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Led by Stephen Curry’s 34 PTS, 7 REB and 7 AST, the Golden State Warriors defeated the Boston Celtics in Game 6, 103-90. Andrew Wiggins added 18 PTS, 6 REB, 5 AST, 4 STL and 3 BLK for the Warriors in the victory, while Jaylen Brown tallied 34 PTS and 7 REB for the Celtics. With the victory, the Warriors have secured the franchise’s 7th NBA title and their first since 2018.

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34 Responses

  1. WeLoveYouTKO says:

    this ring means alot for Curry nobody can say he was carried averaged 30 in the finals to give this team the win!!🏆🏆

  2. Christian Perez says:

    Every time Curry pulls up from six feet away from the three line, I ask myself “wtf is this guy doing?!”. I quickly realize, I’m just watching the best shooter on the planet of all time. Such a joy to be alive and witness this

  3. NICK GRIMES says:

    The warriors have their all stars that everyone knows but Wiggins and Poole were the unsung heroes of this playoffs. This is a dangerous team and I’m glad klay was healthy to play this series.

    • Ernest Z. says:

      Don’t forget about Looney and GP2. Absolutely critical factors when it seemed like nothing was going their way;

    • Paulie A. Fantone says:

      @twks123 …He had more than 100 turnovers in the playoffs this year?!…yikes, I know his turnover rate was bad…that’s just mindblowing

    • Edward Rogers says:

      100%. But some credit needs to be given to the Celtics with their 23 turnovers, many of them unforced. Good job on the Warriors for capitalizing!

    • AHillard1 says:

      @Tramaine318 exactly lol. imo there is atleast 5 players that you could call an unsung hero on this team. Thats why the warriors are so good. People seem to accept their role and they strive in the system. op2 was crazy good this playoffs also, shooting very efficiently from 3 off the bench. same with poole, wiggins, looney, and even klay imo. Klay shot very poorly but his defense was crucial.

    • Tramaine318 says:

      Kevon Looney played well also.

  4. Emilio Rodriguez says:

    Wiggins really showed up this season and finals. What a great pick up. He’s the Golden States future.

  5. J0RG3URFACE 14 says:

    After what happened in the 2019 Finals and the aftermath. This championship feels so good.

  6. RJ Powell says:

    Steph played like a TRUE CHAMPION!! Well deserved win!! Hats off to the Celtics as well for making it this far!!

    • Yann Courtel says:

      @Klevens That was his last pay day by the Russian government. Trolls gotta eat.

    • a ferng says:

      Everyone talks about curry , well yeah of course he is the best player there😂😂😂 with out curry they will never win a championship. Celtics will come back strong 💪 next year 18banner 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀☝️✌️👑💪 we have experience now . Younger and stronger . Gsw are aged already green , Thompson, curry are out the door . Gsw congrats 👏 🍀🍀🍀

    • Ashley Brown says:

      ​@Ken Hernandez Welcome to the NBA

    • Ashley Brown says:

      ​@Sac12 Probably the guy who switches teams every few years

    • Ashley Brown says:

      ​@Klevens I just had the displeasure of reading one of his comments. I think I’m actually more stupid now.

  7. maKesomeShaKe Kc says:

    Im so happy to see Andrew Wiggins with a ring 🔥 man has improved so much

  8. Ernest Z. says:

    This was my favorite finals run as a Warriors fan. After the defeat to the Raptors in 2019, I didn’t know if we would be back on this stage. Safe to say, they delivered, and hopefully they can carry that success into the future too!

    • twks123 says:

      Jayson Tatum being THE ONLY PLAYER in NBA history to have more than 100 turnovers in a single playoffs run. Simply overrated and overhyped. He deserves no better than a second option of a team.

    • DSCGODFLOW says:

      2018 Eagles 2019 Raptors are teams that took advantage of their situation.

  9. Scott Tracy says:

    Klay epitomized the team’s mindset this season – perseverance. A truly inspirational season ends as it should with another Championship. Congrats to the team and fans. Go Warriors!

  10. TB D says:

    One of the few personifications of “don’t ever underestimate the heart of a champion.” Amazing playoffs, Steph!

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