BEHIND THE SCENES; https://youtu.be/LVcvur_OOEs

music by Future James https://soundcloud.com/jamesasilo

done with TNW http://thenextweb.com/conference/europe/#gref

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19 Responses

  1. CaM12 says:

    i do wakeboarfing videoooooooooss

  2. NastyTracks says:

    Casey uploads SO much and every video is still insanely high quality. This
    is why other YouTuber’s despise Casey, because he makes their videos look
    like complete garbage when compared to his!

  3. Vinnie Sims says:

    Smooth sailing! ;)

  4. Carter smith says:

    Look it’s James Bond

  5. Just An Average Joe says:


  6. gaby aguirre says:

    if this is going viral!!! I WAS HERE

  7. Spencer Lorrison says:

    All that boosted boarding paid off eh?

  8. ghostpictures says:

    Beautyful Video

  9. KallMeKG says:

    +CaseyNeistat 0:41 close call to the dock sticking up

  10. CapCrunch45 says:

    Casey looks like he should play the next James Bond.

    Look at 1:22 the bridge even says Dr. No.

  11. Ray Jay says:

    That water must be DIRTY AF YUCK

  12. Goatmen69 says:

    hello i’m from the future and on 5/28/16 this is in the featured youtube

  13. kurt gonzales says:

    hey!, that’s pretty good

  14. Camel BakPack says:

    what’s the point?

  15. telsah1 says:

    Casey WOWed it AGAIN !!!

    WOW. Casey that was AWESOME.

  16. Epoch Divergence says:

    i thought that said waterboarding in Amsterdam

  17. Jack Spicer Adams says:

    Getting pulled behind moving vehicles is your thing.

  18. LT Action Vids says:

    Here before it was viral and all over the Internet and news!

  19. Rezerka says:

    Im at 316,950 Views on 5-27-16. Remember This!!!!