Wanted – Animator vs. Animation VI – Ep 1

Wanted – Animator vs. Animation VI – Ep 1

The Chosen One is in trouble.

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Guzzu @guzzuanim
Josh Ryba
ARC @ARCpersona
Sifter @Sifter2D
Fordz @Fordz
Ellis02 @Ellis02Media
TJB @tjb7345
SmoilySheep @smoilysheep4670
Hexal @Hexalhaxel
Nemo @Nemo0501
ajanim @ajanimm
ShadowQrow @ShadowQrow
Oxob @oxob3000
Topburger @TopBurger239
Simple Fox @SimpleFox1
Able Rai @DevilBoyAnimation
n8ster @n8sterAnimates
Endo @EndosTV
Skim @its_me_skim
LEAD: luenfire https://twitter.com/luenfire
Sifter @Sifter2D
Fabian Banu @Fabian_Banu
Nick Kharati
Amir Osmanov
Kero Krow
Kyokaz @Kyokaz
Kyokaz @Kyokaz
Shuriken255 @Shuriken255
Lead: CGGeek @CGGeek
2D FX: Fordz, TJB
Flying vehicle Concept by DJWelch @djwelchAvG
3D model by Ellis02 @Ellis02Media
🔹🔶 SOUND🔶🔹
Pepper @PepperIAm
Alexander Samarov
Scott Buckley @ScottBuckley
Hatena360 @hatena360

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31 Responses

  1. Alan Becker says:

    DJ comes up with names for the mercenaries: https://youtu.be/rEtNO5EHwlQ

  2. Weegeepie says:

    Hoooly crap how do you guys pull this out so fast and so high budget, not to mention you probably have most if not the whole plot figured out already

  3. blur_draws_art says:

    I love the fact that he’s gotten really good at fighting these animated stick figures to the point where he can take on 5 of them at a time

    • Helllooo says:

      Man’s got *A LOT* of experience

    • DanyAnimatez says:

      @Anant raj Kain its ava not avm.

    • Retri says:

      ​@Hweet PainThe Dark Lord is long gone, TSC’s Green scorching laser beam melted him out of existence, no chance of him being ressurected

    • GlobsterJail says:

      @Anant raj Kain I don’t think king orange will return here. I _do_ think though there’s a decent chance purple might return.

      Maybe purple will return with the minecraft block from his computer (The mac shown in his introduction), and try to use it to free the rest of them. I don’t think that would work, though. Maybe after losing, the minecraft block will be another thing used against TSC so they can learn how to control their powers during that fight.

    • Chrvie says:

      @senator armstrongif king orange comes back he definetly will have his merged blocks since he wouldn’t come back if he didn’t have them so yeah

  4. NUMBLE says:

    I freakin love how over the years Alan has somehow managed to give each of the stick figures a personality just by the way they interact with each other

  5. One in a million says:

    The fact that they can make great stories with such simple design’s amaze me.

  6. Datt Matt says:

    I love how neither of them are the villians here. This new corporation wants to capture and imprison the chosen one because of what him and the dark lord did across the web, and the second coming is just helping the chosen one because he is no longer evil unlike the dark lord. Amazing job as always Alan 🙂

  7. CG Geek says:

    This turned out soo good! It was a pleasure to work with your incredible team on this! and thanks Alan for collaborating on my video, although after the comments you made we are now mortal enemies forever.

  8. Night_Hat says:

    I love how each mercenary has a recognizable style from different eras of stickfigures in how they’re drawn.
    Theres the stone age, pixel animated, irl signs, and the newer style for stickfigures

  9. Astrius Kaltaris says:

    I am at lack of words at how y’all can spit out such perfects animations and stories like this regularly. You deserve each of these subscribers and more.

  10. Fitzgerald Laura K says:

    This series has been the most fascinating episodes people had seen! The work of Alan will truly inspire others

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