W.H.O declares coronavirus ‘pandemic’ – as UK sees highest daily rise in cases

W.H.O declares coronavirus ‘pandemic’ – as UK sees highest daily rise in cases

This is now officially a pandemic, the World Health Organisation confirmed today – although they declared it was not too late for countries to act, saying they were ringing the alarm bell “loud and clear”. 196 people have died in Italy in one day – while the total deaths in the UK is now eight. (Subscribe: https://bit.ly/C4_News_Subscribe)
The Chancellor has promised the NHS ‘whatever resources it needs’ to cope – along with other measures to support affected industries and those in financial hardship.
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65 Responses

  1. vinohn says:

    China: builded hospitals within days*
    Italy: literally puts a Region under lock down*
    S. Korea: starts drive thru virus test*
    Pope: now live streams his speeches*
    WHO: Calm down everyone, it’s nothing! Go back to your usual routines!!

    And also WHO: it’s actually a pandemic. 😇✌️👍

    • lunaticatiga says:

      Poland: 31 infected: border controls, schools, unviversities, kindergardens closed. Gatherings, museums ect closed. Lest see if all that helps to prevent spreading to thousands.

    • che says:

      Conny Brunnkvist
      Ya and also they blame Taiwan for travel restrictions and now they only have 48 cases and no deaths 😑
      And also they praised so call China for the works and transparency 😑
      f that transparency
      Lots of countries faced lot of blames for travel bans the only organization that could have stop was WHO by declaring a pandemic now they did and every county act fast to block the travel

    • Aceorbit says:

      @David Hynes Already debunked by multiple studies, please stop spreading false information, thanks.

    • Jacko Jew Jr R says:

      vinohn it’s the fucking flu

  2. Me my cat and a tinfoil hat says:

    Will they stop with the patronising message of “ for now it’s enough just to was your hands and not to touch your face , no need for lock down “ when are the elected leaders of Britain going to wake up ?

  3. Lets Build That App says:

    Alarming levels of inaction…..the irony

  4. Raptorman 43 says:

    I tried to warn people over 4 weeks ago and they called us conspiracy theorist!

  5. Black Dynamike says:

    WHO: We’re concerned about the alarming levels of inaction”

    Also WHO literally weeks ago: “Go on about your daily lives. It’s contained”

    • theo m says:

      Literally 3 or 4 days ago they were mocking the idea that countries were actually closing airlines or not allowing flights from certain other countries

    • Jay Saenz says:

      @CH CH You didn’t see his first press conference saying that China had it contained and under control.

    • D4 N3 says:

      @theo m Nah mate. It’s just you paranoid clueless degenerates keep bashing them when you have no idea or concept of how countries, economics and any understanding of how much of a threat the virus is (Which is near to 0).

    • oopsie daisy says:

      @D4 N3 tell that to the 4,000 people who have passed.guess your lucky it’s not your loved one

  6. thewr0ngchild says:

    The South Koreans have got it spot on, they’ve stayed calm but also taken an appropriate response. They know partly due to tensions on the peninsula, that locking down the entire country would probably have the opposite effect. Remember a good portion of the South Korean population are North Korean defectors as well. They’ve done what EVERY country should be doing, TESTING, TESTING, and more TESTING. There should be as much funding for rapid testing as there is for a vaccine, as both are as important as the other. If anyone concerned isn’t sure, they should be able to have a test kit delivered to their home, preventing the need to access GP surgeries or hospitals. Testing should also be available at the border if they can work on a rapid test. If we can test for HIV in as little as 10 minutes, then I am sure we can work on the same for Coronavirus. South Korea seems to have got the peak out of the way, so slowly, cases should start to fall, it may not happen overnight and there may be spikes, but the overall picture there looks good.

    We should have closed our borders to all but essential cargo and repatriated citizens, with separate flights for those who test positive, who can go straight to quarantine and those who are not sick, who should be told to self isolate for the time period advised after travelling.

  7. Carpenter Family says:

    When I hear fellow citizens scoffing at the seriousness of this pandemic – those people scare the heck out of me !

  8. J Ribs says:

    “We’re super cereal” – WHO

  9. Mark Biscocho says:

    now that China is getting better *wink*wink* WHO declares pandemic! What the heckler is up with that?

    • G Kagara says:

      Chinese data is tampered to save their economy in order to make people go to work, stocks are plumetting and everything goes free fall, never trust ccp giving real data everything they report is being under reported by factor of hundred.

  10. Xavier Perkins says:

    WHO : we are a day late and a dollar short, you can panic now

    Coronavirus: I told you I was serious 2 months ago.

    • Demetra Dema says:

      Lol yup

    • Katherine huang says:

      Two month ago, western media: closing down Wuhan violated human rights.
      Now,western media: why does China let corona virus to spread around the world.
      Stupid, China can force Chinese to stay home, but cannot let foreigners stay in China. The only job your government should do during two month is to quarantine the people who are from China for 14days. But, they didn’t,just let them back to home. When china was treating this virus very seriously even lock down the whole country, but you were just laughing and blaming us.

    • OttawaInHD says:


    • BaeJiaoFlying says:

      Look the head of WHO up on Wikipedia. He’s a member of the Marxist Revolutionary party of Ethiopia. He’s in China’s pockets and kept repeating Xi Jinping’s mantra until he could do so no more. Now, too late, he’s telling people to prepare. China wanted this information squashed as it reflected poorly on them and arrested people who tried to tell the world what was happening back in December and January… now saying they did an excellent job. All well documented. We watched Taiwanese news and had a good idea this was coming, back in mid Jan.

  11. sito boos says:

    WHO: Coronavirus is now a Pandemic
    UK GOV: Just like Flu, no facemask needed

  12. jessica bradshaw says:

    I’d take her a lot more seriously if she wasn’t smiling like this is a cheerful feel good subject

    • John C. says:

      She has had the down low vaccine!

    • Weimin Sun says:

      Seriously? You can’t understand somebody because they are calm and intelligent? Who can you listen to then? A hysterical old woman to tell you the world will collapse because of the conoravirus?

    • Deborah Hanna says:

      I expect her to be calm & serious. Factual & not downplay the truth. Smile & they relax back to doing nothing. Show a sense of urgency & people freak out . Well, if that is what it takes- 47 days later is too late! Maybe they need to start freaking out- just slightly. Maybe they need to stock up a pantry & clean hands. When the building is on fire is not the time to wonder ‘should I have….’ whatever. You don’t play down to the dumbest so the intelligent people have no chance because by then the dumb ones are gawking in the stairwells. Far more people die than necessary. Preventive measures & proactive steps get people galvanized. Instead of just saying, “well everyone’s gonna get it.” Everyone will get it if you don’t even try to stop it. They never made a serious effort.

    • ZA says:

      @Joan Arc LOL

    • ohm nama shivaya says:

      She’s smiling because of her plastic nose and glasses disguise

  13. L V says:

    This hit the internet in The end of November when a Invisible virus was found in China. So we should of took it serious in November.

    • Love Life7 says:

      China manipulated data and the truth religiously. The result-

    • T wrecks says:

      @Love Life7 china told WHO about this in december

    • Roger Baker says:

      Back in 1981, Dean Koontz published a novel, called ,”The Eyes of Darkness “. Look it up. This whole thing is a FRAUD.

    • Shadow says:

      @Love Life7
      China is not God, and has not seen this virus in the early stage. However, within one month, the virus strain was isolated, which proved that it can spread people, and the early detection reagent was insufficient. Then, the most severe epidemic prevention measures on earth were taken, dozens of hospitals were rapidly transformed, and more than 400 medical teams in Wuhan were supported. Then the rest of the world doesn’t pay attention to it. What I see is that the number of people cured in China is increasing every day. US, Japan and other countries continue to hide, do not provide testing reagents.

    • eliborio camacho says:


  14. Beth Fallis says:

    Now that the COVID-19 virus has been declared a pandemic, I sincerely hope that those who laughed off this disease will now take COVID-19 seriously.

  15. El Draco says:

    Shout out to all the heroes caring for the sick. It must be horrifying dealing with so many patients, so many deaths.
    God Bless all of you.❤

  16. anirdb55 says:

    And even a week back, they were asking people to wash hands. Everything can be cured but not human greed and apathy.

  17. armanito09 says:

    3 week shut down airports and borders.. belive me everything gonna be ok after that. Human life is more important than MONEY!!!!😡

  18. Martin Holáň says:

    WHO was saying don’t worry all the time and now they go: We told you get ready !!!

  19. Dazik says:

    WHO has the response time of ‘easy mode’ on Plague Inc.

    • Devbo Slice says:

      Lol! I have been playing that game for a week now and I know what you mean. But I cant get past the fungus level. I have killed all life on earth 5 times with a virus but i cant crack the fungus on normal mode. I just hope my family and me can prevent and outlast this virus. Most of my family works in hotspots in California. I’m glad I’m isolated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean now, with at least 3 months of supplies. I hope everyone is getting prepared for this outbreak.

    • Canadian Forests says:

      Devbo Slice Unrelated, but in plague inc your best bet with fungus is upgrading the air/plane transmission, Heat and Cold Res, Antibiotic Res and water. Then, once the world is infected rush total organ failure. Remember to devolve symptoms until you’ve infected the entire world.

  20. Anita Dark says:

    I remember people comparing the number of deaths to the annual flu, now I want them come back here and explain what is happening now.

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