Warren Eviscerates Trump

Warren Eviscerates Trump

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19 Responses

  1. Blackhanside X says:

    Oh, my, god. lol

  2. Paul S says:

    You’re being too nice to him!

  3. Ezequiel Checko Ayala says:

    one tough lady! love her style!

  4. ModernLifeDating says:

    This woman lied about being a Native American to get into college. she is a
    crook and that is why she is teaming up with Crooked Hillary!

  5. Daniels videos says:


  6. Blu says:

    I love how everyone only has the Pocahontas response.

    If that’s all she has on her name, then she’s purity incarnate compared to

  7. Arun Rao says:

    she is amazing…

  8. MrArtist1971 says:

    Listen carefully, you can hear the trembling in her voice. She knows
    President Trump is gonna take it. If she’s a Clinton supporter then that
    tells anyone with half a brain what kind of individual she is. God help
    this country.

  9. ChandRoshniGuy says:

    Ha! Pocahontas. Ha! Can’t believe a word she says.

  10. everenferno says:

    Warren, Sanders, watch out who you endorse. You can’t talk shit about Trump
    when Clinton is a proven liar and fraud. That stupid Mexican judge is part
    of a pro illegal immigrant group, OF COURSE he is partially biased!

  11. G2 says:

    This was wonderful

  12. Volvican says:

    Man I wish Clinton would pick her as VP candidate.

  13. Anthony scott-norman says:

    I clapped and cheered when I watched this. This lady is my heroine and in
    my view would make a great vice president or cabinet member- by rights this
    should kill Trump’s career

  14. TheMinstrel100 says:

    enjoyable. my only concern is it’s a little easy to pick on trump. I get it
    he’s not to bright but that’s what my problem is, we are setting a bad
    example for the kids, they will all be going to school and picking on the
    retard now. Or the orange bloated asshole.

  15. Jason C. says:

    About time someone spoke the truth about him. Tired of the free pass he has
    been getting. Especially in the Media.

  16. Jim Doyle says:

    This woman will regret this speech….. when TRUMP becomes President.
    Hilary is a LIAR…….. and needs to be arrested. Build the wall
    Trump…… Im tired of supporting ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. What a garbage
    speech this is….. Just one vagina…. backing another one for
    president…. Donald is a Great man. The American People will speak……
    and you will regret thid speech.

  17. Jim Doyle says:

    Trump isnt a puppet on a string…… he tells it the way it is…. If
    Warren is so sure about all of this….. why didn’t she run for president?
    Warren is an idiot…..

  18. amh75ify says:

    I had to watch this again…just too true!

  19. Jim Doyle says:

    Hilary needs to be arrested. TRUMP WILL BE PRESIDENT…… stop your
    whining….. I stopped watching it 1/2 way through…Warren voice cackles
    like Hilarys…. shove a sock in it Warren. Trump is grat man.