. If you did that voter turnout would go through the roof.

  11. Jessica Nguyen says:

    Tack on Election Day as a national holiday, take off Christopher Columbus
    day. My high school does this.

  12. Brandon Dollar says:

    3 hours? shit, North Carolina has wait lines for 4 hours for early voting.

    But that’s not because everyone was trying to vote at the same time and
    purely because the state’s GOP legislators closed down something like 30%
    of polling places state-wide.

  13. Jill Springer Forrest (JillontheLake) says:

    Since the sourh shut down 874 polling places, you can expect long lines.
    Total bullshit, they should have mail-in ballots like we do in WA,

  14. Arturo Stojanoff says:

    Wait, people have to go to work on voting day in the US.?

  15. Osman Oglu says:

    USA, how is this still a thing?

  16. LordBummingtonThe3rd says:

    It’s to keep the poor from voting, they can’t afford to miss work

  17. Gnomelord0 says:

    Its doubly annoying because people who have trouble voting on Tuesday tend
    to be poorer or ethnic minorities, who tend to vote Dem, so Rep have a
    strong basis for limiting voting access in their state. Make it a national
    holiday, extend earily voting for three weeks, have polls open for a long
    time, extend the polls so the lines aren’t as bad, and make absentee
    ballots easier

  18. El Howard says:

    Why is it that all the places with people waiting in line for several hours
    to vote are also the places where all the voters are black?

  19. Elsie Pointe says:

    Every excuse for why they do stuff in America goes back to the old times.
    “Why Tuesday?” “Well back in the day…”
    “Why guns?” “Well during the time of the founding fathers…”
    “Why Thanksgiving?” “Well back in the day, the pilgrims…”

    For christ’s sakes!! Move on already!

  20. iliketotallyloveit says:

    Give up America, just surrender the colony back to the Queen. Problem
    solved. PS, pay your taxes this time.