Vuyo Mvoko mugged in full view of SABC cameras

Vuyo Mvoko mugged in full view of SABC cameras

Sadly, while our contributing editor Vuyo Mvoko was busy with the coverage of President Lungu visit to Milpark hospital this evening, he became a victim of mugging outside the hospital in full view of SABC cameras.

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20 Responses

  1. qwerty kwerty says:

    If there’s a lack of jobs there they should kick out/genocide the land
    stealing whites and let the “blacks” farm on it. Simple.

    I don’t understand why they let the skinheads stay there, they should just
    gun them down.

  2. zanultimazan says:

    and the news lady just continues to other news stories, lol

  3. Jacques Van Heerden says:

    Welcome to the shithole..South Africa..Thank you ANC!!!

  4. Victor Patao says:

    well done SABC!!! NO CENSORSHIP about crime there at least, kinda reminds
    of the tax man that pays for that is not needed…

  5. danmanjones says:

    these fuckers belong in a ghetto under the careful guard of civilised

  6. Louis Botha says:


  7. مازن شاكر البورنو says:

    سرقة مذيع على الهواء مباشرة

  8. MovingAfrica2Freedom says:

    These guys look like they are making a comedy, how come they did not steal
    the camera?

  9. Sinethemba Nobom says:

    “give me sir” as if all the valuables belonged to him,, this is disgusting

  10. Matthew Hughes says:

    This is obviously all because of Apartheid, maybe if we keep voting ANC
    this will go away.
    First load shedding, now live crime broadcasting? THANKS WHITE PEOPLE! YOU
    SUCK! #sarcasm 

  11. HOPHOPHOP13 says:


  12. LESLEY OWENS says:

    ahahaha………ahahaha…..these are the stupidest thieves ever…ahahaha

  13. Lucas Fuentes says:

    Por isso que eu digo: Os africanos são um atraso para a humanidade! Espero
    que todos eles possam morrer de AIDS e EBOLA… 

  14. Ruan Jacobs says:

    JOHANNESBURG – Gauteng police are offering R100,000 for any information
    that would lead to the arrest and conviction of two men who robbed the SABC
    news crew outside the Millpark Hospital this week.

  15. Chicago KillinEm says:

    You see that bright light? That would be the light from the camera on which
    your face is being recorded you stupid fucking ignorant pieces of shit.
    What a bunch of bums 

  16. saeedxxl l says:

    وش السالفة ؟؟

  17. ،ahmed Mee says:

    Hhhhh funny monkys 

  18. ayanda zulu says:

    ay dis is a publicity stunt y ddnt dy fiddle with da camera nd da
    ppl/person behind it nd who’d mug a person in front of not onli just da
    camera but da spotlight… sadly “media” thinks it is doing SA a favour by
    being able 2 capture such… but in actual fact they r making SA look bad

  19. Vuyisile Sibeko says:

    This is not a message for the racists out there. Even God can’t help you
    morons. This is for every one else getting discouraged.

    I’ve spent decades moving in and out of townships and I swear, as bad as it
    looks now, things ARE improving. We’re essentially a new country that has
    only has three free and fair elections. New constitution, new goals as a
    nation. New everything.

    Systems designed to dish out wealth and the best resources to aid only
    about 17% of the nation now, constitutionally have to aid 100% of the

    That’s a fucking big ask. And you guys thought it would be done in a couple
    years? And that’s ignoring the assholes who ran away at the idea of
    equality, taking with them South African money, experience and knowledge
    that was supposed to be fed back to the community.

    We’re not fucked. We’re not half as “behind” as people think we are.
    If you can read this message, you likely have something you can give back.
    People leaving the country have nothing to give back because they aren’t
    here. You are.

    The shit was never going to be easy.
    You are literally a part of something new.
    I’m not saying what happened is okay.
    Don’t accept it because it is unacceptable. I am saying endure it. Report
    where you can, fight corruption when you see it.
    Remember it’s not over, there is no reason, at all, to despair.

  20. desmond zvinamano says:

    A news report being mugged Live on air in South Africa!