Warriors are ‘finished’ as NBA champions, according to the stats – Max Kellerman | NBA Countdown

Warriors are ‘finished’ as NBA champions, according to the stats – Max Kellerman | NBA Countdown

Max Kellerman joins Paul Pierce, Michelle Beadle, Jalen Rose and Chauncey Billups on NBA Countdown to play “Stats All Folks,” using analytics to explain why the Golden State Warriors will not be 2019 NBA champions. Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, the defense and the bench are among Max’s reasons. The crew counters with talk of DeMarcus Cousins’ return to the court.

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84 Responses

  1. jimmicrackhead12 says:

    Playoff time….. Curry gets 30+, KD gets 40+ and Warriors win

  2. The Infamous JuneBugg says:

    Regular Season doesn’t mean shit but who gets home court ?

    • Michael Blue says:

      if chris paul didn’t get hurt this team would of been done last year. luck as always. but hey who knows maybe they will add 2 more all stars next year. team has no heart. soft and no clue what pride is

    • Christopher Paul says:

      It doesn’t matter. The Warriors had their slumps last season and didn’t get home court throughout the playoffs but they still won.

    • Carlos Vazquez says:

      the reason the series went to 7 games is because the nba wanted it to go to 7.

    • Lucus Assanti says:

      Your mother doesn’t mean shit

  3. retart Legend says:

    LMAO he said klay is the best shooter LOL curry>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>klay

  4. Jokester says:

    Them laughing at the fact the bucks aren’t good tells me they haven’t been watching this season AT ALL, so disrespectful just to try and act funny on TV instead of acknowledge facts, no one said bucks will win it all its just all the ass clowns up there besides max are deaf and blind and can’t see how the teams are starting to evolve and get better but they only choose to keep their Nutt hugging eyes on the warriors who have 32 all Stars and still struggle and beat teams that aren’t 100 percent in the playoffs, hey guys Mike Tyson just knocked out a guy who has one arm, very impressive ????

    • Female Ass Is The Hottest Thing Ever says:

      Warriors still are best team in NBA
      2015 NBA Champion
      2017 NBA Champion
      2018 NBA Champion

      Until they get beat in playoffs, it’s hard to make an argument they aint.

    • Jokester says:

      +Female Ass Is The Hottest Thing Ever No one said they weren’t, he’s only making an argument that there’s competition from other teams, he just doesn’t believe they’ll win it this year I’m not agreeing that they won’t cause money and politics run the NBA now and not true talent. BTW don’t forget their 73 win season for nothing.

    • Elijah arvinger says:

      +Jokester I think they’re laughing at Max not because he choose the bucks as possible finals winners. But because he seems to be over reliant on analytics to prove his point. You can study probability all you want but it wont help you win the lottery. You can know every chemical in a bucket of pain and how that paint is made but that won’t turn you into Picasso. If he wants to be taken seriously and win some of these debates he has to bring more to the table than analytics.

    • anthony coleman says:

      Nah they are laughing because they think The Bucks could beat them.

  5. Mark Hatcher says:

    Shout out to Max. First one I heard put the Bucks in the conversation. Top 3 in off and defensive rating. Best record in the league. Hasn’t lost twice to the same team, while already beating the best team’s. The Bucks got a nice bench to. That’s a very dangerous team.

  6. DynamicUnreal says:

    I’m not worried about Draymond, his play ALWAYS steps up in the playoffs.
    He is arguably one of the greatest playoff performers in the history of the NBA when you take into account his suffocating defense.

  7. Who's Mans says:

    max had no chance he was giving them facts and statistics and they just laugh at it cause they disagree and dont understand what he’s saying

    • Rock Lee says:

      +Tee Pick a lot of advanced analytics actually support MJ being the goat lol lebron made it very close but MJ is still #1

    • James Purcell says:

      They laughed because max also predicted last year GSW was absolutely not coming out of the west. And guess what? They swept the finals

    • Trae Craig says:

      +Aristides Gonzalez when did jalen win a championship?

    • Aristides Gonzalez says:

      Trae Craig oh yea let’s just pretend like paul pierce and chauncey didn’t win lol i knew someone was gonna do this stupid rebuttal.

    • The Avatar says:

      Nah, they just know that Steph, KD, and Klay aren’t losing a playoff series as long as they’re on the same team.

  8. Jazzy Baby says:

    Jalen Rose has a big ass mouth. Lol

  9. Jonathan Nelson says:

    Craziest thing is Max is pretty much right.

    • ljpal18 says:


    • Ditty Jacks says:

      Go figure. White man vs 3 monkeys

    • asterisk911 says:

      The Warriors’ numbers are skewed by Steph and Draymond missing so many games. They’re still the same team that started 10-1. If key players are injured during the playoffs, then they’re in trouble… just like the 1996 Bulls would’ve been if Jordan or Pippen had been injured in the Finals. If folks are healthy, then the numbers from the first 38 games are pretty meaningless.

  10. Andrew Stokes says:

    Warriors only 13th in defense when their best defensive player has missed half the season? I am so shocked.

    • Aaron H says:

      Draymond has missed 14 games. The Warriors have played 38 games. He has missed 36% of the season, that’s nowhere near half. Another warriors since ’15 bandwagoner who can’t do math? I am so shocked ??

    • Andrew Stokes says:

      Aaron H yes nitpick over the minor details rather than address the point of the post

    • Charlie Tian says:

      the point is he missed a substantial part of the season lmao… +Aaron H

    • Manvir Sandhu says:

      +Charlie Tian funny how draymand’s “defense” didn’t stop the lakers young roster from clowning y’all on your home court

    • Allen Mkandawire says:

      +Manvir Sandhu Last time I checked, a great defensive team can get blown out. No matter how good your defense is, you are getting blown out in an 82 game season.

  11. FT8 Barca says:

    Why tf did he say the Bucks instead of the Raptors? The Raptors have been absolutely plagued by injuries all season long; kawhi, Kyle Lowry, Ibaka, Valanciunas, Norman Powell, and used like 13 different starting lineups and are still pretty much tied for the best record in the nba, and lets not forget that they have Kawhi Leonard, a Finals MVP and one of the most clutch playoffs players of ALL TIME. And they have the best bench in the league. Raptors at their best are most likely to contend with Golden State without a doubt.

  12. Sports Design Lab says:

    Max Kellerman is a way better analyser of the game, and is actually giving very valid points. Poor guy got roasted so hard

    • asterisk911 says:

      If you ONLY look at the games Curry played in, the Warriors are still below 2016-17, but they’re not so bad and all of Max’s numbers fall apart. And the bench looks a lot better when Boogie is a starter and Looney and a healthy Jones come off the bench. Klay’s shooting woes are real, but probably temporary. For the most part, Max’s point comes down to “the Warriors won’t win if they play like their average performance of the first 38 games” and that means they won’t win if key players are injured. But then we always KNEW they were unlikely to win if key players were injured.

  13. Jay DubThaGreat says:

    They treat Max like he’s that one kid that doesn’t know what he’s talking about and later on in the future he’ll be right

    • Lionel Andres Messi Cuccittini says:

      Maybe it cuz they know warriors don’t care about the regular season unlike u and max

  14. Travis Nelson says:

    So the best team ever NEEDED KD.
    Not the best team ever NEEDS Boogie.

  15. mack dadi says:

    Everybody against Max, but he makes really great points lol. They had me rolling. Put some
    Respect on that man’s opinion.

  16. Pavel Ištók says:

    what a bunch of pricks, all former players, they are not able to argue so they laugh and mock, that doesnt necesserly means max is right, but this is very low point discusion in general

  17. That Politically Incorrect Black Guy says:

    Max buried them in this debate. You can dismiss what he said, but he’s the only one coming with facts.

  18. GunR says:

    And paul is like Klau Thompson is the best shooter, well let it slide

  19. Nintendo Prime says:

    I don’t know whether I should be laughing at the analysts or feel insulted that the moment Max mentioned the bucks as a team that can beat the warriors in the finals they all laughed.

    You know who’s shooting the 3 better than Klay this year? Splash Mountain. Which team is better offensively and defensively on the whole? The Bucks.

    That being said warriors are taking it regardless of decline because that’s why they got Cousins. And once he’s healthy it’s over. I’m not gojng to say the bucks are better than the warriors despite being 7-3 against them over their last 10.

    I will say the Bucks are the team the warriors least want to see in the finals because we match up with them best.

    But they should still win it all at least one more time.

    • Death B 4 Dishonor says:

      I agree with everything you said. #FearTheDeer

    • Debra Hoffman says:

      Why should the Warriors win one more time fuck them time for someone else

    • Lionel Andres Messi Cuccittini says:

      The buck suck they r not. goin to even get out of their conference
      Because they don’t have a closer Gianni is a superstar but no jump shot bucks will be like raps over last four years great regular season team but bad in the playoffs
      Middleton brogdon and Bledsoe are good but they r not true superstars
      Other teams have oladipo kawhi kyrie and butler
      U have no one to close games unless Gianni magically finds a jumpshot

  20. Sports Zone says:

    Even though Max is technically speaking facts (since it’s concrete stats) I think the warriors will dominate in the playoffs. It sucks saying that too since im a Spurs fan & we may not even make em

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