Wale Ft. Usher – Matrimony (Official Video)

Wale Ft. Usher – Matrimony (Official Video)

“The Album About Nothing” in stores and online now!

Link: smarturl.it/WaleTAAN

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19 Responses

  1. ALEX Rhodes says:

    Exactly …. Your exactly right right … I represent real music like
    this… Please do check out my song on my channel it would be much
    appreciated … And leave a comment …… Too much of these young thug
    type artists… Time to bring substantial music back!

  2. Julie idk (Juju) says:

    This is like that Marian carry video, except from the point of view of the

  3. коля гаймунт says:

    Usher love you)

  4. Bruce Waldegrave says:

    One of the MOST under-rated stars of the Industry…This dude just keeps on
    getting better and that “Album About Nothing” is on FIRE….

  5. irakli kh says:

    Superb wale is great

  6. Jane Doe says:

    I look forward to love like this. Wale you’re an underrated God!

  7. shalonda cotton says:

    Usher is so fine

  8. db64lifeisback says:

    love this song, the video, the vibe, everything…he is definitely
    underrated, because he’s just as talented as the Kendrick’s, Cole’s and

  9. LiL N says:

    Usher = Legend

  10. Dwayne McDuffie says:


  11. Mpho Tshegofatso Bunga says:

    ‘i got plans for you’..

  12. Jason Caudle says:

    Dope video…I’m glad they made a video with substance that reflects the
    song instead of your typical rap video….it kinda reminds me of watching
    Video Soul back in the day when they actually made real music and real

    I know the youngins probably don’t know nothing about Video Soul…lol.

  13. Lesia MzBlu Hamilton says:

    +AyoSaidSo I did First day…Always has…

  14. ThingsWithAli says:

    Awesome song!

  15. badbluegirl09 says:

    As i see it, I. taeyang-wedding dress…II. That dude and his fingers 0:39
    , wedding planner gonna be maaad at you boy!…III. Usher with his walkin
    stick, kickin it like a p-i-m-p..IV. Is there a story behind, why are they
    all dressed in black? Funeral for his heart?…and V. I just can’t take it
    serious when playa sings about long lasting love…peace out :)

  16. Mandy Msimang says:

    In my late 20’s and I’ve really never been to a wedding

  17. Fola S says:

    Uploaded on my bday, Wale never disappoints!


    I think this video will continue or connect with a future endeavor of Wale.
    You have to hear the intro and out to on the album to get the video. Wale
    is very deep. 

  19. Jasmin Portillo says:

    I love the album but hate this song