Wait, My Crush is Watching? | Hannah Stocking

Wait, My Crush is Watching? | Hannah Stocking

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56 Responses

  1. Hannah Stocking says:


  2. Linsey Verbowski says:

    Her pants are see though

  3. Kendra Ybarra says:

    When I see my crush I would fall during cheerleading and I will get nervous around him

  4. Eira Julpia Aslam says:

    Your videos are the best!😍❤

  5. მარიამ მეზვრიშვილი says:

    0:32 what was that sound? Did Hannah say that? 😂😂😂 It’s suck a cute voicee! 😍❤

  6. Amarion Arnold says:

    Half of her hits were out 😂😂😂

  7. Mina Mc kayla says:

    It’s so sad but sooooo true😂

  8. Harmeet Dhaliwal says:

    my first crush was in highschool i had a basketball game that was me

  9. Arooba John says:

    Omg best edited video. It was so funny😂I love this and you so much!💗

  10. diy selection says:

    OMG i remember that lele pons video lmao

  11. Erika Li Wu says:

    I always do the things that are awkward,when my crush is around me

  12. Breezy YT says:

    So good!! Best one yet!!😍😍

  13. Bridget Fang says:

    I loved how you put a part of lele’s video into your video. Love ya.

  14. multi fam says:

    ” OH TWAN’S HERE? ” gosh hannah i love you😂

  15. Junilsia Brea says:

    Oh twan is here lol

  16. Summer Gillespie says:

    My routine wake up get changed go to school come back watch hannah or lele or both

  17. Farah Hassan says:

    I LOVE U

  18. Mayra Garcia says:

    That was so funny 🤣

  19. Ninneth Nunez says:

    Today was my last day of school

  20. Joyzica says:

    I sent this to my crush… AHHHHH!

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