War of the Spark Official Trailer – Magic: The Gathering

War of the Spark Official Trailer – Magic: The Gathering

We have a fight to finish.

Nicol Bolas controls Ravnica. With Liliana Vess under his devious contract, the dragon god’s army of Eternals run free and the guilds have descended into chaos. But Liliana is ready to take back control of her own destiny. Now only the combined power of the Planeswalkers stands between Bolas and the ultimate power he craves.

War of the Spark features 36 Planeswalker cards and a story experience unlike anything Magic fans have played before. The multiverse is at stake. Will you join the fight?

Be among the first to know the full story by pre-ordering the novel: http://www.randomhousebooks.com/campaign/ravnica-preorder-offer/

Play it first on MTG Arena April 25th
Prerelease April 27-28th

“In The End” written by Linkin Park
Performed by Jung Youth & Fleurie.
Produced by Tommee Profitt
Additional production and arrangement by Tom Salta

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82 Responses

  1. Ty Smith says:

    Best wizards trailer to date. Actually teared up. Epic.

  2. Evan Cobb says:

    Finally, a sound I can imagine bolas making! He seems much more sinister in this depiction as well.

  3. bioboygamer says:

    Okay, but can we talk about that shot with the Eternals storming up the steps towards Bolas? It did a great job of making the conflict seem a lot less one-sided.

    Also, I really like this being something of a turning point against Bolas. He may be a master schemer, but it’s been demonstrated on multiple occasions that his biggest weaknesses are his arrogance and his inability to plan around selfless behavior.
    The idea of self-sacrifice is something so foreign to Bolas that he often entirely fails to consider it as a possible option for his enemies to take – he simply can’t imagine anyone going that far without expecting to gain from it.
    This makes sense, given that self-sacrifice is primarily in White, and one of the Planeswalkers who most successfully manages to oppose Bolas is Ajani, whose cards often have a self-sacrificing theme, and whose colors are the exact opposite of Bolas’.

    • Matt H. says:

      Not unlike Sauron, who never conceived of anyone throwing away the Ring. He, too, had every eventuality planned out in his favor, except for that one, for who would throw away power? Bolas probably could never conceive of Liliana doing anything more than scheming and seeking power and immortality. Has it ever been established that Bolas ever even knew of how she ascended or what happened to her brother? I assume he did, but it would be amusing if he never looked into that since, in the end, why would it even matter?

    • Invisifly2 says:

      Shout out to this mad lad that defeated Bolas by dropping a hammer on his ass – https://mtg.gamepedia.com/Tetsuo_Umezawa

    • Gonçalo Ferreira says:

      and yet… liliana turns the zombies against Bolas- she is a more powerfull necromancer than Bolas now??- but he kill her and regains control of the zombies, right? my fear is that they will solve all problems with time magic(looking at you teferi) or make it seem like bolas is not so powerfull after all. Also, you mention his inability to plan around selfless behavior. But isnt he a master planer above all else?

  4. Alan Oliveira Duarte says:

    2:18 Liliana raises her hand against Bolas

    The Chain Veil Onakke spirits: Oh No!
    The Raven Man: Oh No!
    Gideon: Oh No!

    Jace: heh
    Garruk, wherever he might be: Oh Yeah!

    • Matt Knale says:

      +StefSubZero270 his power is also fully restored from his rebirth and with some of the artifacts he has recently acquired makes him even stronger then his past form. Also he tricked her into a contract that makes it impossible for her to directly attack him out right. But she can use others in her place but at a great cost to her self as seen in this trailer. Using Nico Bolas’s own army against him is dang near breaking her contract with Nico Bolas

    • Jeremiah Abbott says:

      Next trailer is of the Apex Predator busting through a Wall. “Ohhhhhh Yeaaahhh!”

    • Gonçalo Ferreira says:

      +StefSubZero270 she can? my fear is that bolas will be defeated thanks to plot not skill or power.

    • Jeremiah Abbott says:

      +StefSubZero270 actually mate she can’t, she states that she can’t in the story in Hour of Devastation. Plus Bolas apparently knows and thinks it’s a child’s toy… Also mentioned in the same story Article, so far, before Ravnica Allegiance came out, the stories have been great. Allegiance is weird. In Shadows we had off story articles that were good and not centered around any one person. In Allegiance we get something of the same, but it kinda, for reasona I’m not sure, feels lacking. Best one is the Azorius Prison break ?

    • Jeremiah Abbott says:

      +Gonçalo Ferreira with you on that. Bolas ain’t no joke. But I fear he’ll be beaten for some stupid shenagins plot related. Honestly before Tarkir he wasn’t the actual “bad guy” was just there, doing stuff, nothing malignant, then out of nowhere sarkhan does time travel BS and screws up the time-continuum. Oh….wait Dude. Bolas has totally died and came back the same way. Time rifts caused by Planeswalker!!!

  5. Griffin Pelletier says:

    If Dack Fayden spark is being removed in that scene, it would appear that by this time, many sparks are on there way to bolas judging by the streaks in the air.

    • The Darth Revanchist says:

      That wasn’t dark was it? His hands didn’t seem red enough to be dack

    • Fate Clash says:

      +The Darth Revanchist I didn’t notice it (his hand) either first time, but one of the story consultants implied it was Dack.

    • Malte Diekmann says:

      Almost seems like Liliana and Gideon are the last ones standing.

    • Daniel Kubicek says:

      +Geckonerd seeing that the Eternal had to jam a spear in his back to get the spark, I’m fairly certain that those other planeswalkers are probably dead too…
      And also alot of bystanders….
      And probably a few guildmasters…
      Yeah, don’t think this’ll boost Ravnica’s census numbers.

    • Case 2_0 says:

      The Darth Revanchist only Dack has red hands

  6. Jackofalltrades Masterofnone says:

    Text from dad: “Why you cryin so damn loud”

  7. raphsere says:

    This is a fully animated trailer that broke the 1 million views less than 3 hours after it went up.

    A fully animated trailer made just for the release of the new set of a 26 years old card game.

    What a time to be alive.

  8. CC_Rex 501 says:

    Hopefully Wizards will do more of these Animations in the future 😀

  9. Colfenor says:

    It’s as if Lili herself is saying that, despite all her efforts to gain power and immortality, in the end it doesn’t even matter.

  10. Casual King says:

    Now THAT is a trailer! I am sad now, knowing that I’ll never have that first time experience experience ever again.

  11. Søulym Nøkturna says:

    What is this madness!? Magic + LP cover + Epic trailer = Super Hyped!!!
    Sadly to realize there’s no movie coming sooner or later ?

    • Benjamin Pittman says:

      Whatever happened to the talk of Fox doing a movie like 4-5 years back?

    • Jolly Joel says:

      You’re right. A movie would be too complex for non-mtg gamers or not complex enough for mtg players.

    • Søulym Nøkturna says:

      +Jolly Joel Yup, the sad reality

    • Daniel Kubicek says:

      +Jolly Joel Not so sure. We’re living in a world where some of the most obscure comic book characters are getting their own movies, where people are clamoring over a complex fantasy series like Game of Thrones, and even Dungeons and Dragons has managed to shake off its stigma and dodge the Bible Bashers to become main stream. I am pretty sure that if Wizards played their cards right and put the time and investment enough into making it, an animates MTG movie or TV/Netflix series could be done.

  12. Leng Thao says:

    This is kind of how I would imagine the Mtg movie would be.

  13. Mr. Pineapple says:

    Thanks, WoTC. Didn’t know I needed a full-length MTG movie until now..

  14. Conker The Squirrel says:

    In that moment she remembered how she tried so desperately to save her brother Josu’s life, and the true Lili came back to life.

    • Lsone350 says:

      +ForeverLaxx it’s a short clip to a story, so why jump to its lazy writing when your getting the glimps of the trailer, is the clip supposed to convey the entire story to you or just the highlight to peak ur interest

    • Davalynn Towell says:

      The true Lili always does what serves her own best interests. She tried to save Josu because she didn’t want to see her brother die.

    • Ms. Sysbit says:

      ForeverLaxx weird…
      On Dominaria she softened as she nursed Gideon who surprised her by listening to her plight. She killed the monster made out of her brother by her mistakes and Belzenok’s power as it was an angry soul bound to eternal life. Once he was cures of his affliction for real this time she said she’d even become the Curse of the House of Vess if that’s what she had to do.
      Then she sees Gideon wield a blade he knows has consequences solely for her and she forms a bond with him. The rest of the Gate Watch is shaky with her as she left without being pummeled back on Amonkhet and for her gruesome, animalistic murder of Razaketh going on and on. She seemed almost inhuman then with her savage fury. Then when Giseon is gone and alone Bolas explains he bears the ability to delete her existence unless she comes with him so she does under coercion, looking back ready to cry. The others write her off as a coward again.

      Going back further so we don’t cherrypick lore. Josu was deemed incurable and she loved her brother while she was largely deemed a failure. She was a teen. Her story is literally “haste makes waste” with a maid warning her easy remedies have consequences. As a teen, headstrong, convinced she knows better than everyone else she uses the remedy that is sketchy as can be but was promised would save him. A man she didn’t know offering altruism in her time of need used her and she zombified her brother in agony to the point he nearly killed her awakening her spark. I wonder why such a character might have trust issues.

      Say whatcha want about other characters but Liliana Vess is one of VERY few that is lifelike and believable as a character because she has skirted the lines of morality with a realistic unraveling of her heart as time has gone on. She’s been softening for a while now into a (an anti- maybe) heroine which is quite the departure from a character who is an anagram for “A Villainess.”

    • chad thurston says:

      Albert Meadows Toshiro Umezawa was a great character. How dare you.

    • Alec Brownie says:

      ​+ForeverLaxx Of course she’s upset, her brother died and became a lich. You thinking she has no right to be upset because it’s her own fault is irrelevant, she’s going to be upset about something like that. It’s not like that was her plan and now she’s going to gleefully celebrate it. It being her fault only puts salt in the wound, so she wanted not to think about that part. It happened because she was overly proud and it backfired on her. Unfortunately, the lesson she first took away was to try to deny feeling so that she wouldn’t feel hurt again.

      When she and Gideon confronted Josu in the Dominaria stories, she began to come to terms with her culpability, and also to realize there were people like Gideon who would help her just because it was the right thing. This is classic, and consistent, character development. I’m sorry you don’t see that because you’ve been operating under a misconception of her character. Wizards planted the seeds of her arc years ago and that’s a fact. Not to mention that she would rather choose death on her own terms than be forced to do things against her will.

      @Ms. Sysbit And her name being an anagram of “A Villianess” was a coincidence, anyway.

  15. Anti-Federalist 1776 says:

    “How can a man die better than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of his fathers and the temples of his gods.” Horatius

    Liliana screaming defiance brought a tear to my eye

    • Brian Pendleton says:

      Anti-Federalist 1776 ditto

    • PhoenixLance13 says:

      +Davalynn Towell that’s what we call “character development.”

    • Wes Walker says:

      +PhoenixLance13 it was pretty amazing actually. You could see it in her expressions. The pain that her actions resulted in she became aware of. It’s pretty amazing development.

    • Baalphegor says:

      +Davalynn Towell Hm, you’re not wrong, necessarily. But her character is partially up for interpretation. As a Necromancer, her delusion is that she has power over death itself (her pact for power and longevity being a bid for this). But she is afraid to embrace death in mastering this power. While the writing for her isn’t exactly… smooth, she’s never been one to kill without purpose or intent. And what Bolas is doing on Ravnica is genocide, far removed from anything she’s done, and while it is in her long-term interests to serve, Bolas’ success means that she will never be free again, forever bound to him by that Contract. Choosing to spite Bolas instead of remain a slave forever, feels like a very Liliana thing to do, backed into a corner as she is with poor decisions at every turn. I wouldn’t ever call Liliana a moral character, but it seems a line was crossed. It is a bit dramatic in the trailer though, admittedly, but I’m curious to see the story articles once War of the Spark hits.

  16. Misheard Metal says:

    Overall a masterpiece of a trailer but more specifically whoever is responsible for depicting Liliana here and animating her facial expressions is genius, she’s perfect.

  17. Kitchen Scalpel says:

    Dear WotC

    Make WAR the first fully featured MtG movie. You have talented animators, you have talented story writers, you have talented marketing experts and the time seems right for this. War of the Spark could be such a huge blow if made into a movie.


    • Saint Mastema says:

      +CaptainX you know a ton of people play magic right? like tons, more than WoW more than skyrim, more than the fan base of GoT. magic is huge, its just a lot of people who are into it play casually.

    • Phoenix Dawn says:

      It just takes tooo much time to do it. Like, if it was requested now and they began production now, we would see something at least in year and a half time for a feature length animation with full blown budget.

    • Kevin Hu says:

      A 10 minute short on War wouldn’t be too much to ask WotC?

    • Gregory Chen says:

      Do you know how long movies take to make?

    • TheMooreplease says:

      >talented writers

  18. Aaron Decker says:

    Who all thought the hand under all the Rubble was jace for a second

  19. Rovert Wasyek says:

    After 7 hours this video has 4.1 million views compared to the last 9 (back to Kaladesh) trailers which have a combined total of 4.7 million views over almost 3 years. I really hope wotc does more of this

  20. Naccarat says:

    Damn the expression on Liliana’s face when she made her decision was well done… You can see the conflict, the despair, the sadness. And then the defiance. Nearly broke my heart.

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