WARM UP // Episode 4 Cinematic – VALORANT

WARM UP // Episode 4 Cinematic – VALORANT

Downtime works a little differently when you’re at VALORANT HQ. Take a peek inside the training room and join us as we warm up for Episode 4: Disruption.

Created in partnership with Blur Studio

Whethan – All In My Head (feat. grandson) & 2WEI. Listen here: https://whethan.lnk.to/AllinMyHead

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30 Responses

  1. Valorant Curios says:

    You guys literally never cease to amaze me. We need a Valorant Animated series ASAP

  2. Last Laff says:

    We are back to cypher getting rolled in the cinematics

  3. grandson says:

    Incredible!!! Thanks for using our song to set the tone. Welcome to all the new gamer grandkids 🖤

  4. Mazharul Islam says:

    The best cinematic so far. And Cypher has the best expressions….

  5. Ricardo Fernandez says:

    At this point, we need a new cinematic where Cypher finally breaks and goes insane after getting killed too many times lmao

  6. Jairo says:

    Everyone else : *engages with their abilities*

    KayO : “so anyway, i started blasting”

  7. Luve says:

    The way Cypher just accepted his fate-
    hilarious. I love it

  8. Xue~ says:

    “Oh he makes me so proud!”
    “Oh he makes me so rich.”

    Iconic conversation, truly.

  9. Ishan Chandorkar says:

    Man I was just so happy to see Sova in a cinematic

  10. Sinenson says:

    I just realized Neon’s trailer and this cinematic was happening at the same time. Neon was watching phnx battle the Max Bot from her room then later on Sage came in and said everyone was waiting.

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