Walking while black

Walking while black

Jacksonville’s enforcement of pedestrian violations raises concerns about another example of racial profiling: http://propub.li/2hCCBaE

After watching a viral video of a Jacksonville cop stopping a young black man for jaywalking, reporters Ben Conarck and Topher Sanders examine how “walking while black” can come at a high price. In this second piece of the Vox + ProPublica collaboration, they dig into how police citations for pedestrian violations often fall along the lines of race and poverty, and introduce us to some of the people fighting these tickets.

Check out the full ProPublica/Florida Times-Union piece at http://propub.li/2hCCBaE for their in-depth reporting, and stay tuned for more stories in this collaboration!

Watch Devonte Shipman’s full video here: https://www.facebook.com/devonte.shipman/videos/1599286606749155/
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110 Responses

  1. Moar Krabs says:

    Vox rhymes with box

  2. Skyrim Isnt for the Nords says:

    Here comes the people who think that this isn’t a problem

    • John Daly says:

      Skyrim Isnt for the Nords crossing the border ilegally isnt a problem for vox.

    • TheGhost says:

      Yon Yonson The main problem is that the black people who are committing crimes (not all black people; don’t wanna be racist) have a low income/low education level and live in bad neighbourhoods.

    • Mel says:

      SuperNoobTroll It look me a second to realize you weren’t being facetious.

      Let’s break this down: So, you build a city that’s not pedestrian friendly, funnel the poorest, blackest people into that city, then detain and fine them for walking in said city, while also disjointing and obstructing alternative transportation and public transportation options. Then you want to go and blame the people living in that city, like they’re inherently more prone to crime.

      You either have to be hopelessly naive, or diabolically sinister to believe that it’s the fault of the people living there.

  3. Paola V. says:

    Never… Read… The comments

  4. G Knight says:

    They actually think that we don’t realize they are being racist …such idiots

    • Bryan Kraemer says:

      lmao I dunno if he’s talking about the cops or vox but everyone can agree with this ambiguity!

    • DONMACHINE13 says:

      Chloé Laurenss I do agree with you that a lot of cops are dumb but,a lot of cops are also great people who do good for their community like quite a bit of the police force are former military and have a better grasp on how the world actually works there’s a lot of instances where the cops where the heroes in my town and im pretty grateful for the smart,good cops in my community.

    • Mel says:

      neeneko Except that it’s actually racist to believe that all Black or Brown people are inherently bad.

      No one race is inherently more violent or bad, but there are other races that are more heavily policed.

    • G Knight says:

      Bryan Kraemer the fact that you are confused with a organization that is pointing out discrepancies with facts vs idiot cops stopping black kids for jaywalking, and don’t know who is being racist. Shows what you really think. It’s too obvious..sheesh

    • Space is Cool Man says:

      Whats funny is that theres black cops.

  5. G Knight says:

    Did anyone notice the lady jay walking in the background??

  6. Maxwell Van den Eijnden says:

    Yo at 4:28 a woman j-walks.

  7. Quarky_ says:

    wow can’t wait for the nazis to arrive in this comment section

  8. adian says:

    Imagine being blind or visually impaired in a city with all those terrible pavements. Must suck.

    • Nessie Andrew says:

      adian Pavements here in Eastern Europe are way worse.

    • Timothy Spence says:

      Nearthe2nd I completely agree.

      And it wouldn’t have sounded quite as nice had you said _”That’s preventably dangerous.”_

      Although I do think ‘criminally negligent’ may have been more apt in this scenario.

    • Yashiteru says:

      adian imagine being black

    • Stephanie Drake says:

      adian what does that have to do with the topic … I see your concern but really … deflect and add another issue on top of another issue …. real smart … wow

    • adian says:

      I mean, almost literally every other comment is about the main issue here. I was just adding something else to the conversation. I wasn’t deflecting? This isn’t an interview? I bet you assume I’m some sort of racist for “deflecting” this main issue. Perhaps the reason I didn’t mention it is because I knew I’d receive stupid replies like yours. Of course I find this race issue a bad thing, and I’m glad Vox brought light to it. Stop trying to go out of your way to be offended, it looks bad. Don’t patronise me.

  9. LIKAB055 says:

    Vox is playing with fire with these sensitive topics. Thank you for making a video of how individuals try to abuse their power and make their entire work community look bad.

    • Autumn clarke says:

      LIKAB055 Well sometimes we need to talk about things which make us uncomfortable.

    • Ric Dweld says:

      Devon Baez your comment is invalid take this L

    • SuperNoobTroll says:

      So those kids BROKE THE LAW and, regardless of how minor the infraction, they want some kind of SPECIAL TREATMENT? They were actually WALKING WHILE BREAKING THE LAW and found out the hard way. Thanks for the communist propaganda of Vox to mislead us with something this stupid.

    • LIKAB055 says:

      SuperNoobTroll do you ever drive 46 in a 45
      Edit: lookin at your username, idk why i bothered replying

    • A Burrito says:

      it’s so widespread and common in this country that it’s no longer just an individual thing. it’s systematic and it can be easily changed. but the system works against people of color in these situations.

  10. VARIOUS videos says:

    Hey there stranger!
    Before you scroll any further you should probably know what follows. You probably know what it’ll be, ‘white guilt’ comments, faintly racist comments, overtly racist comments, something about SJWs taking away the rights of the same people posting said racist comments and so on. Reading the comments will probably just put you in a bad mood, so here’s a friendly reminder that the comment section is awful and you don’t need to subject yourself to it. Go find yourself a nice cat video and save yourself a headache.

    • Jelly bean Is a gender too says:

      VARIOUS videos Everything you just said is so unbelievably ignorant. I genuinely can’t be asked to explain anything seeing as you seem to be a lost cause. I will however say that maybe you should open your ideological beliefs to criticism and see what people say and even maybe take on some of the criticism. Also there will always be idiots who go out of their way to be racist and sexist etc to annoy people to get a reaction, some actually because they believe what they’re saying, but this is by no way the majority even though it may seem so in your pc bubble. Fighting extremism with extremism is never going to work.

    • badASSbitch hereday says:

      VARIOUS videos Your concern with a hit of humor is very sweet a very refreshing, but some of us just live to see what kind of reaction are given
      😉 curse of the gab

    • Harmless House says:

      You forgot to mention your comment – which not many people will be able to read as you seem to have put it up on a pedestal like it’s above all other YouTube comments somehow.

    • Denay Araya says:

      VARIOUS videos thanks man

  11. Wulfric Clackson says:

    Just the fact that jaywalking is a crime in the US is stupid… In most of the world people don’t care

  12. Eigertronz says:

    This is ridiculous, I pretty much jaywalk everyday and I’ve never ever received a ticket, I didn’t even know jaywalking was actually illegal just looked down upon. If I was charged 65 for walking on the road I’d laugh at the cop, this is crazy

  13. Jobathano says:

    Land of the free? Looks like a police state to me.

  14. Swapnil Dey says:

    2:09 Look where the cop’s hands are. Thank god his friend was filming.

    • K. you done? says:

      Kendall Forshee I like how said
      ” I live next to a African American family”

      to justify you’re not a racists when you could’ve just said good Black people or what not. You’re a phony and a liar.

    • Steven Arebalo says:

      Kendall Forshee That’s scary for that “African American” family. Just goes to show you never really know the types of degenerates that could be standing right next to you.

    • Steven Arebalo says:

      Unknown Person Inconveniently? An officer’s gun is literally placed in the most convenient place possible to quickly unholster and engage. Keeping their hand there is a trained action to make this process even quicker. This is not an absent-minded action. Consciously or subconsciously this officer is ready to engage.

    • Tom Poynton says:

      Kendall Forshee for sure my dude

    • Display 368 says:

      Racism means you hate , discriminate or judge other people by their skin color you cant just like one black people and hate the rest you either hate everyone single on of them because they are black or you are not racist its really simple

  15. Sabina Hertzum says:

    I find it totally horrible that ANYONE is detained for jaywalking – if you want to give them a ticket – give them a ticket – but the officer should be able to prove that it’s true – as in video evidence or a confession – but if the infrastructure isn’t there – the law should reflect that…
    you can’t obey the law if lawmakers won’t keep up their end of the bargain….

    And honestly – every one of those police officers that jaywalked on the video should get a fine – the evidence is clear….

    • Ville Gustavsson says:

      Sabina Hertzum true

    • TheGerm24 says:

      Jaywalking should only apply to limited access highways like interstates. It is a stupid law designed to discourage people from walking. All hail the mighty car.

    • swapnil chavan says:

      Kek Kuk
      I understand where you are coming from. But this is not the place to voice these issues. I agree with Sabina, take this elsewhere. Don’t you see what’s happening here. We’re missing the point. Vox has taken the initiative to put forth an argument. However minor you feel the issue, it’s still an issue that should be addressed.

    • Salvor Hardin says:

      Kek Kuk
      Citations? APA style please.

    • Stephanie Drake says:

      Sabina Hertzum this is mostly about being black ma’am … damm why can’t y’all get that

  16. 10,000 Subscribers without Videos says:

    5:34 Racial discrimination by police in a nutshell.
    They go after the poor, because they can’t afford to fight. And they go after minorities because no one in America would look twice at the situation.

    • Leansifer 69.0 says:

      This has already been proven. The cops often avoid neighborhoods with higher incomes because they know they can hire lawyers where as poor neighborhoods they are less likely to fight the charges in court because they can’t afford a good attorney. Sad state of affairs in America. Not to mention the militarization of police in America brought to you by off-hand military equipment sold to police departments at insane discounts because of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    • Kevin D. Najera says:

      Leansifer 69.0 it’s more expensive and time consuming to hire lawyers to fight a ticket than receiving and paying the actual ticket…
      More policing is good, I wish there was more policing in Mexico, real policing though…

    • Yon Yonson says:

      no one in America would look twice at the situation? What are you smoking? No, seriously, what are you smoking, it must be incredible, because you have to be tripping major balls not to notice that minorities have been like the #1 most discussed issue in the United States for a while now. I can’t believe you got 163 likes on this retarded comment.

    • James Davis says:

      Also cities ticket like crazy as a way to generate revenue under the guise of safety. If you jaywalk in front of me it’s open season as far as I’m concerned. Walking on the side of the when there is no sidewalk is not jaywalking.

  17. FRANTIC says:

    Who would give citation to a cop crossing at red lights?

  18. Anon Anon says:

    I want a genuine social experiment with police including how they handle each races in times of danger. With the same -police- few police cop as the constant factor and the race as the variable. Observe that very few cop over a period of time.

    • Nirad802 says:

      Yashiteru yeah because American universities are known for their unbiased and objective views…

    • Darkseid says:

      Exactly. Tons of studies have been done not only with cops, but schools too and they discriminate against black people. No need to waste money proving white supremacy.

    • TheEpere15 says:

      Nirad802 science is by nature objective.

    • Nirad802 says:

      TheEpere15 We’re not talking about things like maths or physics here, sociology has many variables and it’s not objective in many cases. Just look at the American elections. Despite the polls being decidedly for Clinton, she lost badly. So you can never say a poll or a “social experiment” (especially if those are easily offended liberal kids) represents real life accordingly.

    • TheEpere15 says:

      Nirad802 if the scientific method is followed it is objective. Polls are not relevant here, they are statistics but are predictions. Polls are statistical estimations based on past information. The possible study described above would involve observation. So all information is current and up to date. Interpretation should be minimal. However, your right in the sense is very difficult to study personal interactions scientifically because they can’t be 100% replicated. The best way would be to give Jay walkers scripts and then purposely break laws to see how police handle each person. I doubt this study would be legal tho

  19. Dan Smoke says:

    *Minorities make up the majority of those committing crimes in general (the reasons are complex and varied but mostly boil down to money), and cops unfairly target and detain minorities (loosely as a result of the previous statement)…in other news, water is wet. Seriously is anyone today actually ignorant of this situation??*

  20. Daniel Lassander says:

    Lets see here, this is only part of the whole story. Police will be harsh to those who behave as asshats regardless of color. This is a crafted story with an agenda.

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