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Led by Stephen Curry’s 43 PTS (7-14 3pt FG), 10 REB and 4 AST, the Golden State Warriors defeated the Boston Celtics in Game 4, 107-97. Klay Thompson (18 PTS, 4-10 3pt FG) and Andrew Wiggins (17 PTS, Playoff career-high 16 REB) added a combined 35 PTS for the Warriors in the victory, while Jayson Tatum tallied 23 PTS, 11 REB, 6 AST and 3 BLK for the Celtics. This best-of-seven series is now tied 2-2.
Next Game » Boston Celtics at Golden State Warriors – June 13 at 9pm/et on ABC.

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46 Responses

  1. Jajuan Logan says:

    What a game !!! Steph put the Dubs on his back to pull this one off! Credit to Boston as well. What a series !!!

  2. Kazzy Official says:

    Way too much slander on Steph Curry’s name in the media recently. This should shut them up

    • C.P. The Cali Kid says:

      If the Warriors go on to win this series Steph is hands down without a doubt the MVP…that’s really the only thing missing in his career.

    • The ILLUMIDANNY says:

      @L A you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about bud

    • Xavier PDecastelli says:

      @simon howell people said that curry won’t score 30 again in the last 3 games. Boston have still yet not made an adjustment. And frankly i’m surprised. dubs in 6! Also, L A Celtics are the real thing don’t get it twisted

    • Chiboz says:

      @Jm You’re saying that as if it’s gonna be easy for the Warriors.

    • Yashin says:

      curry average 30+ pts pergame and still gets hate

  3. Sean Flanagan says:

    This is why I love basketball, Curry’s legacy just elevated even higher. Rewatched the highlights and I was still in awe of intensity

  4. Suhail Ahmed says:

    Wiggins had a couple of big buckets down the stretch. He has really come into his own after years of under achieving.

    • Levontae Baynes says:

      @ADVENTUROUS JIM poole nice asf tho im not gonna lie

    • C.P. The Cali Kid says:

      @ADVENTUROUS JIM I like JP but he hits a few shots and gets carried away sometimes. It’s nothing wrong with being aggressive and looking for your shot but don’t just start jacking up 3’s as soon as you touch the ball, he’s a good shooter but he should leave that to Steph and Klay.

    • Racer X says:

      this comment was copy and pasted from a wolves blog from 10 years ago.

    • J&BCFamily says:

      I mean I agree but context is key here. If you out any struggling player with Steph they will get better because he creates space for you to operate. He demands a constant defensive presence and Steph runs around like a mad man so more often then not 2 defenders are distracted by him. It’s basically 4 on 3 with Steph on your team just running around, so all other players naturally appear better.

    • The fn bill says:

      9 years to be exact…

  5. hube mage says:

    we have to appreciate gary paytons hustle in this game the defense is superb. killed every momentum of celtics run

  6. WeLoveYouTKO says:

    Curry is averaging 30+ in the finals and put the warriors on his back to win this huge game unbelievable we’re watching greatness right now!

  7. Anirudh Dutt says:

    We’re witnessing one of the most toughest, resilient players ever. I myself was not a fan of GSW but I’ve been watching them since 2013, watching them become a championship team and Steph has played a huge role in that. Truly an time legend !!

  8. C says:

    This is the most exciting Finals series we’ve had in a LONG time it seems. This one has the potential to be an all-time classic

    • Davon says:

      Celtics aren’t making the finals next season anyways bucks and nets ain’t going out like that again fasho them boys are champions and will be ready to play

    • Nate Cruz says:

      Bruh, we literally just had Bucks Suns. Then we just had Raptors Warriors. And two years before that we had Cavs Warriors 7 game series

    • Bryan Estrella says:

      Ya right I hate last 2 season too many injuries

    • Xavier PDecastelli says:

      @Kareem Mirtyl i REALLY hope the dubs can pull game 5 too but u have to consider the fact that boston has not lost 2 in a row the whole playoffs and end of regular season…

    • klank rank says:

      @Travis Carter now we have someone who knows something about basketball yes sir

  9. Ray Niko says:

    I like seeing Steph battle through adversity when things aren’t going his way! It shows his character and true grit

  10. Mikey Roland says:

    Such an all around perfect match up. Haven’t seen a finals like this since warriors vs cavs.

    • Jeffry Hammel says:

      Damn, u beat me to the punch! Just 2 teams equally matched. A deep Celtics team versus an older Curry led team. A classic we’ve been waiting for.

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