Wales vs. England Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

Wales vs. England Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

Wales and England faced off in their third matches of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. In the first half both teams struggled to score. Wales’ Daniel James received a yellow card in the 28th minute. England came out dominant in the second half, scoring back-to-back goals from Marcus Rashford and Phil Foden in the 50th and 51st minute. Marcus Rashford would go on to score his second goal in the 68th minute. England won its group in the World Cup for the first time since 2006.

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Wales vs. England Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

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50 Responses

  1. FOX Soccer says:

    Will Marcus Rashford finally get his hat-trick vs. Senegal this Saturday?!

  2. Tony Papas says:

    Credit to England for their aggressiveness and not playing a “let’s just not lose” type of match.

    • Chris Kay says:

      Didn’t really have a choice since playing not to lose could have cost them the group and having to play the #1 of group A instead of #2.

    • Zander Arvizu says:

      @Nick Athearn it’s called soccer😂

    • Jim Jones says:

      No other player on the team can hold the ball while waiting for support. Maybe Wilson but Kane is very hard to dispossess. Plus Kane is England’s best passer of the ball. He doesn’t need to score to be effective. He is Englands captain and best all around player. Foden is the second best player. Apart from the free kick Rashford still has a hard time hitting the net when in the box and open shot on goal. We’ve been waiting for him to finally get good at open play shooting I don’t think it’ll ever happen. Second Rashford goal was a fluke by the keeper.

    • Gilgamesh says:

      Well they cannot lose period so yeah they can do that lol. Whether they win or lose don’t matter they will still be going to quarterfinal. Also they know even if wales score they can catch up.

    • JOEL REED says:

      @HoldenI don’t think you really know the game. Hold up striker that pings balls through to fast wingers is ideal for England. There was no Foden goal without Kane today.

  3. Keith Hunter says:

    Rashford really had a chance of scoring a hattrick there. Interestingly it seems that all players from Man United are performing well in this WC so far.

    • no name says:

      @Jj Olatunji L comment

    • Pedro JunQ says:

      I mean Antony hasnt gotten minutes like that and has been irrelevant. Fred got subbed off for being mehhh. Casemiro is still transitioning into ManU can hardly call him a “ManU player” as if being in ManU has any relevancy to his skills and performance. Eriksen has been poor. Im not too sure why mentioning “ManU players have been doing good” was done.

    • See M says:

      @Jj Olatunji how long did it take Liverpool to win the EPL again? How long has it been since the Gunners finished top 3.. Every single club on earth goes thru a transition. Look at Seria A my frnd.

    • San Sore says:

      ETH effect

    • Emanuela Sintamarian says:

      @Bill Hicks hahahahah–only a cheat and a tantrum boy!

  4. Ghost of Leonard Howell says:

    Finally Foden and Rashford given some time to show their quality.

  5. jARK says:

    I hope people finally put some more respect on Rashford’s name 🙌🏻 what a player

  6. TJS Sports And Music says:

    It’s interesting to see Kane playing more of a false 9 role than a target man role. His current style reminds me of Giroud in the 2018 wc

  7. SportsFanatic says:

    As an England fan, I’m so happy to see Rashford playing with confidence. As a Liverpool fan I’m terrified.

  8. C S says:

    Foden and Rashford have to start. It’s their pace we’ve been missing and Rashford is strong on the ball. Sterling plays too soft.

  9. Chris N. Muke says:

    That Free Kick Goal Was Clean!

  10. Zubair Hussain says:

    Wonderful goal from rashford, can’t wait to see England in the round of 16

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