Walker broke his arm

Walker broke his arm

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20 Responses

  1. Tim Lewallen says:

    At least he’s a happy drunk. Get well soon!

  2. TheBitternightmare says:

    I feel like this isn’t genuine. I’m not impressed.

  3. Colyn Kirkland says:

    Have we really come to this? Has everyone in western societies become so
    obsessed with garnering their 15 lame minutes of fame to the point where
    they must post fake or staged videos and pass them off as legit?

    Pardon my pessimism, but this is just pathetic and stupid.

  4. Boris Jakovljević says:

    Why don’t they drug us like that in my country…

  5. Ray McCleary says:

    Its a kid guys and he’s just a little excited after been drugged!
    Everyone with the negative comments need to find a life.

  6. molon labe says:

    He wont be happy when it starts itching!

  7. Dynamicz says:

    Do they really give anesthesia when putting casts on, I’m from the UK and I
    watched mine get put on, fully lucid. And no offence, but who names a kid

  8. Dreadheaad says:

    What kind of drugs do you give them over there?! oO

  9. Oscy says:

    And on this day, Jack Black’s spirit entered a new mortal shell, so he may
    continue his eternal struggle against things that are totally lame. Thanks
    to the power given to him by *THE METAL*.

  10. RamblinAround says:

    Man, they gave him the good stuff.

  11. roidroid says:

    Give it a lick, it tastes like like raisin

  12. Mixed Martial Help says:

    Walker is high as balls!

  13. F0fe says:

    Lol I am going to get my wisdom teeth taken out next week and I am going to
    be on anesthesia. I hope I dont get as weird as that lol


    Why is it that Mcdonald’s employees always act like their job is on the
    line when I ask for extra sauce??

  15. Guero Trejo says:

    Yup. That kid is fucking high as fucking fuck.

  16. TubeofDestiny says:

    He he, he looks like a very enthusiastic Jack Black

  17. LololololololololoL lel says:

    What a stupid name for a person lol. Mind as well name him Runner, Stopper,
    Crawler, Mover, Redcast

  18. Macoco 1000 says:

    I love my generation

  19. Aleksandar Stevanovic says:

    damn this dude who was trying to cover his arm