Waluigi – Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Lucahjin

Waluigi – Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Lucahjin

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Due to Nintendo’s continued lack of attention towards Waluigi, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at some facts, secrets and Easter eggs relating to Waluigi! Waluigi first appeared in Mario Tennis on the Nintendo 64, and has since been a regular character in Mario spin-off titles including the recent Mario Tennis Aces. Waluigi also has a strong connection to Wario, and often appears alongside him as a pair, but not in Super Smash Bros Ultimate… We personally are hoping for a Waluigi game, or even Waluigi games in the future.

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Video by TheCartoonGamer

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70 Responses

  1. Summy Boyee says:


  2. lucahjin says:

    Waluigi is THE MAN! (He also runs the best Bridal Boutique in the world) Thank you so much for having me on to narrate!

  3. DarkBowser64 says:


  4. Retro-Spect88 says:

    You’re really gonna do my 🅱️oi like that Nintendo?!

  5. PyroTheCat says:

    Press Г to pay respect

  6. Alias Anybody says:

    I want to live in the timeline where Waluigi won the 2016 election.

    Not being American helps.

    • Somebody Know says:

      It would Be funny

    • theblackwingedsoul says:

      Spacy It’s funny that 2 out of 3 list things you list our actual President also cannot take credit for, not just Waluigi.

    • Venom Snake says:

      oh i get it, something bad happens its all his fault, but something good happens and ‘he totally doesnt deserve credit guys!’

    • theblackwingedsoul says:

      No I don’t quite think you do get it. I still gave him credit for managing to help our economy, for now, but even a blind, tantrum-prone squirrel will eventually find a nut. When he actually does something good, he’ll get credit. Shit I’d give him huge credit if he’d stop trying to gaslight the more gullible aspects of our nation about the Media, or how the Democrats are apparently at fault for the situation on our southern border.

    • Oscar McCormack says:


      “Not having a nuclear war…”

      With… who, exactly? If you’re implying North Korea, then that renders your second point redundant, and, aside from Russia, every other nuclear power has been becoming increasingly strained the longer Trump is president.

      “Help relationships between America and the Koreas…”

      Well, South Korea hasn’t exactly been thrilled the past few months, but with North Korea, yes, you have a point there. Just hope that said relationship actually produces a tangible effect, rather than empty promises.

      “And help the economy.”

      **sigh** I’m going to say this concisely, it takes years for the full effect of any President’s actions with the economy to become clear, and it’s not been eighteen months since Trump was inaugurated. It’s too soon to say whether a good economy is from Trump’s policies or just the market continuing to function.

  7. Don Voltonus says:

    “Two nice bad guys who happened to find each other.”
    This supports my headcanon of them being a gay couple.

    • Will Jennings says:

      Pardoner Fennel I think you might be gay bro

    • Pardoner Fennel says:

      Will Jennings youre about a third right.

    • CatalyticPepper says:

      Imagine a rom-com of these two. “Greed and Envy: The Misadventures of WAH”

    • Don Voltonus says:

      Actually, Hammerlock in a bisexual character in Borderlands, and he’s not a stereotype. Really I mean they can be gay without being out. Who know’s how many closeted or aesexual game characters there are?

      Big surprise, you don’t know until you pry pretty deeply into their lives. Not all gay characters have to even mention it, or ever have it pop up. The only time there is a reason to have a gay character, is when there’s a reason a character HAS to reveal their sexuality, which is pretty rare.

    • Dynamite Grizzly says:

      If Ridley’s so straight then why is he purple

  8. Zé Ninguém says:

    a complete failure

    the most relatable character ever conceived

  9. Rose Draws says:

    Nintendo why do you have to do all this to my boi.

  10. EPM 101 says:

    Someday he’ll be in Smash….

  11. Nick Clark says:

    Ironic that Waluigi is constantly trying to be loved while everyone in his world hates him, but in the real world is a fan favorite.

    • Keeta says:

      I liked waluigi from his first appearance in Mario Tennis so nice try. I liked how he gave wario a partner and also liked his playstyle. Also each time he scored his eyes gave off an evil glow, that made him an automatic badass.

    • Pardoner Fennel says:

      waluigi is only liked for memes

    • mrm64 says:

      Pardoner Fennel NO HE ISN’T If you’ve read the comment,s you’d know that we liked Waluigi before the memes. They didn’t start until like, 2011 or so. I’ve liked him since 2003.

    • Joseph G says:

      J. Even before the memes waluigi was a favorite of mine. I would always play his character in third party mario titles.

    • Lord Lemmy says:

      The memes merely gave Waluigi fans an outlet. I’ve actually liked Waluigi since I first played Mario Party 3. (Never played Mario Tennis 64), so I’ve been a fan since 2000

  12. Bronzewarrior says:

    I did know.

  13. ImmaLittlePip says:

    Waluigi has Negative Terminal 7

  14. SomeWeirdGamer7 says:


  15. NumberOne#1 says:

    Waluigi existed to be filler. Nothing more, end of story.

  16. noisyturtle says:

    05:29 anyone else get a semi when she said “Assist trophy”

  17. Vampy Vamp 1448 says:

    I’m a simple girl. I see the purple Wah, I click.

  18. No this is Patrick says:

    Waluigi will alway live in my heart

  19. Alejandro R. M. says:

    Too bad! Waluigi time!

  20. Doubledasher says:

    Hopefully this will shut up the Waluigi for Smash fans up… I swear they make the Yugioh Blue Eyes community look good

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