Warriors are ‘worried’ Durant will leave in free agency – Stephen A. | First Take

Warriors are ‘worried’ Durant will leave in free agency – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman tackle the tension in Golden State between Kevin Durant and Draymond Green following their late-game outburst in the Warriors’ loss to the Los Angeles Clippers. Stephen A. says Draymond’s actions, that resulted in a one-game suspension, were triggered by the Warriors’ collective fear of Durant leaving in free agency during the 2019 offseason.

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109 Responses

  1. Jason Vegan says:

    I believe he was already leaving before the Green incident.

  2. T Will says:

    Welcome to the Spurs KD!

  3. Smite Stuff says:

    Draymond would be an average player on any other team. Golden State is the perfect situation for him.

  4. Bearboy193 says:

    Curry and Klay Thompson are the best duo in Warriors history, why would GS fans be “worried?”

  5. Mike Jones says:

    Got in one lil fight and Steve Kerr got scared, said your moving with your Aunty and uncle in Bel-Air.

  6. steven whiters says:

    They always speak superteans into existence even though they claim they hate them media bullshit at its finest why would Kd go play wit Lebron cmon wtf

  7. ShootEveryone says:

    Pass Durant the Ball

  8. Lil Dagga says:

    KD not joining Lebron can y’all get that thru y’all heads. The man tryna dethrone Lebron he ain’t tryna help him he has said this countless times himself

  9. Ammar Barri says:

    Stephen A. is carrying ESPN for real

  10. Ridhwaan Ali says:

    As if they didnt win 73 without kd 🙄

    • Trevor Jeremy Roberts says:

      The ironic part is that Green cost them the chip that year too lmao.

    • boss100 says:

      Forrest Roberts lol curry was hurt huh lol how healthy you have to be to shoot 3 pointers 😂😂🤣🤣🤣 so how hurt was curry when he was balling vs okc and I’m so sick of this bitch ass excuse of game 5 suspension what happened to 6-7 bro but y’all mf really sit up here and use that weak ass excuse 😂 they fucking lost plain and simple because they screwed over okc as well but y’all don’t notice that shit though right. Gtfoh without kd they ass don’t beat lebron and kryrie facts.

    • boss100 says:

      Forrest Roberts and of you watch the western conference finals you can clearly see that was a rigged fucking series Russ and kd was suppose to win so please stop it with the curry being hurt shit because every time lebron cramps it’s a goddamn problem but because that white not nigga can hit a wide open shot y’all give him a fucking pass but he drop 17 against Portland in OT screaming I’m back huh.

    • Ghost Kid111 says:

      They don’t have the same debt of players they had last time

    • boss100 says:

      mike dollars lol they only won in 2015 because lebron was a one man band nigga stop it bro and I didn’t know that a one game suspension cause then the whole entire finals bro see thats what y’all use as an excuse to make ya self feel better but in reality its bullshit. Because if draymond was suspended in game 7 then you would have a point but he didn’t get over it

  11. Raqibul Abedin says:

    Bro he’s not going to the lakers lol. But he is definitely leaving GS. He was gonna leave before this argument

    • DeAndre Munroe says:


    • Cheeto O says:

      Hes going wherever offers him the best deal and opportunity. He said in the off season that people like CP3, Curry, Lebron are getting these ridiculous figures, and he feels like he deserves more. As a warriors fan, I know KD is leaving. I’ve been saying they gonna get AD and Cousins to stay

    • Isaac Reyes says:

      LeLaker_23 he’s not going to LA. But he is leaving.

    • leapdrive says:

      Cheeto, that’s why KD will be joining KP in NY. NY will offer him max pay, something LA and the Warriors won’t. Plus NY will take Kemba Walker at PG and either Zion W. or Barret for their no. 1 pick next year.

    • HeSoHandsome says:

      LeLaker_23 you’re just a delusional Lakers fan. I am a realistic, true fan. KD not coming. They need to trade That bust Ingram and Ball then I’ll start believing it. Other than that they will have 4 SF, which is rediulous.

  12. Ike.O says:

    Omg SAS… Durant isn’t joining LeBron in LA. Stop it with your FAKE NEWS. Lol.

    • Mohammad Al says:

      Nerd i think he going to LA….clippers

    • July Stylez says:

      Ike.O Lakers may trade LeBron for Durant

    • The Goat says:

      +Nerd I don’t think you understand anything about luxury taxes, the way NBA teams are run, or business and economics in general.

    • Nerd says:

      Mohammad Al perhaps!!!

    • Nerd says:

      The Goat did you research before commenting or did you just comment. I swear the same thing I researched is available to anyone. It’s not hidden. Y’all are so blinded by what you want to happen y’all dismiss any facts that contradict you. I honestly don’t care what KD does. I’m merely saying that gsw theoretically could do it if they wanted to. All the media has to do to deceive y’all is put things in writing bc they know y’all don’t read. SMH
      I don’t think you understand how to think for yourself.

  13. Max Kellerman says:

    KD should consider Miami. The tropical environment near the water is good for amphibious reptiles.

  14. Franky P says:

    If Green got suspended during the 2016 WCF vs OKC for kicking Steven Adams in the nuts, the Warriors would be irrelevant now and we wouldn’t have to deal with this shit

  15. Nicolay says:

    Stephen “According to what I was secretly told” Smith

  16. Jaylon Lawson says:

    This season of Game of Zones is gonna be 🔥🔥🔥

  17. Micheal Johnson says:

    Let’s see him go back to OKC and WIN!

  18. Plugged Gaming says:

    Stephen A is literally trying to speak Kevin Durant teaming up with Lebron into existence smh

  19. JAy White says:

    Stephen a “A Knicks fan” wants every player to go to the lakers

  20. Definitive1 says:

    No Max didn’t say Al Horford.

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