W/ Bob & David – Resolutions – Netflix [HD]

W/ Bob & David – Resolutions – Netflix [HD]

No meat? Bullshit.

After being dishonorably discharged from the Navy Seals, Bob Odenkirk and David Cross are back serving our country the way they do best — making sketch comedy.

“W/ Bob & David”
Only on Netflix
All Episodes November 13

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20 Responses

  1. Sean Thompson says:

    Holy shit. Mr show is back

  2. doggans says:

    It’s great watching the Mr. Show cast back together, of course, but it’s
    kind of surreal seeing the supporting cast doing this again after so many
    of them have gone on to making their own comedy marks–their own “distinct
    brands”, as it were. IE, seeing present-day Paul F. Tompkins in a sketch
    that’s more Bob and David’s voice than PFT’s voice is a minor context

    Not a BAD thing, mind you. Any excuse to get so many of the funniest human
    beings on the planet into the same show is good.

  3. recynd77 says:

    Yikes, that laugh track…

  4. speciesofpositive says:


  5. luisfelipemcastro says:

    Saul and Tobias

  6. FAYMprod says:

    what about da guy who dreamed of making shitty Hollywood movies?

  7. joelflow says:

    God Damn It!

  8. Cognitive Lapse says:

    you guys are joking right?

    how are people upvoting this shit…

  9. Mappyman says:

    “Here, this is fake, you can keep all of it”
    Haha, breaking that 3rd wall

  10. Justin Oguilve says:

    Tobias and Saul

  11. Brian Cuthbertson says:

    So.. no more saul?

  12. theraineydaze says:

    Needs more Hot Saucerman

  13. therealribbit says:

    Feels just like old show and FUCKING THANK YOU!

  14. Jason Litzau says:

    Oh my god it’s like they never left. That was good. That was real good.

  15. Landmarkmoon says:

    too forced. shitty sketch

  16. Ali Ates says:

    god i missed ennis

  17. Daniel Roa says:

    this was completely boring and not funny at all but i guess on netflix that
    doesn’t matter

  18. K. PacificNW says:

    Seven card Chicago, tens are wild! These guys are such good actors. They
    yell very well. I had been wondering if PFT would be on board, and looks
    like he is!

  19. Evan Fowler says:

    This is all I ever wanted!