Warcraft – Trailer 2 (HD)

Warcraft – Trailer 2 (HD)

Warcraft – Official Trailer
In Theaters, June 10, 2016

From Legendary Pictures and Universal Pictures comes Warcraft, an epic adventure of world-colliding conflict based on Blizzard Entertainment’s global phenomenon.

The peaceful realm of Azeroth stands on the brink of war as its civilization faces a fearsome race of invaders: Orc warriors fleeing their dying home to colonize another. As a portal opens to connect the two worlds, one army faces destruction and the other faces extinction. From opposing sides, two heroes are set on a collision course that will decide the fate of their family, their people and their home.

So begins a spectacular saga of power and sacrifice in which war has many faces, and everyone fights for something.

Directed by Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code) and written by Charles Leavitt and Jones, the film starring Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Ben Foster, Dominic Cooper, Toby Kebbell, Ben Schnetzer, Rob Kazinsky and Daniel Wu is a Legendary Pictures, Blizzard Entertainment and Atlas Entertainment production.

The producers are Charles Roven, Thomas Tull, Jon Jashni, Alex Gartner and Stuart Fenegan. Jillian Share, Brent O’Connor, Michael Morhaime and Paul Sams serve as executive producers. Rob Pardo, Chris Metzen, Nick Carpenter and Rebecca Steel Roven co-produce. Warcraft will be released by Universal Pictures. http://www.warcraftmovie.com

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20 Responses

  1. ValkurionFTW says:

    Look at all these fags complaining about the TRAILER MUSIC lol fucking go
    have a wank idiots

  2. Габиден Жазылбеков says:

    This music -Orcs drums + humans electro.

  3. Vlad C says:

    1:20 dafuq was that ? a fell orc ? but nah is something bigger than Orcs ,
    alot bigger ! hmmm … any thoughts ?
    Seems like we are about to see some raid bosses in this movie :)

  4. Black Tiger says:

    Music is awful… So cheap. Like in low budget “epic” TV series.

  5. Dark Tenka says:

    While I agree, that song does not fit Warcraft.. but fuck its a cool song.

  6. luf4rall says:

    I really hope this is just a bad attempt to advertise to the masses and
    they actually have a product that is true to the source material.

  7. Akagi Lotto says:

    Payday is that you?

  8. John Null says:

    I didn’t really think much of the music at all until I seen the
    comments….. Uh Umm Ye Yeah I hate its too…. I guess..

  9. mikkelmv3991 says:

    i think the trailer looks less stupid then what i first saw about the
    movie. but holy shit that music is bad and out of place.

  10. Little Miho says:

    It is a movie trailer, not the movie itself. Petty “oh they better not
    play this” and “this music and trailer sucks” comments so early, like as if
    you are mindset to hope it is bad and what empty threats are you going to
    do about it? Blizzard and Legendary don’t care if you and a 100 or a 1000
    likeminded elitist fans boycott this movie because you are God and we don’t
    appease you.

  11. happosai27 says:

    humans are the europeans and the savage orks are the muslim invaders

  12. Zogi 李 says:


  13. Kampfer To says:

    what’s wrong with the music?

  14. rich pauls says:

    i hope this doesnt suck

  15. Hironidin says:

    Maybe its just me, but that mage fella looks like a woman pretending to be

  16. Sven Servette says:

    The music SUCKS, Legendary!

  17. superjosh infinityedge habberdashery says:

    i hope the moron who chose this music is sacrificed to jaraxxas

  18. RedFoxxen says:

    Please rerelease this trailer with music that isn’t shitty so I can be
    excited again.

  19. Hardish Shinde says:

    awesome awesome……

  20. Froggywentcourtin says: