VP Debate Cold Open – SNL

VP Debate Cold Open – SNL

Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) interrupts an encore presentation of the vice presidential debate between Tim Kaine (Mikey Day) and Mike Pence (Beck Bennett) to address the vulgar comments he made in 2005.

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20 Responses

  1. pcheard says:

    snl sucks

  2. thanks colorado says:

    squirrels are better than people

  3. radwizard says:

    HAhaha I would love to see Alec Baldwin impersonate Robert De Nero. His
    Trump is the best BRAVO BRAVO! I did see a little bit of De Nero potential
    in there. Right around 5:53 ish you’ll see it.

  4. Cronikeys says:

    Make America Great Again!

  5. James xzavian says:

    are they going to cover the emails leaked yesterday

  6. American Child says:

    Holy shit, @ 6:39 when they went to Clinton, I thought when they mentioned
    “leak” they were going to talk about the Podesta scandal/ recent email leak
    about Hillary, but they were still on the Trump thing…. I honestly
    thought all the people screaming “BIAS” was just people complaining… but
    this shit is on another level.

  7. Christopher Ramirez says:

    how do people think hillary saying “bish, ya cray” is funny

  8. Al De Veyra says:

    That was a “brutal” Trump takedown. I can see his family, campaign manager
    and campaign CEO all physically restraining him to keep him from his phone
    to do another early morning tweet storm.

  9. LightBearer says:

    if you never moved on a girl like a bitch, you’re a libtard cuck

  10. Kool Keith Productions says:

    You really gotta give it up to SNL. This story broke like, what? 24 hours
    before they were set to air? By then, they already had their show set for
    Saturday, and not only did they have that short amount of time to mention
    the Trump Tapes, but they also had to make it funny. Hell, was Baldwin even
    going to be ON this ep originally? Or did they call him up at 11pm Friday
    night to tell him to have is ass ready to go on Saturday? lol

  11. SurgeOne // TrapNation says:

    Why the heck was this video called the VP Debate Cold Open? 80% of the
    video was on something else.

  12. James Shelnutt says:

    it’s interesting that they break away from the VP debate to focus on
    something irrelevant from 11 years ago & not show Pence beating Cain. SNL
    shows it’s liberal bias once again.

  13. goku8621 says:

    Why are trump supporters such whiny little bitches????

  14. Edward Shore says:

    SNL captured Tim Kaine and his inability to answer a question directly

  15. Sinister Veridicus says:

    This is exactly what the republican party deserves. They and their putrid
    media pundits, as well as all of the fabricated scandals they created to
    attack Clinton, have yielded the worst candidate in US History in Donald
    Trump. And yet there are STILL some voting citizens that somehow defend
    Trump as a valid candidate. These people absolutely are deplorables.

  16. Nathan Bullock says:

    I just want to know, did they actually film an entire VP debate skit just
    to scrap 80% of it the day before?

  17. Lorette D'souza says:

    OMG that was hilarious, I had a good laugh that my jaws started hurting

  18. Thom O'Connor says:

    Trump is a veritable hit parade of all the old school misogyny that defines
    the era he is striving to bring America back to. Just goes to show you how
    extremely difficult it is for a woman to take a position of power. We truly
    are witnessing the death rattle of our male dominated world. I welcome the

  19. Jason Milton says:

    If Trump wins, Then I’m moving to Canada… I’m done with America..

  20. Shock The Boring - You Tube says:

    Hillary must and will win.