Wait, the Oscars were actually good this year

Wait, the Oscars were actually good this year

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Schaff watched the Oscars and they didn’t waste his time for once!

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37 Responses

  1. Nightlizard1564 says:

    Was actually surprised they started off with animation off first and honestly was happy they gave it some respect.

  2. Rochelle Ramirez says:

    I’ve never cried as much watching an award show than this. The EEAAO sweep (and especially Ke Huy Quan and Michelle Yeoh’s wins) and Brendan Fraser being recognized got me right in the heart. I was so happy for all of them.

  3. The Bannles Show says:

    My parents have always been longtime watchers of the Oscars, so I have done my very best to educate them on the importance of animation and how much work really goes into them. It made me feel good to see how happy they were during Guillermo’s speech, as he said, “Animation is Cinema. Animation is not a genre.”

    • Sere Naso says:

      I feel you.
      My parents are also huge cinema nerds, mom is more passionate about scores and music while dad on actors and cinematography. I grew up loving animation the most, and i’ve been getting really discouraged in recent years seeing animation so bullied and diminished by movie industry and public alike… hope this year reignited some sparks, thanks to del toro and especially Puss in Boots

  4. Kaiden Thompson says:

    This is really what the Oscar’s should be: recognition. Recognition for the hard work so many people put into each area of putting together a piece of art. No forced comedy or cutting for time. Just time for saying “hey look at what these cool people have done! Isn’t that cool?!”

  5. Joshua W56 says:

    I wasn’t expecting this year to be such an improvement. They actually gave animation the respect it deserves. And we got to see both Lady Gaga and Rihanna singing at the Oscars.

    • Haze Here says:


    • Sere Naso says:

      Have to be honest, outside of the awesome Naatu Naatu, this year’s songs reached from subpar to bad for me, especially Byrne’s one for Everything Everywere, wich was a surprise letdown

      Fearless Hero and Ciao Papa deserved a nomination. They pale in comparison with the Indhi bois, but were way better then some actual nominees

    • jamie greenberg says:

      gaga did an excellent job but GOD that camera work….. a baby could do it better than whoever did it

  6. menedie says:

    I teared up so bad seeing Quan and Brendan Fraser winning Oscars what a moment seriously they deserve this so much I’m so happy for them

  7. HordridExcalibur says:

    I just really appreciated how this year, the animation category didn’t start with the presenters treating animation as “kiddy stuff”. Not only did Guillermo give his “animation is a medium” speech, but Dwayne Johnson explained that animation is pretty much tied to film history.

    That was a good surprise, and hopefully, this continues every year, along with more animated films being nominated in the other categories.

  8. A Foolish Fopdoodle says:

    I think my favorite moment of this show was the intro to the In Memoriam section. It was really obvious that John Travolta was upset because of Olivia Newton-John’s death, and his speech made me tear up a bit. And the actual section was really good, a HUGE improvement over last year’s. Oh, additionally, when the woman who won Best Costuming color-coordinated her speech cards to match her dress. That is some queen behavior.

    • LS Productions says:

      That was what I noticed, that Travolta’s speech seemed so honest and close to him. It was really quite moving

  9. AbsoluteZeroChill says:

    That reunification of Short Round and Indy was some of the most cinematic and beautiful things I’ve ever seen on this show, and it’s so genuine too.

  10. Red Texan says:

    Jamie Lee Curtis may not have been this year’s Best Supporting Actress, that honor goes to Stephanie Hsu no doubt about it, but she’s earned that award over the course of many years. The recognition was long overdue.

    • Red Texan says:

      @margareth michelina I am seeing a lot of people coming to bat for Angela Bassett, but the fact remains that no one ever will/should win an award for a Marvel movie.

    • Pascal G. says:

      Just give her an honorary award then.

    • margareth michelina says:

      I don’t think she should’ve won either because Stephanie Tsu steals every scene in the movie either as Joy or Jobu Topaki and it should be Angela Bassett either because she’s carrying Wakanda Forever on her back playing as a grieving mother who lost her family (except her daughter, Shuri who becomes the last survivor of Wakanda Royal Family) and her grieving is way more make sense than Wanda in Multiverse of Madness.

    • Sere Naso says:

      It was almost like what happened when Di Caprio won best Actor: The Remenant was far from his best performance, but everyone was happy because that award for him was long overdue

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